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"Now that you have changed, I have to guard you from the dogs in the campus."

Sango had changed.

He could tell. She had become all too… what was the word?..  feminine.

He was sitting, as usual, at the back row and he witnessed how popular she was with the male populace with the secret looks she was getting. She had remained oblivious with the fact.

It was getting harder and harder for him to deny the fact that he was getting annoyed and well… jealous… of the attention aimed at her direction. The only consolation he had was he was the only one belonging to the opposite sex who was personally close to Sango. Well, there was Terada Kuranosuke. Their association was much closer, technically, but it was something that both their parents had arranged for them. It seemed that Sango did not like the guy one bit. It was just that defying her parent's decision was not in her list.

"Ok, class," the teacher voiced out, rather loudly, snapping Miroku from his line of thoughts. He sat up straighter and looked in front. "The moment for all of you, seniors, is nearing."

Some of the students hollered with glee.

"But," the teacher pointed out, raising a fingering, signaling for them to be silent. "But there is still a major project for all of you to complete before I can give you your grade for this subject."

The class gave out a whine for the announcement.

"Sorry, people, but this is an SOP for all senior class," the prof said but gave a mischievous smile. "You all know that every year there is a presentation for the annual festival of our city. This year is no exception."

"That is boring!" someone complained.

"And old!" another student added.

"No matter how boring," the teacher emphasized looking at where the voice came from and turning on the next, "or how old, this project is 40% of your grade."

"What?!" Most student asked in unison.

"You heard me right. So it is going to be your job to turn an old and boring literary piece into an exciting adventure."

The teacher picked up a piece of paper on his desk and scanned its contents before looking up again to face his students, pasting his smile.

"I, with the help of several faculty members, picked a, shall we say, fitting piece for your class. The title is…" the teacher paused dramatically, which was met with anticipation by the class. "Romeo and Juliet."

The class groaned and mumbled their disagreement on the chosen play.

"With a twist, ofcourse. We all know that Romeo and Juliet did not meet a happy ending," he said, sitting down on his chair and picking up his pen. "Your case study for this play: make an alternate ending without changing the plot of the original one. Any questions so far?"

He roamed his eyes at the students in front of him when none voiced out their question, he continued. "I will call on the names and the corresponding roles they will play, including who will the direct. The rest will get involve with the production.

Remember, people, this is a joint effort, so the class will be graded as one, meaning, whatever grade one will get, the whole class will, but," the teacher pointed out again, "only if you participate. It will be the director's duty to note down who is active or who is not."

Then the professor rattled on and on about the minor roles, who will play and a brief explanation about its importance in the plot. Then came the director, and the lead.

"And the moment we all have been waiting for," he said and pursed his lips in a mocking manner. "The lead."

For those who were not called was praying not to be called. For those who were, waited in eagerness as who would be the lead.

"Romeo will be played by Miroku," the teacher announced looking at his direction.

Miroku gave a lopsided smile. He had a gut feeling it would be him, not bragging about it but when all the roles which he was qualified was filled in without calling his name, he knew it would be Romeo. Ever since, he was known to carry off the most difficult roles. It was the hidden artist in him. He could pull this one out, too, whoever the Juliet is.

"And Juliet will be none other than…" the prof continued on, pausing again dramatically, "Sango."

But not that Juliet, his mind screamed in protest. His eyes bulged out in surprise.

Sango, who was scribbling non-stop on her notebook as the teacher rattled on and on about a stupid play, felt numb all over her body. As soon as she felt she can move her muscles again, she snapped her head up, looking at the teacher. What? her mind shouted.

"Well, you heard me. You are Juliet," the teacher answered the question she could not remember voicing out.

"Oh, no," Sango said, shaking her head, her eyes still wide in surprise. "No, no, no, no, no. You are kidding, right?" she smiled wobbly at the professor.

He met her eyes in a dead serious gaze. "Young lady, I assure you, I am not."

"B-but…" Sango's eyes were pleading, "why me?"

The teacher straightened on his seat. "I don't need to give reasons to my students."

"B-but… I c-can't do it. You know how scared I get in front of all those people and—"

"More the reason why you are perfect for the role," the teacher continued on. "We need to train each and every student to be good in speaking publicly. It is a prerequisite in college, mind you."


"No more buts, young lady," the teacher said and stood up. "You have two weeks to pull this one off. Remember, your class director has your future in her hands so you better listen to her. Questions?"

Sango raised her hand but the teacher gave her no heed. The bell rang in the background signaling the end of the school so all student stood up.

"Don't forget your assignment for tomorrow. Class dismissed," the teacher said and went out the door.

One by one, the students went out the door. Still, Sango sat in her chair dumbfounded.

It was not happening, her mind kept on repeating.

In front of all those people?

With Miroku?

"Oh, God," she breathed out.


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