Beast boy: Dude! What am I supposed to wear?!

Raven: rolls her eyes Wear your costume. Is it that hard to decide?

Beast boy: throws his hands up in the air YES!

Raven: shakes her head Idiot...

Robin enters BB's room

Robin: Beast boy, you ready? fixes tie Raven, what are you doing in BB's room?

Raven: Uhh, nothing? sees Robin's expression Fine! I was waiting for Beast boy to get ready just like you are now and he's not ready, so I'm trying to help him find something to wear in this dump before he makes us late.

Robin: Oh.

Beast boy: Ooh! I can wear this! holds up gray shorts with a black long sleeve shirt and a purple vest

Robin: raises an eyebrow Your old Titans uniform?

Beast boy: Well, it's the only thing that's clean.

Raven: By my standards, that'll do. We can't have you come to the award show looking like a pig. By the way, Robin, are you the only one who actually wore a suit?

Robin: Guess so. Why didn't you wear that dress you wore from before instead of your uniform?

Raven: Maybe I felt like wearing my uniform.

Robin: Fine.

Raven: Fine.

Robin: Fine.

Raven: Fine.

Robin: Fine!

Raven: Fine!

Beast boy: Okay! You're both fine! We get it!

Robin & Raven: You didn't have to yell.

Here comes Starfire and Cyborg

Starfire: Hello friends, are we to be ready to travel to that exciting show of awards?

Cyborg: Award show, Star.

Robin: We should be leaving now. Is everybody ready?

Beast boy: putting his clothes on Almost.

Raven: covering her eyes Why do you have to change in front of us?

Beast boy: zipping up his shorts and reaching for his shirt You guys are in my room!

Cyborg: Hurry up man. We're gonna be late!

::Meanwhile at the Award Show::

troubled-ego: in a black spaghetti strap dress with black high heel boots that go up to her knees and a black cloak draped over her with the hood down, speaking on the microphone on the stage They should be hear any minute now.

Audience: Come on! Start the show!!

troubled-ego: Just wait a few more minutes. I know they'll be hear!

The door opens and the Teen Titans arrive

Audience: Yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

troubled-ego: Alright! Let's get this Award Show started! First I'll introduce you to our characters. They have a reputation for being good. We all love them so very much. They protect the city from all the bad guys and they just arrived...Give it up for the Teen Titans!!

Audience: cheers and applauds

Robin: stands up from his seat When there's trouble, you know who to call...

Audience: Teen Titans!!!

troubled-ego: Very nice. Next group is filled with crazy masterminds and freaks that just can't act good if their life depended on it...Everyone give a round of sound to The Villains!!

Audience: WOOT!!!

Slade: stands up from seat We will conquer all!

Random People: Bbbboooooooooooooo!! throw overripe tomatoes at Slade

Slade: I'll show all of you one day!! sits down while Terra comforts him by rubbing his back

troubled-ego: Terra, what are you doing at my show?!

Terra: I was thinking that I'd might be winning something.

troubled-ego: If you keep quiet and don't make eye contact with me, I might not throw you out.

Terra: beams Okay!

troubled-ego: Continuing, they are made up character but some people love them and some people hate them! It's the Teachers, Allison, June, and other made up characters!!

Goth boys: What about us?!?!

troubled-ego: Yes, the Goth boys too.

Audience: cheers

troubled-ego: Now that introductions are out of the way, let's roll the SCHOOL WOES! theme song one more time!!


When there's trouble you know what's the cause


From your class seat you can see it all


When there's teachers on the attack

You can freak out or do your math test

Cuz when there's bad lunch and lots of mold


With their super teacher they unite


Never met a student that they liked


They got the bad kids on the run

They never stop till detention's done

Cuz when the school is loosing all control



If your grades are low you better watch out

You can not escape the school staff

When they catch you there won't be any doubt

You've got the school grade of an 'F'

(school grade of an 'F')









{Guitar solo}

When trouble, you know what's the cause


From your class seat, you can see it all


When there's teachers on the attack

You can freak out or do your math test

Cuz when the world needs bad lunch and lots of mold



1, 2, 3, 4, GO! SCHOOL WOES!

(End of theme)

Audience: applauds

troubled-ego: Yeah, that was the SCHOOL WOES! theme song. Now let's get started with the Award Show!! We'll first start by having our questions answered. First question is from Raven A. Star. Raven A. Star, can you please stand up from your seat and ask your question?

Raven A. Star: wearing a navy blue dress that reaches ankles and low-heels and is eating tortilla wraps, stands up My first question is for Raven. Raven, now that you're out of school, what do you plan to do?

Raven: First, I'm planning to catch up on my meditation. I used to meditate three times a day but while I was at school I couldn't because in the morning, I had to get ready for school. Then I would usually meditate once in the afternoon but I couldn't do that either because I was in school. So I could only meditate once at night before bed. Next, I would also like to relax a little bit more. School has just gotten my adrenaline up too high. Lastly, I think I'm going to start working out. I should exercise my body as well as my mind. That's what I plan to do now that I'm out of school.

Raven A. Star: Thank you Raven. My next question is for Starfire. Starfire, if you hate June so much, why don't you kill her? No one will ever know. ; )

June: Why you little--!

Starfire: I will be glad to answer your question. I want to kill her, but I do not want Robin to be upset with me because we all have made oaths to use our powers for good and not evil when we first joined the Teen Titans. And I must keep that oath to the team, myself, and Robin.

Audience: Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww.

Robin: smiles at Starfire

June: chewing on the table cloth

Raven A. Star: Thank you Starfire. My last question is for June. Did you just do that to annoy the crap out of Starfire? Cause it worked and she no like you one bit.

June: Do what? Love Robin? No, I didn't think it would annoy Starfire and I don't care if it does or doesn't. I just love Robin! That's all I'm saying! Is it such a crime?!?!

Raven A. Star: Uuhh, that's all of my questions.

troubled-ego: Okay, but before you sit down, can you tell me what your favorite part of the story was?

Raven A. Star: Gladly. My favorite part of the story was in chapter five where Raven and Starfire took over the computer. That was hilarious! Then I loved chappie 6 cause Raven so kicked Jinx's butt. XD

troubled-ego: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions Raven A. Star. Let's remember the moments of chapter 5 with the Starfire and Raven talk show thing. Roll it!!

(Video thing)

Starfire: If you are stressed, why not go take a nap?

Troubled-ego: Well, I did have homework.….…WAIT, I HAVE HOMEWORK!!! runs to her room I gotta finish it fast! slams door and Evanescence is heard booming on her boom box

Raven&Starfire: look at the computer. Raven smiles evilly.

Raven: Hey Star, why don't we help troubled-ego out with her story?

Starfire: We shall ask first, correct?

Raven: No Starfire, we shall not ask.

Starfire: Why not? Do we not need approval first?

Raven: She already approved.

Starfire: Oh! In that case...

Raven: We are taking over this show!!

Starfire: I love stories!! How shall we start?

Raven: Well--

Starfire: OH! I know! We shall tell the story of fairytales!!

