When butterflies beat their wings

Warnings/notes : Yohji/Ken, third pov, center shifts after each songfragment (more or less)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'I just died' belongs to Amerie. Lyrics slightly altered.

[!] Spoiler : mentioning of Kase

written at 16th july 2003, by Misura

Author's note : The hardest part of this fic was the title ; somehow the title of the song I used didn't fit the happy mood ^^; In the end, I picked one of the lines in the songtext.


//Staring in the mirror

I start to carefully contemplate//

Ken Hidaka, you're a total idiot.

Gloomily, a brown-haired boy stared into the bathroom-mirror. In spite of his best efforts, his hair still looked rather messy.

And since when do I care about that?

It's not like I'm doing anything special today ; just morning-shift with Yohji.

"What's taking you so long, Kenken?" Not even bothering to knock, the person Ken's thoughts always seemed to come back to walked in. "Other people want to use the bathroom too you know." Yohji grinned as Ken turned away from the mirror almost guiltily.

Mumbling something that might have been an apology, Ken hurried out of the bathroom.

//Just really how deep

Is this thing I have for you?//

As soon as the door had fallen shut behind his teammate, Yohji's grin was replaced by a frown.

What's going on with Ken? He's been acting weird recently.

Is it some girl he's expecting to see again today? One of the visitors of the flowershop? I'd have noticed it if he went out aside from his soccer-hours ...

His reflection seemed to mock him.

I'm *not* jealous! I'm *not* in love with Ken! I'm just concerned about him.

He sighed.

Who am I trying to fool? If only he wouldn't be so innocent!

//It's wearing on my heart

And from the start you know I try//

Hmm, he's done quickly.

Ken was glad to see Yohji show up only ten minutes late. Some of the fangirls were beginning to really make him nervous with the way they kept looking at him.

Like they were cats and he was some mouse they'd like to snatch.

At least Yohji doesn't do that ; he may tease me from time to time, but he doesn't see me as some *thing* he might play around with.

He sees me as a *friend* and I'm happy with it that way. Even if I might dream of getting a little bit more than friendship from him, he never crosses the line between teasing and serious flirting.

"Excuse me, but do you also have roses?" one of the shyer girls asked, preventing Ken's thoughts from wandering off again.

"Of course! Lots of different kinds even, come on, I'll show them to you. They're over there." With a genuine smile, Ken lead the girl over to where the roses were displayed.

//Instead of fading I saw

Friendship turned to love//

It was getting harder every day, Yohji reflected sourly. Harder to pretend his remarks weren't meant seriously, harder to watch those girls eye Ken as some sort of cookie.

Knowing Ken was way to shy to respond to their attempts at contact any more enthusiastic than to his own, did little to ease Yohji's frustration.

He was mostly annoyed with himself. Not for caring so much about Ken, but rather for not acting more clearly to inform the other of his feelings.

Face it, Kudoh, you're just dead scared he'll reject you.

His smiles and flirting were less animated than usual that day ; they had become a reflex long ago and old habits died hard. Yet they were fading, week by week.

//I know you probably think

That I'm so strange//

You're really sad, Hidaka, imagining he's watching *you* with all those girls around.

Even if he *was* looking in your direction, he was probably just checking out some girl.

The morning crept past, keeping Ken too busy to think of Yohji anymore. At lunch-time Aya arrived to take things over. Ken didn't know where the redhead had spent his morning ; normally unless he had anything else to do, Aya helped in the shop regardless if it was his shift.

Because 'somebody has to remind people we're a shop and not an exhibition'.

Ken smiled, not noticing the effect this had on the girls around him, or on Yohji who was -indeed- still keeping an eye on him.

//That I hang on every word

When you look my way//

Yohji wondered which of the girls had caused Ken's face to light up ; none of them had seemed special to him in any way.

And if *I* could bring that expression to it as well.

"Uhm, Yohji?" A hand softly touched his shoulder.

"Yes, Kenken?" Yohji was proud of how normal his voice sounded, betraying nothing of the way he felt or what he had been thinking about before Ken interrupted him.

"Our shift is over now, since Aya's here, you know." Ken blushed slightly, prompting Yohji to swallow the reply that rose to his lips about the brunet stating the obvious.

"Thanks for reminding me, Kenken." He couldn't quite keep the teasing undertone out of his voice. Then, before he had time to think about it he added : "Got anything to do this afternoon?"