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11:40 AM

Scully collapsed against the couch for the second time that morning, her eyes begging for sleep even though it was practically noon.

The cloudy darkness outside made today seem like any other Monday. If she had to have been at work right now, she didn't think she'd be able to last the day.

Mulder was finally out cold in his bedroom. She, on the other hand, had spent the last hour and a half re-patching his wounds from the night, as well as un-flooding his living room and plucking dead fish out of the carpet, although she was sure Mulder would be finding more of their remains over the weeks to come.

Hoping her ordeal was over and done with, she drew circles into her wary temples and semi-subconsciously fantasized about the many ways she'd get back at her partner for this whole episode.

Another yawned forced her eyes open and for the first time she had a chance to note how cold it was in the apartment. For some reason, the heating system was down, but it probably would not have been a good idea to pay the landlord another visit at the time.

Groaning, Scully peeling herself off the couch and regained her balance before making her way towards the bedroom. Peeking in, she was relieved to find Mulder peacefully asleep on one side of the large mattress.

Suddenly, the other half of the bed seemed very welcoming.

Before she had time to think about it, her feet were already edging her into the room.

"Tell me a story, Scully."

Mulder's muffled voice startled the crap out of her; stopping her midway to the bed side where she had just made up her mind to settle in.

"Mulder. No stories. Just go to sleep."

When no reply came, she figured he was just muttering in his slumber. Slowly and silently, she made it to the free side of the bed, and then just as sneakily, she lowered herself onto it.

So far so good.

The freezing sheets were soft and fresh, and the fluff pillow was relaxing and cozy. Her eyelids fluttered and she yawned again, enjoying the silence for a full minute before it was disturbed, again.

"Scully. Tell me about the aliens."

The female agent shifted her position towards Mulder, and found herself face to face with him - only his eyes weren't even open.

"There's nothing to tell. Sleep."

He snorted in protest then turned his back towards her. Scully found the will to roll her eyes and she too, turned the other way.

Another moment of silence, and she began dozing off. Maybe this was it.


But of course, it was too good to be true. She peeled her eyes open with a muffled yawn and managed to utter a "yea?"

"I love you."

Scully grew instantly silent, her brain hardly even jumping at the notion; both from being use to the words since Mulder had repeated them three times in the past 10 hours and that fact that she was one twentieth awake.


Before she could tell him to go back to sleep, her rational judgment took over. All the other times she'd simply flicked him off and ignored his statements, it had ended in even more trouble.

Maybe the only way to put an end to this endless night was to play along. Or at least make it seem like she was playing along. Within, this had been the chance she was waiting for, although she hadn't exactly pictured the situation as such.

After all, Mulder would wake up in a few hours with one hell of a hangover and hardly any memory of what had occurred all night. It couldn't hurt to give him what he wanted to hear.

"Love ya Scully. Night."

His confirming mumble made up her mind.

"I love you too, Mulder."

There she'd done it. And with a triumphant smile, she rested her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes, easily and almost immediately drifting off, knowing that it would be alright now.

Beside her, Mulder snuggled against his own pillow; a successful grin pasted on his face as well.

The alcohol had worn off hours earlier.

But nobody had to know.



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