Raven: '-'u Why me. . .

(end video thing)

Audience: claps

troubled-ego: Yup. Chapter 5. What about Chapter six?

(Video thing)

A light bulb appeared on top of Jinx's head. Raven turned the switch off but Jinx turned it back on, then Raven turned it off again, Jinx turned it on again (that soundz wrong), Raven off, Jinx on, off, on, off, on, off, Raven gets slapped in the face and Jinx turns the light on again. Raven gets angry and lunges toward Jinx. She then falls on top off her and starts beating the crap out of her. Jinx recovers and while Raven is open for the moment, Jinx kicks Raven off and gets up but as soon as Jinx manages to stand, Raven gives her the right jab hitting her jaw so hard, you can hear the CRACK! Jinx spins around and delivers her own blow that lands on Raven's nose. Another CRACK is heard and Raven grabs Jinx's hair and pulls but Jinx uses her hair like bullhorns and flips Raven over so that she lands hard on her back.

Meanwhile, the kids in the class are going crazy jumping hear and there cheering Raven on. As the class is in a frenzy, Mrs. Gerl takes the opportunity to call the office via intercom. Punches, kicks, head-butts, and screams of agony are heard throughout the small portable. Raven desperately tries concentrating to lift a desk and hurl it at her opponent so she chants the magic words, "Azarath, Metrion--" POW! Raven gets Jinx's foot in her stomach. Once again the frenzy continues. Finally the security arrives and manages to split up the crowd stopping the two fighters in their tracks. Raven pants as Jinx struggles to get free from one of the men's grip. Raven takes this time to telepathically hurl one of the props at Jinx and the wine glass makes contact shattering all over Jinx's face as she cries out in pain. The security guard holding Raven gets angry for the terrible display of mercy in Raven and tightens his grips around her wrists, which are held behind her back.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: That was our first fight with Raven and Jinx inside Drama class.

Jinx: in a cast all over her body Raven just got lucky!!

Raven: stands up from seat Is that a challenge?

troubled-ego: Whoa! Sit down, there will be no fighting in here. Raven sits Next one to ask questions is RobinRox13!

RobinRox13: stands up from seat, wearing white skirt with a black sleeveless top and black high-heels sandal type shoes, and eating chocolate cheesecake I have one question for Robin. Robin, why did you have to be nice to June?

Robin: How can I not be nice to anyone? I'm a guy. I like pretty girls like Starfire or June. I like to be nice to people. I can't be mean. I mean, she was never mean to me. Not like Kitten anyway.

Kitten: I will still get you someday, Robbie-poo!!

June: Over my dead body!

Starfire: That can still be arranged!!

Robin: Girls! Girls! Stop it!! Like I was saying, I'm a nice guy and I like pretty girls.

RobinRox13: shrugs Okay. My favorite part of the story was the whole story. Just to let you know t-e.

troubled-ego: Okay, thanks RobinRox13!! Next one to participate is none other than Draikitha!!

Draikitha: wearing a mini jean skirt that has two pockets on the back and a light black shirt that's very loose spaghetti straps and black steel-toed combat boots, stands up Thank you troubled-ego!! Um, my question for Raven is why do you act like you don't like Beast boy?

Raven: looks uneasy Uumm...do I have to answer this?

troubled-ego: Every question must be answered.

Raven: sighs and shifts in her seat Uuh well, I-because-he-and-um...

troubled-ego: Try words and syllables.

Raven: Because I don't like him in that way.

Audience: (most of them anyway) Bbboooooooooooo!!!! Liar!! Tell us the truth!!!

Raven: hides under tablecloth Don'thurtme.

Starfire: Can I answer that question?

troubled-ego: As long as it's right.

Starfire: Raven acts like she does not like Beast boy because she is too shy and nervous to even admit to herself how she feels about someone or something. Plus, she is afraid that her emotions will get out of control and she'll end up hurting someone that she really cares about.

troubled-ego: Wow. That was the most you have ever said.

Audience: ish amazed

troubled-ego: Does that answer your question, Draikitha?

Draikitha: Yes it does. My favorite part of the story was the homecoming dance.

troubled-ego: Goody. Let's show the clip.

(Video thing)

Starfire pushed a random couple aside to march through the crowd. "Hey!" they shouted. Starfire just growled and continued to stomp on. There she saw them. They were dancing nearest to the DJ. June was holding him close while Robin was looking around nervously like he was a fox about to be hunted. Starfire could feel herself breathe fire. She slowed her pace, smiled, and gently tapped on June's shoulder. June stopped dancing and spun around. "May I cut in?" Starfire politely inquired.

Robin pulled at his collar. June looked at Robin, then at Starfire. "Maybe later kid." she turned around and continued dancing with Robin who was completely out of step. Starfire narrowed her eyes and grunted. Her emerald eyes lit up like the sun as she ground her teeth together. She tried to hold her anger in and wondered how Raven could accomplish such a hard task. Starfire knew that she was about to explode and if she killed June in front of Robin, he wouldn't be very happy about that. With no more options running through her head, she stomped away and sat next to the other three titans. She had her arms crossed over her chest and seemed to make a fairly good impression of Raven when she is upset. The three titans would have sworn that they saw steam coming out of Starfire's nose and a furnace burning in her eyes.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Thank You Draikitha!! Now the next person to share is chubbymonkey!!

chubbymonkey: stands up wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a gray undershirt and purple and black Vans (cool shoes) and eating beef jerky. Yeah, um what was the whole hanging from the flag pole thing about?

troubled-ego: Glad you asked. I think Mrs. Woodenburg should answer this question. Mrs. Woodenburg?

Mrs. Woodenburg: ish traumatized from what happened in the last chapter. I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!!! quivers

troubled-ego: ...yeah, could you just answer the question?

Mrs. Woodenburg: shifts eyes from one place to another It was just a joke at first...then I actually did it to bad kids as punishment. It was funny at the time until that-that DEMON and her little friends ruined everything and VICIOUSLY attacked me!!

Raven: Miss, we were just playing dodge ball. tries to hide evil smile

Mrs. Woodenburg: stands up from seat and points accusingly at the pacifist Liar!!

troubled-ego: Okay! This is an award show! Not Jerry Springer!! whispering to self Though it would be very amusing...

chubbymonkey: Uh, my favorite part was the Starfire and Raven talkshows.

Starfire: Raven, the two of us have become rather famous. Perhaps we could—

Raven: Get your head out of the gutter.

Starfire: My head is in something? What is this gutter you speak of? Is it related to the 'gutter balls' in golf?

Raven: Those questions will remain unanswered until the end of the award show. And I think 'gutter ball' is in bowling.

Starfire: sighs Oh, Okay...

troubled-ego: Thank you very much chubbymonkey. Will Darkfire please stand up?

