Fluffy and Kagome

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Sesshomaru joins the team to defeat Naraku. During battle Kagome is killed. Inu Yasha revives her by wishing on the jewel that she should become a demon that she would find interesting. Kagome wakes up to find herself a dog demon. (What a surprise.) Inu Yasha kills Naraku but dies from battle wounds. Inu Yasha makes Sesshomaru promise to take care of Kagome. Kagome stays with Sesshomaru at his castle. Sesshomaru falls in love with her. What will happen? (oh, the suspense must be killing you by now folks!)

Chapter one: Kagome meets Rin

She remembered it all to well in her dreams, her dieing, and Inu Yasha bringing her back with the jewel and killing Naraku. He died shortly after giving Kagome to Sesshomaru to protect. Kagome had woken up once before in Sesshomaru's arms on the way to his castle. He told her what she now was and where they were going. Then she fell asleep in his arms. (Kagome used some of her Miko power to give Fluffy his arm back)

Kagome woke up on a large bed, covered in dark blue satin sheets and an extremely soft bright red comforter. She looked around the room. It was huge. It had a walk-in closet, full of kimonos and obis, and its own bathroom. Kagome got off of the bed to see her dressed in a dark blue kimono with soft pink sakura on it. She walked into the bathroom to see a small man made hot spring in it. Kagome walked around the bathroom and found jars of different liquids in it. One had lavender petals in it and another had oils from a sunflower in it. Another one smelled of vanilla and the last one smelled like peaches. 'This is like heaven. Maybe I died.' Kagome thought to herself.

"KAGOME! You woke up!" Shippo said as he jumped into Kagome's stomach. "Shippo, where on earth are we." Kagome asked, still looking around the room. Shippo looked at Kagome, unsure how to answer. "Um, Kagome, remember, Inu Yasha brought you back to life as a demon, one that you would want to be. Then he um, asked Sesshomaru to protect you forever, so we're in his castle." Kagome was remembered. 'Hopefully Sesshomaru will be nice to us.' Kagome thought to herself.

"Shippooooo! Where are you! We were supposed to be playing hide and seek, why did you leave Rin?" a small girl said as she entered Kagome's room. "Oh, Rin is sorry. Fluffy told Rin not to bother you. Rin will leave now." The small girl almost left. "Um, who are you?" Kagome asked with interest. "This is Rin." She said pointing to herself. Kagome almost laughed. The small girl speaks in third person. "It's okay Rin. I never met you before. Come here and tell me who Fluffy is." Kagome said curiously. She never heard of 'Fluffy' before. Rin smiled and went over to Kagome. "Rin will tell you this, Fluffy is actually Sesshomaru. Rin gets Sesshy mad whenever Rin calls him one of her nicknames." Kagome laughed silently.

Shippo watched Kagome and Rin talking. He almost felt jealous because there was another child for Kagome to play with. Rin was no threat to him though he figured; cuz Shippo is Kagome's adopted son after all. Kagome talked to Rin and heard another person enter. That person's scent was strong and smelled of the forest. 'It must be Sesshomaru.' Kagome thought to herself.

"Kagome, you're up. I hope that the children didn't wake you." Sesshomaru said staring at the two kids chasing each other in circles. Rin stopped when she saw Sesshomaru and walked over to him. "Don't worry Fluffy. Rin didn't wake up Kagome-chan." Rin said happily. Sesshomaru didn't show his annoyance at Rin talking in third person or her putting chan at the end of Kagome's name. "Did you ask Kagome if you could use chan?" Sesshy asked. "No.." Rin said sadly. Kagome quickly covered for the small girl. "It's okay.Fluffy.. she's aloud to." Kagome said seeing Sesshomaru's surprised face at her calling him Fluffy. Kagome almost laughed seeing this.

"Rin, have you told Kagome my nicknames you gave me?" Sesshomaru asked annoyed. "Only two of them." Rin said with happiness in her eyes. Sesshomaru gave in and didn't yell at her, which again surprised Kagome.

Kagome picked up Shippo and asked Sesshomaru when they were going to eat. Sesshomaru looked at Kagome then decided to play a game. "I don't really know. Maybe tomorrow or next week even." Sesshomaru was surprised to see that he messed with all of their minds. Even Rin's. Rin almost cried thinking that she wouldn't eat tonight. Sesshomaru noticed this and almost lost his mind. "Don't worry. We'll eat in a few hours." He answered a worried Kagome, upset Shippo, and practically crying Rin. Rin immediately put on her smile, which made Sesshomaru happy even though he didn't show it. Rin looked up at Sesshomaru smiling. "Sesshomaru, are you going to marry Kagome?" she asked hoping that one day Kagome would be her mother. Sesshomaru almost choked. "Nani?" He asked surprised by Rin's question. "You heard Rin Fluffy, are you going to marry Kagome?" Sesshomaru hid his emotions well considering the fact that Rin asked that question. He looked at Rin and smiled. (Yes he smiled everyone-for the first time in history, Fluffy smiled.) "No, Kagome and I will not be marrying each other Rin. We are only friends to her and Shippo." Sesshomaru said, missing the surprised glances given to him by Kagome and Shippo. Rin began to cry though. "But Rin wants Kagome to be Rin's mommy! Rin wants a mommy really bad Fluffy and Kagome is so nice and sweet to Rin even though we just met! She's a demon like you so why not!" Rin said crying and yelling at Sesshomaru who once again hid is feelings of anger and sadness that he made Rin cry. "I'm sorry Rin, it just doesn't work that way." And he left the room with out saying anything more. Rin of course following him crying the whole way.

