Chapter 14 (Part Two)

After finishing his breakfast Rafe pushed the cart out into the hallway before goiing back in to check on Alison. Pressing a soft kiss to her forehead Rafe inhaled the sweet scent of her hair. "I'm going to check on the arrangements." He told her, his breath feather light on her cheek. Alison closed her eyes an silently nodded before turning her face from him to peer out the window. Straightening up Rafe turned from her and walked out of the room, casting a concerned look her way before closing the door behind him. Alison drug her gaze away from the window as a knock came at the door shortly after Rafe left. "He probably locked himsefl out and forgot his key." Alison said softly to herself, a small smile tugging at her lips as she opened the door to reveal on of the bel hops. "Can I help you?" Alison asked the young looking man, a hing of wariness in her voice. "I have a delivery for a Ms. Alison Barrington." Alison quirked a crious brow as she stepped aside to allow him entrance into the room.

"Who is it from?" Alison question the young man as he pushed a metal hand dolly into the room that contained a large flat object wrapped in brown packing material. The guy shrugged his shoulders in answer to her question. "It only has the to part of the packing label filled out not the from. Where should I put it?" Alison directed him towards the wall next to the window. "Just lean it up against the wall there." She told him, her curiosity piqued. Walking to her purse she pulled out a 20 dollar bill and held it out to him once he had lent the package carefully up against the wall. Turning towards her he spied the money in the hand she extended towards him. Shaking his head he gave her a small smile and replied, "It's already been taken care of." As quickly as he came he left, leaving Alison alone in the room to stare at the mysterious brown parcel. The beat of her heart quickened as she walked towards it. Reaching out she touched the papered object, her breath halting in her throat. Dropping her hand to her side she wondered if she sould wait for Rafe to return before opening it but the curiousity was too strong. Reaching up she grabbed a piece of the paper and ripped it tow reveal her own reflection.

"It's a mirror!" She exclaimer, her own voice in the silent room starteling her. With a nervous laugh she looked around the room before turning her gaze back to the half revealed mirror. With shaking hands she unwrapped the mirror and stepped back to get a better look at it. Taped to the dark mahoganey frame was a white card. Removing the card she read the small note a frown furrowing forming on her lips. 'It's a poem.' She thought to herself as she reread what was written on the card. Clearing her through she read the contents outloud.

"Through time and space can true love remain."

"Even though the test of time brings joy and pain."

"In the blink of an eye the heart can change."

"And a new story unfolds with the turn of a page."

Suddenly a flash of light so bright it temporarely blended her came from the mirror causing her to cover her face. As the brightness of the light receaded Alison slowly dropped her hand from her face. A small gasp past through her parted lips as she looked at the mirror. Her reflection no longer appeared in the glass, in it's place was the image of a castle nestled deep in the mountains it's turrets reaching high as if to touch the clouds that floated about it in the sky. Taking a cautious step forward Alison reached out and touched the glass only to pull her hand back quickly as the surface of the mirror rippled like water. Alison stared in wide eyed wonder as the sound of music seemed to come from the mirror, the sound of it eerily beautiful. As if in a trance Alison stepped closer to the image of the castle, her hand once again reaching forward. Once more a flash of light came but when it receaded this time Alison was no longer in front of the mirror.

Caleb was stepping out of the shower as he felt something shift in time. Using his powers he sought out the cause of the disturbance, a puzzled look marring his handsome face. "Alison." He stated softly as he ran to his room to quickly dress. The instand he was dressed he closed his eyes and pulled his power to him. When he opened his eyes he was standing in Alison's room. He searched every room and the terrace but could not find her. He didn't need to use his powers to know that she was no longer at the lodge. Coming back into the room Caleb glanced around and saw the mirror it's brown packing paper carelessly discarded around it. Stepping up to the mirror he looked down finding a card on the floor at his feet. Picking it up he read the writing as he heard the door to the suite open in close. "Alison?" Caleb didn't bother to turn around at the sound of Rafe's voice. Rafe stopped dead in his tracks as he came upon Caleb standing infront the mirror. "Caleb? What the hell are you doinghere?! Where's Alison?" Glancing behind him Caleb looked at Rafe, "I was just asking myself that same question." He told him, his voice flat and emotionless.

Rafe was at Caleb's side in an instant slamming him up against the wall. "What have you don't with her? If you've hurt her I swear I'll destroy!" Caleb shook his head and bracing his hands against Rafe's chest pushed him away. "I haven't done anything to her." He stated darkly. "I came here to look for her and found that mirrr and this card laying on the ground." Rafe turned his gaze to the mirror then back to the card in Caleb's hand. "Where the hell did the mirror come from? Is this your doing?" Caleb was beginning to tire of Rafe's questions. Snearing he gestured towards the mirror. "If I did this do you think I'd be standing here looking at it?" Dispite himself Rafe believed him, if Caleb had taken Alison he wouldn't be there in the room. "What does the card say?" Rafe didn't give Caleb a chance to answer him before snatcing the card out of his grasp. "It's a poem." Rafe said outloud after reading the card to himself. "Gee Rafe I didn't know you could read?" Caleb's attempt at sarcastic humor seemed to go unnoticed for Rafe was looking from the card to the mirror a look of concentration on his face. "It may not just be a poem, may be it's an incantation of some sort. If Alsion read it out loud maybe something happened with the mirror."

Rafe knew that there was something terribly wrong with the mirror, he could feel it in his soul. Rafe began to say the poem out loud but stopped as Caleb grabbed him by the arm. Turning a dark look towards Caleb Rafe narrowed his eyes. "Why did you stop me?" Caleb wasn't sure exactly why he stopped Rafe he just had a feeling that if the poem was read out loud the something bad was going to happen. "I just think that may be we should investigate the mirror a little bit more before we fly of the handle and chant some incatation." Shrugging Caleb's hand off Rafe turned away from the mirror. "If Alison read this outloud and then disappeared then to get to her I would have to read the poem outloud also." Crossing his arms infront of his chest Caleb shook his head. "Before playing the heroic knight in shining armor I think you should think things through. What if you don't go to the same place Alison went to or what if you do and can't find your way back? Do you ever stop to think about things before you act or is it just natural to go in guns a blazing and never comtemplating the consequences?" A muscle in Rafe's jaw seemed to twitch as he took in Calebs words.

"You're right, as much as I hate to say it. It's just that when it comes to Alison I can't think I just act." Even though Caleb himself loathed to admit it he could sypathize with Rafe. He would have probably read the card outloud himself if Rafe hadn't have entered the room at the exact moment he found it. "What say you to a temporary truce until we find out more about this mirror." Caleb said gesturing towards the mirror. Following his gaze to the mirror Rafe nodded. "It seems that this mirror has been made by the the powers of the dark arts and if anyone should know about the dark arts it would be you vampire." Caleb stifled a laugh as Rafe turned back towards him. "Why slayer was that a compliment?" Shaking his head Rafe moved towards the mirror not bothering to answer Calebs question. The only thing on his mind at the moment was Alison, he had to find a way to save her and be able to return from where ever it was she had disappeared to in one piece.

END OF CHAPTER 14 PART TWO… Well it's taken me forever to update I know. It's just that with the new baby and work being hectic these past few months I haven't had a chance to watch Port Charles on SoapNet or add anything to my fanfiction. I thank anyone who is still willing to read this story.. I'll try to update when I can, I don't really mean to leave anyone hanging for so long I have a few other fanfictions that I'm trying to add to. As always any comments and feedback are welcomed. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.