Darkfire: stands up wearing A dark purple glittery spaghetti strap dress with silver gloves and sapphire bracelets along with black high-heeled boots, a sapphire necklace, a glod Raven-style belt only with sapphires instead of rubies. Her long black hair is down and she has purple lip gloss and blue eye shadow. She is eating a double cheese pizza with stuffed crust, Red Fusion, and a slice of chocolate pie for dessert Terra, why haven't you gotten the fact that BB DOESN'T like you??

Terra: What?! That's not true!! BB is mine!! MINE!!!!

troubled-ego: Terra!! Answer the freakin' question!

Terra: growls at t-e I know deep down inside that he must like me. Haven't you seen the episodes?? I'd like Beast boy to explain himself.

Beast boy: I like everybody. Heh-heh! pulls at his collar

troubled-ego: In short he's trying to say that he's a player.

Beast boy: Huh? No I'm—

troubled-ego: Whatever.

Beast boy: Nevermind. I don't know what I'm saying.

troubled-ego: Don't worry BB, I'll get rid of evil little Terra. Anyway, next question?

Darkfire: This is gonna put a lot of pressure on BB. But why are you hanging out with Terra when you like Raven?

Everybody looks at Beast boy

Beast boy: sweats Uuuuhhh, I have mixed feelings?

Raven: Beast boy likes me?

Terra: No he likes me.

troubled-ego: Terra.

Terra: What?

troubled-ego: Shuddap!

Terra: grits teeth

troubled-ego: Okay Darkfire, what was your favorite part of the story?

Darkfire: That's a hard decision. I liked the whole story—

Audience: WOOT!!

Darkfire: But if I had to choose I guess I'd say that I liked chapter 10.

troubled-ego: Okay Darkfire, thank you and enjoy your chocolate pie!! Let's see a clip from chapter 10.

(Video thing)

Robin snorted and held a button on one of his belt pockets. "Three words Slade," he flipped the button open and pulled a small metal cylinder out of the pocket. "Teen Titans, GO!" with that, Robin pulled one end of the cylinder until it became a long Bo staff. He launched himself toward the mighty villain, as did his teammates.

Robin slammed his staff down to hit Slade, but his opponent dodged causing Robin to slam the staff only on the floor. Robin mentally cursed and countered with a horizontal swing of his staff. It was once again dodged as Slade hopped back but soon tripped when Beast boy, in snake form, coiled his body around Slade's legs. Beast boy hissed and stuck his tongue out. Slade growled and flipped back to his feet, grabbed Robin's staff, and pried the snake off of him. Next Slade slapped Robin in the face with his own staff. Robin flew back into Starfire's arms. Slade laughed as he threw five electric balls from his utility belt. Only Titan hit by one was Cyborg. Raven ran up to him to see if the android was alright.

"Starfire," Robin whispered. "Can you distract Slade?"

"Yes, I will try." Starfire then let Robin down on his feet and flew around Slade. He tried to kick her with his long legs but Starfire was swift in the air. Raven grasped a bowling trophy from the desk and hurled it to Slade. He knocked it out of the air. Starfire tried hitting him with some of her starbolts but Slade would run, roll, and dodge. Robin threw a bird-a-rang at his opponent cutting open his shoulder.

"Aargghh!!" Slade skid across the floor and landed on his side. He clutched his bleeding shoulder in pain. The Titans surrounded him.

Robin narrowed his eyes. "Are you gonna call it quits?"

"Or are you going to try and keep fighting?" Cyborg asked.

"You might wanna give up." Beast boy suggested.

"Because you can't win." Raven added.

"Please turn yourself over now." Starfire commanded.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Alright, good times!! Now, boody-rose-demon, please stand up and ask your question.

blood-rose-demon: wearing blue jeans with a black rose on it, and a leather jacket. Eating nothing. Robin why don't you just tell June to leave you alone?

Every Robin/Starfire fan: YEAH!!

Robin: It's complicated.

Cyborg: Oh no! He said the C-word!! All hope is lost!

Robin: I like to be nice. And I would like to be with Starfire but I get shy around pretty girls. blushes Darn. Now I just embarrassed myself for admitting that in front of every one.

bloody-rose-demon: Okay, my favorite part was chapter eight.

troubled-ego: Roll the Tape!!

(Yet another video thing. Please don't kill me)

"Oye! How many times do I have to tell you lot, no violence in school!" a mysterious voice called out.

Jinx smiled while Raven looked around. "Who's there?" she stood up and got into a fighter stance.

"No worries, love." The ceiling opened up and a red-haired man descended from it landing slowly on the black and white tile.

Raven gasped. "Mad Mod!"

"That's right young lass, and I'm serving detention!" Mad Mod danced around the room with his cane twirling in his left hand.

Raven felt some emotion boiling in her blood. Was it anger? No, it was a slight bit a fear. "Not if I can help it." her hands glowed a black aura and she fired a few blasts of energy to blow a hole in the walls but the attack only vanished after contact with a wall. Meanwhile, Jinx was laughing hysterically knowing that her plan had succeeded. Raven felt trapped and she gulped as Mad Mod danced toward her. Jinx got out of her seat and both Moddy and Jinx grabbed Raven to sit her down in one of the chairs. Raven squirmed and wriggled, kicked and punched until she finally got out of their grasp.

"Get her!" Mad Mod ordered.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Who's next? Aha! IlUvBeAsTbOy who used to be called IamnottakingRAVENsname. But I'll still call her Raven2. Why? Because I can. Raven2?

Raven2: stands up wearing black dress pants with a violet top and black clogs. She's eating the same vegetarian dish that Beast boy has on his table...whatever that is since she's vegetarian. And everyone knows how cool vegetarians are My first question is for Beast boy. Beast boy...will you kiss me, you don't have to be my bf...becuz you want to be Raven's?

Beast boy: Do I have to kiss you? I mean there are a lot of people around.

troubled-ego: Be polite Beast boy.

Beast boy: Um, I'll only kiss you on the cheek cuz we're just friends okay? BB goes over to where Raven2 is sitting and gives her a brief kiss on the cheek. People take pictures. Then BB walks back to his seat and sits down. Raven and Terra (who's sitting with the villains) stare at Beast boy semi-jealously.

Raven2: Thank you BB!

Beast boy: slautes

Raven2: My next question goes to Robin. Robin...will you ever say a fight cry that isn't cheesy?

Audience: agrees

Robin: What's wrong with saying, "Teen Titans! GO!"? It took me forever to think of that line and it sounded cool when I thought of it.


Robin: pacing around his room Teen Titans, march? No, it makes us sound like a parade. Teen Titans,dance? Definitely not. Teen Titans, charge? Makes me sound like a general in the army. Hmm, what doesn't sound stupid? What makes the battle cry more of my own? Man! I wish my mind would just work!! slaps head C'mon brain!! Think!! GO! BRAIN GO!! Go?? Teen Titans, Go? Teen Titans, Go. TEEN TITANS GO!! I've got it!! dances and jumps about I am such a genius!! Poses Teen Titans! GO!! makes another pose by jumping on his bed and punching the air Teen Titans...GO!! jumps off bed but slips cuz he's wearing his socks and hits the floor Oww...Teen Titans...Go...my head hurts... goes to sleep on the floor and dreams about himself chanting the battle cry over and over again


Robin: I assure you that I am NOT obsessed with saying Teen Titans Go. Cuz I'm not obsessed with Teen Titans Go. I mean, Teen Titans Go is just three simple words that I thought of. Teen Titans—

Starfire: covers Robin's mouth Robin, as much as it is rude to speak this but, shut up.

