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Grissom poked his out from the kitchen area with a worried look on his face, "Catherine?"

"I cut my hand on your blinds."

"Again?" He asked incredulously, continuing to peel the potato in his hand as he walked out into the living room.

"Your blinds are dangerous! I should sue you."

"Lemme see that..."

She kept him at bay with her uninjured hand outstretched, "Don't touch me!"

"It's just a little cut, Cath."

"I'm bleeding!"

"I've seen you with worse injuries."

"That doesn't mean this one doesn't hurt."

"Come here. I'll kiss it all better." He smirked, teasing her.

"I'm bleeding to death, Grissom. This isn't the time to try to seduce me."

"You are not bleeding to death. Here, I'll get you a Bandaid."

"I need stitches! Not a Bandaid!" She called out to him as he returned to the kitchen.

He came back a moment later, the potato replaced by a Bandaid in his hand, "Well a Bandaid is all I can offer at this time. Take it or leave it."

She looked at him suspiciously then sighed, "Fine. But if I get some sort of deadly infection, I'm definitely suing."

"I'll be sure to give my lawyer a heads up."

"Dammit! Not so hard! It hurts!"

"The Bandaid's barely touched your skin, Catherine! Stop squirming!"

"Are you trying to kill me? Cuz if you are, I'd rather you just stab me with a knife and get it over with!"

"Stop! Moving! Ok, there we go!" He exhaled loudly as if just accomplishing a difficult mission. "Gee, for a CSI who doesn't even flinch at autopsies, you're awfully squirmish with your own wounds."

"If you had fixed your blinds like I told you to last time, none of this would've happened."

"Oh so now it's my fault?"

"Isn't it always?" She smiled.

"Alright, since you've gotten past your *near-death* situation, can I try to seduce you now?" He said, inching closer and closer to her.

"Hmm...it might take my mind off the pain." She held up her bandaged finger as he pulled her towards him. "But don't be surprised if I suddenly faint from the loss of too much blood."

"Well I guess we'll just have to make sure you stay awake then, won't we?" He grinned, picking her up and heading to the bedroom.