Truly Lovely

By: Bree-2006

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailormoon

Love in this palace runs through the halls as air runs through our lungs, so as you can imagine you see a lot of hugging and kissing, and in my case you do, my mother and father love each other more than life itself, and it is amazing, if you could live on only love they could give life to the entire universe and beyond. Their love has surpassed even death and reincarnation and yet everyday there love grows more and more, I would think it was impossible if I didn't happen to see it for myself, love is truly amazing.

Love is never painful even in the worst of times.If the one you love is by your side, anything can be done. It can be really strange, an example being the love from my parents is what gave me life.And where everyou are the love follows, whether in the dining room or the ballroom, you may not be able to see it, but you know it's there. love flows. You can even feel it when you're not looking for it, or dancing under the moonlight and the twinkling of the stars above, when you want it as near to you as possible, love is truly breath taking.

Love connects people to each other, for example my mother and father, even if they are extremely busy they're never to busy for each other. To see them holding hands even in the most important of meetings is a treasure within itself. That's how you know its love. In the wise words of my mother "Small Lady, You can not find love, love will find you." And love has. I now catch myself looking at my husband the way my mother looked at my Father and he looks at me the way my father would look at her.

Love is truly lovely.

Dedicated to Grandma Enedina 'Abbie' Lerma-I love you abuelita may you forever live in my heart.