Everybody claps after hearing Starfire tell Robin to shut it. Go Star!!

Raven2: Anyway, my favorite part of the story is when BB hugs me in chapter nine. Can you show the clip?

troubled-ego: You guys are gonna kill me but sure.

(Video thing)

Beast boy looked over to Raven2. "You have to get out of here now. It's too dangerous! The exit's that way." he shouted, pointing to the exit. Raven2 nodded and hugged Beast boy. "Thanks for helping me to have a great time." After that, she left and waved to the green teen before reaching the exit. "Your welcome." Beast boy whispered right before changing form into a pterodactyl and flying to Dr. Light.

(end Video thing)

troubled-ego: Okay, thanks Raven2 for being a part of the story! Way2beme is next!

way2beme: Yay! stands up wearing a red plain mini-skirt and a tight whits shirt with a collar. Eating NACHOS Cyborg, what was it like to have your art teacher have a crush on you?

Cyborg: Oooh, you bring back them haunting memories. Well, I would say it was very creepy since I am like the straightest guy I know. I don't have a problem with gay people. They can be my friends and stuff but when they start hitting on me, then I just back away. If Mr. Flora wasn't hitting on me, I would have no problem, but he would stare at me 24/7. shivers

Way2beme: Thank you Cyborg.

Cyborg: Your welcome little lady.

Way2beme: This one's for the Boy Wonder. If you had to choose between June and Starfire, which one would you choose?

Robin: Am I the only one getting the tough questions? I'll mouth out the words cuz I don't want anyone getting in to a fight. He mouths the name Starfire and the Robin/Stafire fans squeal

Way2beme: Okay Robin. My favorite part of the story was the locker room scene in Chapter 3.

troubled-ego: Yes!! Finally someone chooses one of the first chapters! Roll it or suffer!!

(Video thing)

Raven was back in the locker room getting ready for a shower when she decided to take a peak just so she could choose where she wants to shower. She walks into the shower room to see that there are no curtains. . .

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Raven screamed and ran out of the shower room still screaming and covering her eyes. "BAD IMAGES!!" She ran around the locker room while her sudden panic caused a black aura to surround the lockers which opened up with one hitting her in her face in the same place where the basketball hit causing extra hurt. Raven yelped in pain and held her nose and slipped on a brush that fell from one of the lockers that opened. She screamed more. Girls were running around everywhere as some of their belongings pretty much attacked them. Raven eventually calmed down as the bell rang dismissing school. The girls ran out of the locker room and Mrs. Woodenburg stood over Raven.

"Still wanna take that shower?" She asked handing Raven her cloak back.

"I'll take one when I get home." Answered Raven as she stood up and put her cloak on. She took her back pack and her other clothes (she's still wearing the gym clothes under the cloak) and walked out of the locker room while lifting her hood over her head to hide some of her bandages and that sunburn.

(end Video thing)

troubled-ego: Thank you for participating way2beme!! BlackShield is next to go.

BlackShield: stands up wearing black jeans, black sleeveless shirt, and a black jacket I just wanted to say that I love this story and my question is for Mrs. Woodenburg. How many times have you been stuck on a flag pole by a super heroine?

Mrs. Woodenburg: I'd have to say that that's the first time anyone has chosen to defy me!

Raven: mumbles Won't be the last...

Mrs. Woodenburg: What you say?!?!

Raven: Nothing.

Mrs. Woodenburg: You are a bad seed!!

Raven: Whatever.

BlackShield: Chapter 8 was my favorite part of the story and I liked the whole thing.

troubled-ego: Thank you very much BlackShield and also thank you for writing a poem about me. It was a deep and dark poem but it described me perfectly. And what do you know! I do have a scar on my face. Not a very noticable one but it's still there and looks pretty cool. Actually, it's on my left cheek and its kinda diagonal and if I got a horizontal scar on the same place, I would have a cross shaped scar like Kenshin Himora on Rurouni Kenshin. The poem was good anyway. Even if it didn't go by literal meanings, but enough poetry and scar talk. Next person is my buddy Cloud Strife Omega!! And I think he was the only male who came.

Cloud Strife Omega: wearing His Sparks costume (read his stories for insane humor) and eating hot wings and chicken June, why do you always chase Robin around?

June: Isn't it obvious? I love Robin that's why!! Why couldn't you just figure that out yourself?!

troubled-ego: June!! Be nice to Cloud or else!!

Allison: Yeah June. raspberries

Cloud Strife Omega: Don't worry. June will suffer the wrath of 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 bolts of electricity if she continues to be mean. Either that or I can get the evil food from the Teen Titans fridge to devour her head. No nevermind, I want the head, so it will just devour the body. smiles innocently

June: Eeeewwwwww... hides under the table

Allison: What a coward.

June: from under table I heard that!

Cloud Strife Omega: Second question for Starfire is why don't you kill June?

Starfire: Robin will be mad at me if I do. I think that I had explained the same thing in an earlier time throughout the show of awards. whispers to Cloud But I will hurt her when Robin is not present. smiles

Cloud Strife Omega: Okay. whispers to Starfire But give me the head. stops whispering My favorite part of the story was THE FIGHT WITH SLADE in Chapter 10!!

troubled-ego: Let's show another of those delightful clips!

Audience: Booos and throws rotten fish at t-e

troubled-ego: Hey! This is an expensive cloak!! dodges a fish Eeeewwww!! They still have their eyes in!! Evil fish eyes!!!

(Quick Video thing)

Beast boy had just finished scrapping two drones and prepared to finish the four spiders around him. He transformed into a crocodile so big that it would make Steve Erwin say, "Crikey!" Beast boy opened his massive jaws and prepared to clamp down on the robotic arachnids but suddenly, a wave of starbolts came his way forcing him to leap out of the firing zone.

"Hey! I was gonna take those!" Beast boy complained as he swiftly changed back to his "human" form.

Starfire scratched the back of her head. "I appologize Beast bo—" her apology was cut short as one of the spiders shot her. She came crashing down on the floor.

"STAR!" Beast boy screamed, running up to his alien friend.

Robin noticed what happened and attacked the spiders in fury. "Eat my fist you rust-bucket!!" he yelled punching holes in the metal frame one blow after another. Raven spotted something shiny on the floor. It was the Bo staff that Slade took from Robin. He must have dropped it. Raven used her telekinesis to pull the staff to her hand (kinda like using the force in Star Wars). "Robin!"

Robin ceased pounding on the robot for a moment to witness Raven tossing him the metal stick. He caught it and continued pounding on each of the spiders. "I'll handle all of the spiders while you guys take care of the rest of the drones!"

