Kagome's Revelation

Chapter 1~ A Not so Ordinary Day

"Inuyasha, OSWARI!!" Kagome had been trying to get Inuyasha to stop for about an hour now. They had been walking since sunrise without even a hint of a jewel shard all day. It was now a couple of hours past noon, and she was hungry.

"Oww, bitch, what'd you do that for?" Inuyasha was now imbedded a couple of feet in the ground waiting for the subduing spell to wear off. He was also hoping that Kagome wouldn't say the word again. No such luck.

"OSWARI! OSWARI! OSWARI! First, My name is Kagome, Ka-go-me, not bitch, or anything else for that matter. Second, we have been walking all day, and I'm hungry. And thir- INUYASHA, look out behind you!" By this time Inuyasha had managed to peel himself off the ground, and Kagome had felt a strong, and familiar demon presence coming so fast, that it hadn't registered until just then.

Behind Inuyasha stood Sesshoumaru with the his evil sword (I forgot the name, so sue me. Evil lawyers rush in carrying the most deadly weapon of all, paperwork. ^_^; Okay don't sue me just curse me behind my back, it's a lot less scary than paperwork. Lawyers: What did you say? Night: Nothing, Nothing. ^.-) drawn and leveled straight at Inuyasha. As Inuyasha jumps aside, Sesshoumaru pulls the blade up and bites deeply into his left arm.

"What do you want Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha yells while drawing the Tessiaga from its sheath and standing in a defensive position.

"This Sesshoumaru wants what is rightfully his." Sesshoumaru says in his indifferently flat voice while extending his claws and getting into his fighting stance.

Meanwhile Kagome has walked behind Sesshoumaru without anyone noticing, and is quickly approaching Rin, who is a few meters away from where the battle is about to take place. "Hi Rin-chan, how are you, and," looks around, " where's Jaken, doesn't he usually watch you when Sesshoumaru-san goes into battle?"

"Sesshoumaru-sama," Rin automatically corrects Kagome. "Rin didn't want to stay with the mean Jaken, Kagome-oneesan, Rin wanted to see Oneesan again."

"Ohh," Kagome says, then something dawns on her, "Rin, how did you know I would be here when Sesshoumaru-san left?"

"Sesshoumaru-sama." Rin corrects again, and when Kagome smiles in acknowledgment, she continues. "Rin Knew Kagome-oneesan would be here because before Sesshoumaru-sama disappeared, he said ha-half-breed, and whenever Sesshoumaru-sama says that I see Kagome-neesan." She states this in a matter-of-fact tone.

During this discussion everything had gone deathly still since Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had broken off their fight to stare disbelievingly at the two girls. I mean here they were, about to start an all out war and all they did was talk about frivolous things as if this was an everyday occurrence in their lives, or as if they were about to sit down for a nice meal with family. 'Now that I think about it, Rin may very well have gotten herself attached to that wench, after all, it is nearly once a week that I track down the hanyou. But honestly, how can they be so calm while we are ready to spill each others blood to water this field?' Sesshoumaru is thinking this with a very flat face; Inuyasha on the other hand is getting very angry about having his fight interrupted so that the two girls can chitchat.

(Kagome and Rin are still oblivious to the two's apparently avid attention to their conversation.) "Kagome-neesan, Where are Shippo and the other nice lady?"

"Well Rin, Shippo, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara stayed in the village to- "

"Oi, if you're done now, we'd like to get back to more important matters!" Inuyasha had finally lost his temper, unfortunately for him, so had Kagome.

"Inuyasha, OSWARI, just because you want to fight, doesn't mean we have to watch."

"Bitch, if-"

"OSWARI, I already told you I AM NOT A BITCH!! And I wasn't finished yet. Just because our conversation is not important to you, doesn't mean it's not important!!"

"Yeah, you baka, Rin and Kagome-neesan and Shippo and the nice lady were supposed to play together the next time we got together. We thought since you were always fighting we could have fun when the chance came." Said Rin in a very cheerful voice.

"WHAT!?!? You were going to PLAY while my life was in danger?!?!"

"Well it's not like you've ever died before, and these battles are crossing the border from routine to monotonous." Kagome said in a flat face and extremely deadpan voice.

