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Why not?


Sango looked back but she did not see anybody so she continued walking.


She stopped once more and sighed, her shoulders sagging in defeat. Shaking her head, she retraced her steps back. When she went past the big oak tree, a hand grabbed and pulled her.

"Don't do that again!" she hissed.

"Sorry," Miroku hissed back. "Where are you going?"

"I got a volleyball practice in 30 minutes," she answered while freeing herself from his hold. "What are you? Baka? Why are you waiting in front of my house when you know my mom and dad can you see you?"

"Technically, I am hidden behind this tree so nobody could see me."

"What do you want?"

"Meet me later, ok? I'll pick you up after your practice."

"Why didn't you just call me?"

"I did but your brother answered your celphone."

"Probably when I was taking a bath."

"Well, anyway, I gotta go. See you later."

Miroku hurriedly went out of his hiding spot and ran in the direction of his home.

Sango sighed again. She stood up and tucked the hair that fell from her pony-tail behind her ears. She tiptoed from the tree pass her house going to the direction of the school. A good block away, she slowed her pace.

They called her the tomboy; and Miroku, the playboy.

They probably felt intimidated with the way she dressed and with the sports she took that people thought that she was a tomboy. Her hair was always pulled up in a pony-tail, she dressed plainly and she could take on any fight with the boys if necessary. The only time she could be seen in a skirt was in school, which would only be nine hours and then as soon as the bell would signal the end of the school day, she would change into her shorts and baggy white shirt.

Miroku was the regular playboy. No girl in school that did not pass his scrutinizing eyes. He was always crowded with the opposite sex. A typical Adonis; properly attired, strong sex-appeal and active in school, especially in basketball.

Both of them practically grew up together and they were the best buddies to boot.

But it was always a wonder for them, and for the entire student body, because their families were heated enemies ranging back from their great grandparents.

Unknown to their families, both had been very close. They shared secrets. They met secretly.

And it was frustrating the two of them.

Why would a long-standing feud affect them?

It was their families that were quarreling, not them.

How would they mend the rift?


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