Cyborg placed his hands around his mouth and called out, "Robin, we're a team! Don't forget that!"

Robin nodded and hopped on the head of another spider. They we're shooting like crazy, but with Robin's acrobatic swiftness, they didn't leave a scratch. Starfire was okay now since Tamaraneans can heal quickly as well as demons. So now she was shooting drones down with her infamous starbolts and she even used her eye lasers. Cyborg and Raven we're still in competition with seeing how many drones they could take out.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Thank you Cloud and cool costume!! Everybody, for random humor read Cloud Strife Omega's stories. Let's welcome next, Sakura of the Ninjitsu!!

Sakura of the Ninjitsu: wearing a dark blue gown that's very pretty with pretty shoes and she's eating all of those sugar packets that's supposed to go in tea. Hi troubled-ego.

troubled-ego: Hello. smiles and waves

Sakura of the Ninjitsu: Why didn't June die Star??

June: Does everyone hate me that much?

troubled-ego: You'll find out when we're giving out awards.

Starfire: June did not perish because it was not allowed by Robin. I would get in trouble for it and possibly get kicked out of the Teen Titans because it is a BIG rule that states we are to only use our powers for good purposes. whispers Though in my own opinion, destroying Juneth would be a good purpose.

June: Did I hear someone using my real name?

Sakura of the Ninjitsu: Alrighty then. Well, my favorite part was the Halloween party. But then again, I really liked the whole story.

troubled-ego: Thank You Sakura! You have been a great and loyal fan just as everyone else has and I appreciated your long reviews. I'm not going to show another video thing because we don't have a lot of time and we still have to give out awards and go through speeches and stuff. Oh, sees Fox Slave Hola Fox Slave.

Fox Slave: Hello! wearing her favorite surfing t-shirt and eating a quesadilla Wuz up?

troubled-ego: Nothin' much. Hostin' an award show. What up with you?

Fox Slave: Enjoying my quesadilla.

troubled-ego: Yummy. Wish I could eat. Enjoy, Fox Slave!

Fox Slave: I will!

troubled-ego: Next person is Carrot The LuvMachine!!

Carrot The LuvMachine: stands up wearing an exact replica of Raven's outfit and eating cotton candy HIYA!!

Raven: Why does everyone always copy off of me??

Carrot The LuvMachine: You didn't know? This outfit is the new fashion! Everybody's wearing it!!

Raven: Darn. Now I'll have to choose a different costume. Hey, t-e can I take your Nightingale costume?

troubled-ego: thinking Darn Raven, you just let out my secret Identity!!stops thinking No way!

Raven: sarcastically Where's the love?

troubled-ego: Moving on! Ask away, Carrot!

Carrot the LuvMachine: Raven, what do you think of Beast boy? Answer truthfully.

Raven: Damn you fate! Truthfully? Um, Beast boy's annoying. He tries to think of funny jokes and fails miserably. He has a big ego when it comes to getting the girls. Uh, I like his pointy ears. And maybe his eyes. And quite possibly that stupid tooth that sticks out of his mouth. accidentally getting into the moment He does look pretty cool with that green skin. Did I mention he's well built? realizes what she's saying and her eyes grow wide OH GOD! I didn't mean that last part! covers her face with her hood in embarrassment

Audience: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww...

troubled-ego: How cute.

Raven: pretends that she's not here

Terra: gags on food

Beast boy: eyes go wide and he blushes

Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg: laugh

Carrot The LuvMachine: Beast boy, what do you think of Raven?

Beast boy: gulps She can be quite mean. And she's sarcastic and serious too much. A little too pale but the pale skin actually looks really cool on her. She shouldn't always hide her face with that hood though. How many people have natural purple hair? I can't think of any. Raven's the only one. Beast boy smiles She can look pretty hot sometimes. Actually most of the time. In short, she's a really cool person once you get to know her well enough.

Audience: claps until their hands fall off. Joking!!

Carrot The LuvMachine: Thank you Beast boy and Raven and I'm sorry for embarrassing you guys but I had to know. My favorite part was when Mad Mod and Jinx were chasing Raven around the school. That part was so funny!!

Jinx and Mad Mod: Says you!!

troubled-ego: Yes! And the reviewers are always right! Well, most of the time.

(Video thing)

Raven is running around the main loggia and scampers to the cafeteria. She goes through the lunch line and hides behind the counter. Jinx and Mad Mod are in the line (lunch didn't start yet. It's only second period) looking for their prey. A grey hand is reaching over the counter to grab an apple. The villains notice and slap Raven's hand. The telepath pops up behind the counter and rubs her hand while grinning, then in a flash of light; she bolts out of the cafeteria. There are many doors in the hallway. Raven runs through one, Jinx and Mod pop out of another and go through the door Raven traveled into. Raven pops out of another door and Jinx mysteriously falls from the sky while Mad Mod opens the door to the one across from our telepathic friend. Raven freaks out and goes back into the door she came from and Mad Mod goes through Raven's door. Jinx finally snaps out of it and is about to chase Mad Mod but A giant Raven runs out of another door and accidentally yet purposely runs over Jinx. Jinx is a flattened sheet of paper and slowly flitters to the ground. Mod grabs Jinx and she inflates again. They chase Raven. Raven comes out of the same door as before but now she shrunk and runs under Mad Mod but stops and jumps high into the air to hit something very unpleasant that makes Mod fall down to his knees, crying in a fetal position. Jinx picks Moddy up and he stumbles to walk while she makes him go to one door and she stays at a different one. All of a sudden, two Ravens come out of completely different doors. Jinx and Mod exchange glances and each one chases a Raven. Finally, Raven runs out of one door and goes some place else while Jinx and Mad Mod are running through different doors trying to find the dark Titan female. They finally catch on and run to where Raven went.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Now for our last person to get up! Oh, and Carrot, don't worry about the Raven and Goth thing. The story WILL turn out to your liking. Anyway, will Turtle Girl Yuki please stand up?

Some guy: She's not here! Her mom didn't allow her to go!

troubled-ego: WHAT?!?! The injustice!! rips clothes to reveal her wearing her Nightingale costume. It's all black and it is a one piece black jumpsuit that covers her whole body except for her thumbs, her neck and her head. She has the black collar thing that looks just Like Starfire's but where Starfire has the jewel, Nightingale has a Ying-Yang and attached to the Ying-Yang is her black cape that is just like Batman's cape. Her mask looks exactly like Nightwings and she ties her hair up into a high ponytail. I'll be right back! uses levitation to fly away

Robin: For more information on Nightingale read the trilogy, consisting of Apart of Me, Legacy of Black bird, and Nightingale, when troubled-ego makes them. Which will be in a while. A long while. Or you can just e-mail her for more details and such. I dunno.

Slade: Why don't we cut to commercials?

Raven: That's why I wanted that costume.

Slade: Mod! Go to commercials.

Mad Mod: Aiy, I don't even know how to work this futuristic junk!

Slade: Gizmo. You do it.