"And what, pray-tell is that supposed to mean?" Sesshoumaru asked in an extremely dangerous, yet seductive tone.

Kagome just now seemed to realize that Sesshoumaru was still there. At first a trill of fear shot through her at his voice, and then she became extremely pissed once again. 'Hmm, I sensed fear from her for just a moment, now there is only rage, interesting.'

"I mean, though I wasn't listening, let me guess, you came and attacked Inuyasha, he cursed and asked what you wanted, you either said the Tessiaga or 'that which is rightfully mine,' then, during the process of battle (if you got that far, though I doubt it considering time and lack of blood,) insults were exchanged, Inuyasha would eventually have used the 'KAZE no KIZU,' you would have been transported somewhere by the Tenseiga, and Jaken would have taken Rin to go find you." By now Kagome was ranting, but had to stop for lack of oxygen.

"And you deducted this from all of our previous battles?" Sesshoumaru asked with a slight hint of amusement in his voice.

Kagome heard it, and became further still enraged. "No, I deducted this from your first three battles, it's always the sam-"

Just then Jaken burst into the clearing panting, "Sesshoumaru-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama. The human brat has run off again, I told her not to but she said." Jaken trailed off as he noticed the scene before him, Inuyasha and Kagome were fuming, Rin, not only was there, but had a huge grin on her face, and Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru was SMILING. He fainted dead away. Everyone assumed anime deadpan looks. Finally Kagome burst out laughing, all the tenseness and anger leaving her body. In less than a minute Rin joined her.

Inuyasha was pissed.

Sesshoumaru merely asked. " And what, exactly, are you two laughing about?"

"Even that to it's own degree was extremely predictable, whenever Jaken loses Rin and comes to tell you that she 'has run off,' he is panting and out of breath." Kagome got out between giggles before collapsing into another fit of hysteria.

'How does she know that?' Sesshoumaru was unaware that he had voiced these thoughts, until a bright voice answered him.

"Rin told Kagome-neesan a long time ago, you were fighting the ha- hanyou-no-baka and Kagome and Shippo and Rin told funny stories about our friends."

"How long have you been having these 'talks,' and why is it that we are only discovering about it now?" Sesshoumaru asked, just a little peeved that he hadn't noticed something that was happening so often right in front of him.

"Since about the second time we saw Rin with you." Kagome answered in a thoughtful tone, completely ignorant of the change in Sesshoumaru's attitude. "And I think you are just now noticing, because your battles with Inuyasha have become so predictable that even the two of you concentrate more fully on your surroundings."

It was just then that the winds shifted directions and this sent of Death, Bones, and gravesite soil, were carried to the sensitive noses of the hanyou and Taiyoukai.

By this time Inuyasha was so mad that he wasn't thinking straight. "Well, since you three are obviously preoccupied with your ohh so interesting conversation, I will leave you to it and find something to entertain myself with." With that he was off searching for Kikyo, his dead lover.

'He's off to see Kikyo again.' Kagome thought with great pity, she had long ago fallen out of love with Inuyasha. "I pity him, the only one he loves is not only dead, but wants to take him to hell with her." She sighed.

"Ningen, how did you know he was off to see his dead lover?" Sesshoumaru asked with great curiosity.

"My Name Is Ka-go-me." She said with rising ire, "and, I knew because I can feel when part of my soul gets nearer to me."

" I care not what your name is wench," He said further enraging Kagome, "and what do you mean 'your soul?'" He was enjoying this; no one had ever had the guts, or stupidity to talk to him like this. It excited him, and her scent laced with anger was just addictive.

Sudden inspiration struck Kagome on with enough force, that it would forever be imprinted on her memory, "Well you see, Fluffy, Just after Inuyasha got the Tessiaga, an Oni stole my soul to animate the corpse of my previous carnation. I regained most of it and now Kikyo spends her time trying to kill me to regain 'her soul,' and trying to take Inuyasha to hell."

Sesshoumaru's developed a tick above his left eye, "What did you call me?"

Kagome got a mischievous, and wicked gleam in her eye, "Why nothing, Fluffy-san."

The voice with which she said that and the look in her eye only served to arouse and anger him further, but just as he was about to reply, "SAMA, Fluffy-SAMA," Rin corrected with added stress on the suffix.