Kagome went out of her room in search of food. She bumped into one of the servants that worked for Sesshomaru. "Oh, I'm so sorry." Kagome said quickly. Kagome noticed that the lady was carrying something but dropped it when they bumped into each other. Kagome knelt down and helped her pick up the dirty linens. "Sorry Ma'am." The servant replied. Kagome nodded. "It's okay, it's my fault for not looking were I was going." The servant was shocked. If that were Sesshomaru or Rin, she would have been dead. "My name's Kagome. What's yours?" Kagome asked hoping to learn more about the servant. "My name is Yumi." The woman said shyly. "May I help you take these to where ever you were going to take these? It seems like there are a lot and I wouldn't want you to run into anyone else." Kagome said, wanting to help the old woman badly. The woman reminded her of Keade, who was like her second Mom. Kagome saw the surprised look on the woman's face. She quickly guessed that someone of high society never did this for a simple servant. "My lady, if Sesshomaru saw it he would surely yell." Kagome looked at her with confidence. "Don't worry. Inu Yasha and Sesshomaru both fear me. They know exactly what they're messing with so they leave me and my business alone." Yumi trusted the girl as the walked down the halls and stairs to the washing room.

"Wow!" Kagome stated as they walked into the washroom. It was full of pools of water with steam rising. There were others that were washing and rinsing. "Thank you for helping me Lady Kagome." Yumi said as she showed Kagome back to the door. "No prob. I love to help people when they need it." And then Kagome left, intending to find Rin and Shippo. She found Sesshomaru instead.

"Why did you help that servant?" Sesshomaru asked disgustedly. "Cuz she needed help and I'm more caring than you obviously." Kagome said coolly to the demon lord. "You better be happy that Rin favors you as a big sister or you would have died a long time ago." Sesshomaru claimed as he walked away from her.

"Aw, ya know ya love me Fluffy." Kagome said before turning the other way searching the rest of the castle. Sesshomaru stopped dead in his tracks and almost fainted. 'I don't even like her, her scent is disgusting and she never shuts up!' Sesshomaru thought, deep down though, he knew it was all one big lie, his thoughts were interrupted by Shippo and Kagome laughing.

"Shippo, he stopped dead in his tracks after I said that. I bet he thought I was serious." Kagome said out of breath from laughing so heard. Shippo almost died from laughter. Slowly, very slowly, Kagome stopped laughing and so did Shippo, they got up and Shippo directed Kagome to the dinning room for dinner.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe that Kagome was only joking around. 'She didn't mean any of it and I got all worked up over it for nothing. How dare she joke around with Lord of the Western Lands like that, she needs to learn her place and show more respect.' Sesshomaru continued walking and entered the dinning hall mumbling to himself about how annoying everything is.

**************************************************************************** **

~Keade's Village~

(A/N: No, I didn't forget about Sango and Miroku.)

"Miroku, do you think Kagome's okay after what happened to her?" Sango asked, concerned about her best friend. "I believe Lady Kagome will be fine, Sesshomaru is just teaching her the basics in survival and fighting, using her powers, and becoming stronger, then he's going to bring her back to us." Miroku said matter-of-factly. "How do you know of this houshi- sama?" Sango was still skeptical of Sesshomaru and Kagome being in his care. Miroku smiled and told her not to worry, and that Sesshomaru gave him his word. Sango relaxed, a very small amount though...

By the end of the day, Sango thought it over many times before presenting her plan to Miroku.

"Miroku, can we go and visit Kagome?" Sango asked, making sure there was no rule against it. "I don't see why not, we'll get a few things together and leave in the morning." Sango was so full of joy she hugged the monk, forgetting for a moment is lecherous ways.

"HENTAI!!!" could be heard from miles around as Miroku's wondering hands got the better of him. That act of course didn't go unnoticed. Sango gave him a good whack on the head with her large boomerang, so he was knocked unconscious. Sango picked up Kirara, and got stuff for in the morning.

**************************************************************************** **

~Sesshomaru's fortress~

Kagome woke up the next morning to Yumi waking her up. "My lady, it's time to wake up, Master Sesshomaru is going to teach you how to fly today." Kagome sat straight up and almost fainted as soon as she got up. "W-what? T-teach m-me how to f-f-fly?"

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