Gizmo: Fine you stinkin' spit wad! goes to get commercial ready


Robin: hiding behind a bush He's coming soon Titans. Get ready. looks at the dirt path Teen Titans! Mambo!! The Teen Titans and Robin jump out from behind the bush

Lucky: (which is actually Beast boy dressed up like Lucky from Lucky Charms) You Titans will never catch my Lucky Charms cereal! runs

Beast boy: (which is a sack of potatoes dressed up as Beast boy) ...

Robin: I agree Beast boy! Let's chase him! runs after Lucky/Beast boy

Teen Titans: runs after them too But Raven has to carry the sack of potatoes/Beast boy

Lucky: is cornered You will not catch me lucky charms! takes out a giant balloon marshmellow and flies away That's me Lucky Charms! There magically disgusting!!

Cyborg: shoots down the marshmellow balloon Booyah!

Lucky: Falls off a cliff with the balloon

Teen Titans: look over the edge of the cliff

Robin: I guess we're not getting those Lucky Charms. Let's go chase that Trix rabbit!

Backround Singers: That me Lucky Charms! There magically disgusting!!


Nightingale/troubled-ego: I'm back with Turtle Girl Yuki!! drops TGY in a seat and goes back on stage I had to use my manners of persuasion to allow for her to come. sees her ripped up clothes You know, I regret doing that. Anyway, Turtle Girl Yuki, ask away!

Turtle Girl Yuki: Yeah, um, Raven, Why must you hate Beast boy so much? He really does love you.

Raven: I don't hate Beast boy. I just don't like him very much. Okay, fine I'll answer it for real. I don't hate Beast boy but I'm just trying to avoid him because he's trying too hard to get my attention and it feels like he's trying to stalk me.

Beast boy: I'm not stalking you! I'm trying to be your friend!!

Audience: Aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww.

troubled-ego: still dressed as Nightingale Yup. I feel like I'm on Jerry Springer.

Turtle Girl Yuki: Okay, my favorite part was the gay art teacher part. I loved that and the haunted house part in chapter 4!

troubled-ego: Last tape we roll!!

(Annoying video thingy)

"Hey! I gots an idear!" yelled Raven Demon. "We need a Haunted House! Let's build one outside."

"OKAY!!" Everyone ran outside.

Raven Demon pointed to the location of where she wanted it. "Okay. This would be a really cool place for it to be in. We'll need some paint, skeletons, spider webs-"

"Or", Raven interrupted, "I can summon one from the underworld."

Everyone switched glances to each other, and then back at Raven. "You can do that?" asked Raven Demon.

"Of course", shrugged Raven, "but only on this day."

Robin placed his hand on his hip (do guys even have hips?!?!?!). "Cool, Reye."

"This is probably the most useful you've ever been for this team, right?" Jinx winked.

Raven cocked an eyebrow. "Don't push it, pink hair."

"Um, if you could do me a favor and think of the scariest things you possibly can, then I'll be able to summon the Haunted House." Suggested Raven as she cracked her knuckles and turn away from the team raising her hands into the air.

Everyone okayed and started to think of scary stuff. Raven's eyes lit up and the ground began to rumble. Slowly the earth opened and a large object began to slice through it. The House rose higher and higher as the blue sky above it became darker and darker. Soon the house was completely above the ground. Lightning struck and bats flew everywhere. The next-door neighbors looked at the huge mass of darkness and turned their heads' away to look at their own version of Halloween decorations. Raven proudly smiled at her work and turned around to face her friends. "Thanks." Everyone stared at the House speechless. Raven sweat dropped. 'I guess I made it a little too scary for the mortals...'

Raven Demon was the first one to speak up. "WOW! THAT'S SO COOL!"

"I AM SCARED!" Starfire moved a little closer to Robin.

"It's okay Star. Nothing to worry about."

Suddenly, a loud crash of laughter boomed in the house. It sounded like the Crypt Keeper (I hope you all know who he is). Actually, it was the Crypt Keeper and he stuck his head out the window of the house and did his infamous cackle. Starfire screamed and jumped into Robin's arms. Beast boy screamed too and jumped on Raven's back. He wrapped his legs around her waist and his arms around her neck. Raven blushed.

"Let me guess", Raven Demon giggled obviously not scared, "Starfire and Beast boy were the ones who were thinking of the Crypt Keeper."

"Yeah." Croaked Raven, trying to unwrap Beast boy from her body obviously feeling uncomfortable in that sort of position.

(end video thing)

troubled-ego: Yes!! We are done with the questions so now we can go to the Awards!!!

Audience: Wwwwwwwooooooooooooottttttttttt!!!!!

troubled-ego: But after this commercial.


Cyborg sees Beast boy, Starfire, and Raven eating Cookie Crisp for breakfast

Cyborg: Dookies for breakfast?! Guys that's junk food!! Super heroes need to stay strong and healthy!

Raven: What's your point?

Cyborg: takes Cookie Crisp away No dookies for breakfast!!

Starfire and Beast boy: look like they are about to cry

Suddenly Robin comes dressed like the Cookie Crisp dog. (Didn't there used to be two dogs??)

Robin: as dog guy Did I hear someone say, "no dookies for breakfast"? throws cookies in Cyborg's mouth

Cyborg: MMmmmmmmmm...! DoooooOOkie CRISP!!


troubled-ego: dressed out of Nightingale costume and back in the other outfit that was ripped but she got a new one Dookie Crisp? I thought it was called Cookie Crisp? Ah, who cares! Let's start with the awards!! The first Award is the favorite character Award. Allison and June will present this award!!

Allison and June: walk up to the stage Hello!

Allison: The nominees for The Favorite Character Award are Beast boy, Raven, Robin, Raven2, Way2beme, and Starfire!

June: But the winner could only be one person so that person is none other than... RAVEN!!

Audience: applauds as Going Under by Evanescence plays while Raven walks up to the stage

Raven: Um, I'm not really good at these speech things, but I'm flattered that I have been chosen as the favorite character and I'm glad that I have appealed to all of you. Uh, its really nice...so thanks! Raven walks off stage and sits in seat

troubled-ego: Congrats Raven! Next presenters will be Mr. Flora and Cyborg!!

Mr. Flora and Cyborg walks up to stage

Mr. Flora: This is for the Least Favorite Character Award. Throughout the story, everybody hated these characters the most. The nominees are Terra, Mr. Bicep, Mrs. Woodenburg, June, Slade, Gizmo, Mad Mod, and Jinx.

Cyborg: I'm glad I wasn't on that list. But the worst of those characters was Terra! No one liked her!! Come up Terra!

Terra: walks up to stage and gets trophy All I have to say is that everyone may hate me but at least I got this cool trophy!

Draikitha: Heh-heh! runs up to Terra an kicks her then runs back to her seat

Terra: OW!!!

troubled-ego: Okay, security! Take her out of here!

The Teletubbies come in and take Terra away

Terra: getting carried away by Teletubbies Nooooo! I don't want to go!! I don't want to go!!!

troubled-ego: That takes care of our Terra problem. Next announcers are Robin and Beast boy!

