Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

Summary: Another poem…

Cold as ice

The cynical pessimism still continues,

every single day,

She smirks at others wickedly,

Having nothing to say,

She knows that they are in big trouble,

And know they have it worse,

Still she spares no mercy,

At all who live a curse.

She is diverse and angst,

Shuddered in a dark abyss,

Not knowing what the real meaning of life is,

Plucked as a random toy,

Once human, but now not,

Turned into a bucket of bolts,

No emotion, no thoughts,

Programmed for obliteration,

Not ever to shed a tear,

Spilling senseless bloodshed,

She is one to ultimately fear,

Once your spotted, there's no turning back,

For she'll kill you in an instant,

Tainting you with deaths hands,

Forever lonely and tormented,

Never shall her pain heal,

The wounds run deep inside,

A connection lost,

All hope has vanished,

She will not stop,

All that there is, sorrow, grief, anger, pain,

Is what she went through,

So don't give her the blame,

For she was once a person,

Like me or you right now,

But now forever an android…

Watch your step, you might fall in,

Her icy blue glare that is of oceans depth,

An artic plunge, everlastingly frozen,

Cold as ice…