Sere's Back - Chapter 10!

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From Chapter Nine…

Smiling to himself at the conversation he could hear in the background Darien happily let her go. "I just wanted to warn you all. Tell my Guard that I said to continue looking after you. And I'll talk to you later?"

"Okay." Agreed Serena absently, her mind still half on their discussion. "Thanks again for the heads up Darien."

"Anytime, they are my Guard after all. Well, I'll let you go, you have a lot to discuss I'm sure. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I'd like to be in on this discussion with you, but as you know, I'm not allowed to be."

"I know." Said Serena with a sad smile. "I'll talk to you soon. Love you."

"Love you. Bye Sere."

Chapter Ten

Serena's Point of View

"Okay boys," I began with a bright smile.

Rolling his eyes at me, Jed interrupted me immediately. "Cut the crap Sere and tell us what's wrong."

Taking a deep breath, I relayed what Darien had told me. Finishing the story, I looked around at the glum faces of my closest friends. "So basically," I concluded, "the Senshi will think you're the enemy if they see you."

"Gotta say, never saw that one coming." Murmured Nick as he gingerly sat down on the sofa.

Nodding slowly, a grimace on his handsome face, Mal agreed. "It is the sort of sick, evil idea that Bitch Beryl would come up with."

Standing up, Zack began to pace the room slowly and carefully. A sure sign that he was thinking in overdrive. "They think we're evil. They think some of us are dead. Chances are they'd attack before we had a chance to explain." Completely ignoring the rest of us, Zack continued thinking to himself. "Not that that matters, we could defend ourselves. Although perhaps not without hurting them. Which we could never do." Pausing for a moment, at one end of the room, Zack's muttering changed track. "We just need to make sure that they don't know it's us. Then they wouldn't attack. We have time, we aren't planning to see them soon any way. Yes, it's all okay. Everything's fine." Nodding to himself, Zack looked up with a smile.

"Alright, I missed half the muttering." Announced Jed, with a slightly sour look on his face. "Now, we've been patient Zack, why don't you tell us what you've figured out, little brother."

Rolling his shoulders to release some of the tension, Mal added, "Or I just may have to hit you…"

"To wipe that happy look off your face when we're all so worried." Concluded Nick, with an evil grin.

"Ignore them Zack." I said, interrupting their banter. "Please tell us what you think."

Coming back to stand in front of us all, in the middle of the room. Zack began his explanation. "So, at the moment, we're not even seeing them anyway. Nor are we planning to in the very near future. So we can relax a little." Seeing our encouraging nods he continued. "Then I was thinking, to protect us, and then ultimately them, we just need to make sure they don't see us, or recognise us at the very least."

"Because they'd be likely to attack first, ask questions later."

"Exactly Mal." Agreed Zack. "So, I figure… disguise."

Jumping up from the couch, to start his own pacing, Jed groaned. "Brilliant Einstein. Gee, none of the rest of us could have come up with that one."

"I hadn't finished," growled Zack, glaring at Jed's back. Turning to me, he looked thoughtful for a moment. "What info did Darien give you? They're fighting our clones. What do they look like?"

"Like you guys do. Exactly as you looked back in the Silver Millennium. But you're uniforms are ever so slightly different. Nothing the average person would notice."

"Ah ha." Agreed Zack with a triumphant grin. "I was hoping you would say that." Looking around at the guys, Zack motioned for Jed to sit back down. "So, there are a few things that will help us. One, a few of us have significantly shorter locks." Smiling, he ran a hand through his own short hair while looking significantly at Nick then Mal.

"Though not all of you." I interrupted with a giggle, smiling at Jed's unruly hair. "Your's is almost exactly the same as it was back then." I said, looking at Jed lovingly.

Preening, Jed ruffled his own hair. "I always was ahead of my own time. Setting the fashion for the next century."

"The second point." Interrupted Zack with a frown at what he considered Jed's disorderly appearance. "I seem to remember that we were all clean-shaven back then. And, as we obviously aren't now… I mean Jed's goatee and my moustache. At first glance, we look quite different to how we do clean-shaven."

"None the less Zack, if they look closely, we shouldn't take more than a few moments, they'll recognise us."

"Exactly Mal." Agreed Jed. "But worse, Mars will see our auras immediately."

"Actually, I disagree."

Coughing softly to cover my laugh, I did my best to hide my smile. "Of course you do Nick. Any particular reason why?"

"Yes." Nick smiled at me, winking quickly. "They don't remember us. That will work to our advantage. Mars won't remember our auras. These 'clones' must surely have different auras." At the nods from the rest of us, he continued. "So they won't know our auras, and they don't remember us properly. Our Senshi, with their memories would not be fooled for a second by a haircut, or lack thereof. The Senshi, without remembering us, may not look too closely."

Mal nodded slowly, thoughtfully. The first true smile I had seen on his face in some time slowly drifted across his features to light up his eyes with hope. "That's true Nick. I hadn't thought of it that way."

"Yes." Agreed Zack, drawing our attention back to him. "That brings me to point number three, which should secure our safety. They know us only as they've seen the 'clones' fighting for Beryl. They have yet to see us at our best."

"Guardians of the Prince of Earth." I murmured with a smile and a little laugh. "Of course. Your strongest form. As an added bonus, your armour covers most of your faces."

"Indeed. Ha!" Jumping off the couch again, Jed threw one fist into the air in joy. "Take that Beryl. We will get around you."

Stretching out comfortably on the couch and looking the picture of relaxation, Nick smiled at Jed's actions. "We'll do more than that. We'll kill her this time."

Nodding in grim satisfaction the rest of us agreed. "That we will!"

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