Robin and Beast boy walk up to stage

Robin: This Teen Titan has been the one who changed the most throughout their entire school experience. It has changed them for better or for worse.

Beast boy: The nominees are Raven and Starfire but the winner of The Most Changed Titan From School Experience is...Raven! Again!

Raven: Darn. Do I have to make another speech? I guess I was changed. I know I've definitely become more paranoid. Especially of basketballs and the colors black and white. But I have been peering over my shoulder a little too much at school. Will a chalkboard eraser attack me or will I get another paper cut? So I have become more paranoid and I would NOT want to go to school ever again. Thank you. walks off stage

Audience: claps

troubled-ego: Okay, thank you Robin and Beast boy. Now if you will, let us invite the Goth boys up for the next award!

Goth boys go up to the stage

Goth Boys: singing Silver and Cold by AFI Your sins into me

Oh my beautiful one

Your sins into me, oh!

As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer and I'll beg for forgiveness

Your sins into

Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one

stop singing Uh, this Teen Titan was know for their great smile. So the winner of the best smile award goes to...oh, wait, the nominees are Beast boy, Robin, and Starfire. But the winner is...BEAST BOY!

Fan Girls: scream

BB walks up to stage

Beast boy: Hi. Um I got the best Smile Award and that's really cool. I guess I do have a great smile huh? smiles It takes years of practice to achieve such an adorable smile as mine. And it takes even more years to attract cute girls with it. Raven rolled her eyes at that. Um, I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad who are in a better place for creating me so that I could have such a nice smile and I'd also like to thank my dad for saving me from some sickness that could have killed me though it did turn me green. But everybody likes green, right? Green is cool. It's the color of trees and money which I use to buy mopeds. I need to get one so my smile looks better. Anyway, I'd also like to thank my crazy fan girls and all the other people who voted for me to win this award tonight. Thank you!

Audience: screams, claps, and woots

troubled-ego: Yes, great smile Beast boy. Continue to brush those teeth so that they shine! Next presenters are the almost thawed out Dr. Light and Cinderblock!

Cinderblock carries Dr. Light to the stage

Dr. Light: T-these c-c-characters were the m-most p-p-p-pathetic shivers throughout the whole s-story.

Cinderblock: Gruh!

Dr. Light: So the n-nominees for most pathetic c-character is Cyborg, June, Terra, Mr. Flora, Billy, Jinx, Mad Mod, Slade, and Mrs. Woodenburg. One character was m-more p-p-pathetic than all the r-rest and that person is...June.

June walks up to stage with a mad look on her face

June: Yeah, so I'm the most pathetic character huh? Well, all I have to say is that all of you guys are even more pathetic for voting for me but thanks for the cool trophy. walks off stage

troubled-ego: That was very...mean. Anyway, next up to the stage is Gizmo and Mandy.

Gizmo and Mandy go up to stage

Mandy: There must always be someone in a story who is tortured more than everyone else. That is what makes the story funny. And with out funny there would be no humor so without humor this story wouldn't even be humor and the world would be boring. Who writes this stuff?

Gizmo: Anyway, the stinkin' nominees are Raven, Terra, Cyborg, Starfire, and Jinx but the character who was tortured more than anybody else was none other than...Raven. So come up here to get your third stupid trophy!

Raven: Wow, too much trophies. Yes, I was tortured very much. First there was gym, and in gym there was Mrs. Woodenburg. Jinx just had to come later on along with Mad Mod. Why did I have to be tortured? Is it so much more funnier that the most serious person gets tortured as much as possible?! I will never understand the true meaning of humor. But three trophies isn't so bad. Even if I had been tortured to get them.

troubled-ego: Yes, poor Raven. There was a whole chapter dedicated to her being tortured (chapter 8). I'm bad. smirks Next people to come up to the stage are Mrs. Gerl and Diego (from chapter eight).

Mrs. Gerl: Everyone has a favorite villain but one of the villains stood out the most to reach our heart as a favorite.

Diego: The nominees are Slade, Jinx, and Mad Mod but everyone's favorite villain in none other than the top notch villain himself...Slade!

Slade: Yes foolish ones, I am now the favorite villain among all of you. Does that mean that I get to rule the world? How about just Jump City? If I am the favorite among you, then I must be the favorite among the whole world. We will find out soon enough and I will be the best. Now I'll take this trophy then I will start running for Jump City mayor. And maybe after that, then I will run for president. I'll first start off with all of you. You will be my people; my servants. Clap my servants, your king has arrived!

Audience: claps as Slade finds his seat

troubled-ego: That was actually a really cool speech, Slade.

Slade: Thank you.

troubled-ego: We talked about our favorite villain, but what about our least favorite? Please welcome Starfire and Raven to the stage!

Stafire: Raven, how many okarins does it take to hoagie a morphlark?

Raven: Uh, two?

Starfire: No.

Raven: I can't understand what you are trying to say, Star. I don't think anyone understands.

Starfire: Fimbar!

Raven: Right, whatever that means. Villains suck. We all hate villains and like it says in the Teen Titans theme song, Never met a villain that they liked. Very true. So if you asked us what our least favorite villain was, that would be as hard of a decision as choosing a pizza topping.

Starfire: The nominees for the Least Favorite Villain are Gizmo, Terra, June, Cinderblock, Jinx, and Dr. Light. Out of these bad villains, the worst one was...Gizmo.

Gizmo: I can't believe you snot-munchers and toilet-sniffers voted for me as your least favorite villain! I should be the best! I showed up three times throughout the whole series so far and I almost became a Teen Titan! So fine! Vote for me as your least favorite! Dirty diaper, poop-stomper, rat-catcher, moody-mouth, lantern-eyed fans!

Beast boy: I'm not a Dirty-diaper! I don't even wear diapers anymore.

troubled-ego: Yeah, tough insults Giz. That reminds me of the time I was hanging out with my guy friends at the Middle school in my neighborhood and this little elementary student kid starts making trouble with us and comes out with the dumbest insults. He says to each of my friends and me, "Your gay, your gayer, your gaylord, and your...wait I can't think of one for you...oh! Your gaygaygaygaygaylord!!" Then I said to him, "And you must be the king! Shall I bow to you, your majesty! How about I tip my hat to you sir!" My friends and I laughed so much. What a stupid kid. But it was hilarious so it was all good! So continuing, our next presenters will be Slade and Jinx!

Slade helps Jinx up to the stage cuz she's still in a cast

Slade: Best Titan eyes. I think I would have gotten the best eyes if I were a Titan. But anyway, our nominees are Beast boy, Starfire, Raven, and Robin.

Jinx: The Titan with the best eyes are Starfire!

Starfire runs up to the stage and hugs Jinx, rebreaking every bone in her body

Starfire: Thankyousoverymuchthankyou! My eyes are not rare on Tamaran. Just about everyone has the eyes of green. But here, they have green eyes too just not green like mine. That is what must make them special. I feel so good about this that I could just...just recite a poem of gratitude including all 6,000 verses!

troubled-ego: How about you don't do that, Star.

