When butterflies beat their wings

Warnings/notes : Yohji/Ken, third pov, center shifts after each songfragment (more or less)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'I just died' belongs to Amerie. Lyrics slightly altered.

[!] Spoiler : mentioning of Kase

written at 20th july 2003, by Misura

Author's note : The hardest part of this fic was the title ; somehow the title of the song I used didn't fit the happy mood ^^; In the end, I picked one of the lines in the songtext.


//I'm waiting hoping, praying

(Hope and pray)

That you might stay//

Ken bravely swallowed his disappointment and nodded his agreement.

At least he didn't outright reject me or tell me I was a pervert for thinking about him that way.

They walked home in an uncomfortable silence, until they were almost there and Yohji halted.

"Listen, Ken ... "

"You don't feel the same, do you? That's okay, I won't bother you again." Ken interrupted him.

I never should have gone so far in the first place.

"No, Ken." Yohji replied softly, reaching out to cup Ken's face and lift it up to his own. "You're wrong. I *do* feel the same. I love you, and I'd rather die than see you hurt."

Ken's eyes became very wide. "You do? Really?"

This has to be another dream ; there's no way this can happen in reality.

Yes, that's it. I'm going to wake up any moment now.

"I see it's going to take more than words to convince you." Yohji murmured, seemingly guessing the direction his thoughts were taking by the expression on his face.

//And now you're moving oh so closely//

I've gone this far ; I'm not going to turn back now.

I'll prove to you this is real, and then I'll prove to you that there also are people you can trust to never betray you, to always be there.

Leaning down, Yohji softly touched his lips to Ken's, waiting for the other's reaction to continue to an actual kiss or to break it off right there.

I'm not going to rush you into this, Ken.

We're going to take this as slow as you want us to.

After a few breathless seconds, he felt Ken responding, pressing in closer and throwing his arms around Yohji's shoulders.

Who'd have thought the great Yohji Kudoh could have his mind completely blown away by a single kiss?

//Killing me

So gently, so softly//

Ken couldn't believe what his senses were telling him.

But it has to be true ; none of my fantasies felt this real. Or this good.

A cool voice pulled him down from his pink cloud. "Dinner's getting cold."

Aya ...

It took him a full minute to realize what that actually meant. If Yohji's arms hadn't been holding him more or less in place, he'd have jumped away. As it was, he merely broke the kiss with his cheeks on fire. He noticed a flash of hurt in Yohji's eyes, that made him feel even more embarrassed.

I'm such a fool! Now Yohji thinks I'm ashamed of having kissed him and Aya ... well, I don't even want to *know* what Aya's thinking of me at the moment.

"Oh, hi, Aya. Don't you know it's inpolite to stare?" Yohji drawled, regaining his cool.

"I wasn't staring." Aya replied.

"Thanks for telling us about dinner." Ken managed. "We - "

//I just died in your arms tonight

And I don't want nobody

To bring me back to life//

"We aren't hungry right now." Yohji interrupted him.

You can contradict me if you want, Kenken, but I'm not going to let you pretend nothing happened. Either you want me, or you don't.

If you do, I don't care who knows or sees.

"Actually, we should eat something, Yohji." Ken remarked. "We barely ate anything at lunch. It's not healthy to go without food too long."

Yohji rolled his eyes. "I thought I told you the chibi was already pestering me more than enough about living more responsible."

'We', eh, Kenken?

I must admit I like the sound of that.

Ken shrugged. "Apparently not enough. So, are you coming?"

"Oh, all right then." Yohji grumbled. "I suppose it wouldn't do to hurt Omi's feelings by not trying his culinary creation of this evening."

"Indeed." Aya snorted, walking back in.

//I just died in your arms tonight,

Hey I just died in your arms//

"Yohji, wait!" Ken grabbed the blond's arm. "I'm sorry."

Please. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Yohji blinked. "For what? For kissing me?"

"No!" Ken shook his head. "Of course not! I just ... well, I guess this is all a little new to me. Aya startled me. I didn't intend to ... "

Please tell me you understand.

Yohji smiled gently, reaching out a hand to touch Ken's hair.

"It's okay, Ken. You're shy ; I know that. And now, I think we'd better get inside before the temptation to kiss you again becomes too much. You look downright adorable when you're blushing, you know that?" His hand softly stroke Ken's cheek. "Beautiful."

Ken was sure his face was about to catch fire. "Thank you."


"Ken-kun! Yohji-kun!" Omi beamed as they entered the kitchen. "I was about to give up on you and let Aya have the rest of today's dinner!"

Aya glared at him, while Ken giggled and quickly grabbed a plate.

"Wow, this tastes great, Omi!" Ken bobbed his head enthusiastically.

Hmm. So much for love ruining one's appetite.

"Not bad at all." Yohji agreed, wondering what he should do after dinner.

I can't ... I shouldn't ... he's never ...

"Are you going out again tonight, Yohji-kun?" Omi inquired nonchalantly.

"Nah, don't think so." he looked at Ken. Omi smiled.

"What about you, Ken-kun ; are you going to watch that soccer-match?"

Ken shook his head. Yohji was amused to notice his cheeks were growing red again.

"I'm not really all that interested." Ken replied.

//And yet here I am


"Well, Aya and me are both going out, so I hope we can trust you to keep the house safe. Don't stay up too late, don't smoke inside -yes, that's meant for you, Yohji-kun!- and don't make too much of a mess." Omi glanced at Aya. "Did I forget anything?"

"You could wish them a good time." Aya shrugged, grabbing his coat. "That might be ... appropriate under the circumstances." He smirked.

Omi chortled. "Okay, and have fun you two! I think you make a great couple!"

"Thanks." Ken mumbled.

"The same to you, chibi, wherever you're going." Yohji grinned.

"Me?" Omi asked with wide, innocent eyes. "I'm just going over to a friend from school to make our homework together. Aya-kun happens to be going the same way, so he'll drop me off."

Ken frowned, looking up as Yohji touched his arm and shook his head.

Ah well, he's right. it's none of my business anyway.

As he bended his head closer to Yohji for a kiss, he heard footsteps hastily departing, accompanied by a 'hn' and a giggle.

"Well, I think we can definitely hold true to at least one of the chibi's commands." Yohji remarked, when they broke apart again.


Author's note : *sighs* Yes, somehow those other two pairings crept in again. Sorry. But hey, they weren't *that* prominently present, were they? *looks hopefully*

(Oh, and yes, Omi went to see Nagi, and yes, Aya went to visit Crawford. That leaves Schu for Farfie, so that everyone can be happy. ^^;)