This is my first humor fic, and I'm getting increasingly better at humor, too! Anyam and Ryan helped me come up with the thought for this at lunch today, so let's hear a round of applause for: Ryan, Anyam, My Mutilated Rubber Band that inspired this, and SUGAR! None of us own YGO. Please R/R!

. . . THE RUBBER BAND . . .

Seto Kaiba was very sugar-high. You may ask how he got to be so sugar high.

None of us know. None of us want to know. Our best guess involves sugar.

Joey had a rubber band. You may ask how he got the rubber band.

None of us know. None of us want to know. Our best guess involves a school supply store.

Seto wanted Joey's rubber band. Hyperness and rubber bands just go together.

Joey sat at his desk, playing with his rubber band. He shot paper at people. It was fun. Seto walked up to Joey.

"Joey," Seto started. Notice he called him by his name. "I want your rubber band."

"No," Joey replied defiantly. He didn't want to give Seto the rubber band, thus interrupting his paper and rubber band fun.

Seto thought it over for a moment. He wanted that rubber band.

"I'll give you a blue eyes," he said, pulling out his deck.

"No!" Joey replied. He didn't want a blue eyes. He wanted his rubber band.

"I'll give you three blue eyes," Seto persisted. He really wanted that rubber band.

"No! ! !" Joey replied. He wanted his rubber band!

"I'll give you three blue eyes. And an Obelisk!" Seto said, holding out his three cards. He really, really wanted that rubber band.

It was Joey's turn to think it over. He still wanted his rubber band, but he wanted the cards.

"Hmmm . . . OK!" he said, throwing the rubber band over and snatching the cards.

Joey had cards. And Seto had the rubber band.

Seto's sugar wore off.

Uh oh.