Starfire: Okay, but I give thanks to all of you for giving me the trophy of awards!

troubled-ego: Cute Star, real cute. She almost snuck that poem up on us. That was close. Now we must bring forth our next presenters, Cloud Strife Omega and Goth. Let's bring them forth!

Goth: Each Titan had their own style of hair. Robin had long, black spiky hair, Beast boy had somewhat of the same style but shorter and green, Starfire had wonderful long, red locks, Raven had her famous purple pageboy, and Cyborg had no hair.

Cloud Strife Omega: But our nominees were all of the Titans except for Cyborg since he has no hair! Out of all the hairstyles, one of them stood out the most. The Teen Titan with the best hair is...Raven!

Raven: Of all the cheap and rotten things to ever happen to me. How many awards did I get? Four? Five? Anyway, um all these trophies are going to take up space in my room so I guess it's not such a big deal. I'm just used to not winning things. Usually Robin wins all the cool stuff. That or maybe Beast boy and sometimes Cyborg. But me, never. Until this night. sighs About my hair, it is naturally purple and troubled-ego told me that she liked my hairstyle and is going to try it out since she's getting tired of her layered flip style. But, is my hair really that cool? I haven't noticed. I thought people always thought that it was boring. Maybe it's the color. But thanks to all of my fans because I wouldn't have won all these trophies if it wasn't for you, and I guess I'll thank troubled-ego for putting up this stupid award show in the first place. Well, now that that's over...just thanks to everybody because I can't think of anything else to say since I suck at this speech giving.

troubled-ego: Yes, very nice attempted speech Raven. Our last announcers of this night will be Grim and Mr. Tanaku.

Grim: Just when you thought they had shut up, they start babbling all over again. They never stop talking when you want them to and they are extremely pathetic. Our nominees for the most annoying characters are...Gizmo, Mrs. Woodenburg, Terra, June, and somehow Mandy.

Mr. Tanaku: One of these had the most nerve to annoy the stuffing out of everybody for just being there. That person who has won this award is June!

June: How rude you people are! First I get most pathetic character award, and now I am the most annoying?! Well, I can be way more annoying than I am right now! But thanks for giving me two trophies, I mean some people didn't even get one. snickers Gotta go!

troubled-ego: The best chapter was chapter 11 and the worst chapter is chapter 1. Why did I need this information? So I know what to do and what not to do in my sequel!

Some guy: whispers in t-e's ear

troubled-ego: From out of nowhere, some guy told me that one more person had some questions to ask. I think they were called, DarkMystic.

DarkMystic: Sorry for arriving late.

troubled-ego: No problem. I like rebels. beams

DarkMystic: wearing black boots, black shirt down to the knees with silver fire print, black tank top with dark blue and purple stars, eatind pepperoni pizza My first question is for Starfire which is, why didn't you kill June yet?

Starfire: If you had arrived earlier, I am certain you would have heard the answer but I'll tell you that something exciting will happen in due time my child...in due time...rubs her hands together evilly

Audience: backs away form Starfire

DarkMystic: Starfire, what is a Klorback Varblenelk?

Starfire: It has many translations, DarkMystic. It can mean something as trouble-maker, while sometimes is could also mean pain in the rear end, or it can also mean some along the lines as beephole.

troubled-ego: Kewl! The censor worked! Hey, Starfire cursed!

Starfire: Oops. Is that I bad thing?

DarkMystic: Raven what's with the back up?

Raven: You mean the—

Dark Goku, IlUvBeAsTbOy, Cloud Strife Omega, and way2beme: Author/ess Ginyu force?!?!

Raven: Well, it's very simple actually. See, I get a group of people to do the dirty work for me especially when I feel too lazy to do it myself. That reason and this one...but I'll have to tell it through a flashback.


Cloud Strife Omega: Hey guys, it's Raven!

Dark Goku, way2beme, IlUvBeAsTbOy: Hey Raven!

Cloud Strife Omega: Let us follow you to school tomorrow so we can wreak havoc!

Raven: And cause tons of destruction? Hmm, I don't know...

way2beme: C'mon Raven, It'll be so much fun!

Raven: Fun? Not really my thing.

Dark Goku: If you let us team up and follow you we'll do whatever you want us to.

Raven: You mean like...my own personal servants? This could get interesting.

IlUvBeAsTbOy: So is it a deal?

Raven: shakes each of their hands It's a deal. But you have to follow every order I give you!

Author/ess Ginyu Force: salutes Deal!!


Raven: Yup. That's why I had back up.

DarkMystic: My favorite part was with Raven in gym class!

troubled-ego: Okay, thank you DarkMystic! Now that we are done with giving out awards and asking questions, only one thing remains! After this story of SCHOOL WOES! There is said to be a sequel. Is this true? YES! It is very true. The sequel will come out when Fighting Flu and quite possibly troubled-ego's poems are both done. There are only about 3 or 4 more chapters to Fighting Flu and probably 4 more to t-e's poems. Then after that, I will start the sequel. Now what is this sequel you ask? Let's look at the preview I promised to show.


Three teens living under one roof...

Starfire looked over to the stove and saw something burning. "Beast boy..."

Beast boy spun around and saw what Starfire was warning him about. "No! My tofu eggs!!"

...enjoying one summer...

Cyborg steadily walked up to the group of friends. "Say y'all, who wants to go to Universal Studios?"

Meanwhile in the T-Car Beast boy was so bored that he had to play a game. "I spy with my little eye, something...gray!"

Robin, Allison, June, Starfire, and Raven looked around the T-Car and noticed that almost everything was gray. This could take awhile.

...full of WOES!

Raven & Amy Lee: singing I'm Going Under

Drowning in you

I'm falling forever

I've got to break through

"Starfire," Robin began, sitting next to her. "You have to let me explain..."

Starfire shot up from her position as the tears streamed down her smooth face. "No Robin, I will NEVER understand!" Without anything more to say, she turned and ran away. Boy Wonder just sat on the roof all day and wondered how he could have prevented what had happened.

I'm Going Under

I'm Going Under

I'm Going Under


"Who wants to play beach volley ball?!" Cyborg shouted.

Coming this SUMMER to fanfiction.net


Audience: WOOOOOOOOt!!! claps

troubled-ego: Looks good huh?

Audience: continues to clap

troubled-ego: Yes, thank you. Thank you. I've had a great time writing SCHOOL WOES! and I know that I'll have a better time writing SUMMER WOES! as well. I should be updating Fighting Flu very soon so stay in tune. And I'd love to thank EVERYONE who has given me inspirational reviews to help me out and I'd like to thank all the fans of SCHOOL WOES! you guys are the ones that made this story special. I also want to thank the people on my favorite authors and favorite stories list because either they, their stories, or both have given me the inspiration I need. Thanks for reading SCHOOL WOES! and I hope I'll see you reviewing for my other stories too. Especially SUMMER WOES! when it comes out. Thank you all! Now if you don't mind, I have to go check out Homestarrunner .com to plan world domination with Strong bad. Seeya!!