He said no

Warnings/notes : Yami/Yugi, slight fluff, focus on Yugi (at least for this chapter), third pov, song-inspired fic, slightly weird, hints at Ryou/Bakura and Seto/Joey.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'You said no' belongs to Busted.

written at 17th july 2003, by Misura

I tried to write a songfic actually, but it just didn't work. I still liked the idea though, so I decided to give credit to the song for inspiring me and write the fic without putting in lyrics. ^^;


"I asked you to dance at the disco

But you said 'no'

The whole world was

Watching and laughing

On the day that I crashed

And burned at your feet"

- 'You said no', Busted


He cried softly, hidden, allowing himself to pour his tears over a broken heart only after he had made sure no one would hear or see him spill them.

I should have known.

I should have seen.

He's everything I'm not, everything I want to be.

How could I ever think he could love me back?

Now I've ruined everything ; he'll probably never want to speak to me again.

"Yami! I love you!"

Sobbing, Yugi buried his face again in the already damp pillow, wishing it had been the shoulder of a friend or his loved one.

~earlier that evening~

Yami *is* taller than me.

So it's only logical people notice him first and me later, isn't it?

"Hey, Yug, what's it with the long face? This is supposed to be a party, you know?" Joey grinned, but his eyes told Yugi he was seriously worried. Yugi normally was rather quiet, yet he usually wore a smile on his face.

"Nothing, Joey. Just thinking." Yugi's gaze wandered over to where Yami was standing, leaning against the wall. He was talking to some girls.

I shouldn't be so jealous.

I like him, I brought him with me this evening, so why would it make me feel so bad to see him get attention and probably enjoy himself?

"No doubt that's an activity you don't indulge in too often, mutt." A familiar voice sneered.

Great. Now Joey gets taunted again because of *my* use of words.

/It's not your fault, Yugi. Kaiba can make an insult out of *everything*./

I know Yami. But still ...

/Stop brooding and start having a good time, aibou. I agree with Joey. You should lighten up a little./ A brief hesitation. /Do you still don't want to talk to me about what's been bothering you so much these past weeks?/

Yugi nodded, even if Yami probably couldn't see it. It's something I should sort out on my own.

"I'm going for a drink. You want something too, Yug?" Joey rose, pointedly ignoring Kaiba.

Ah. Perhaps he has finally grown sensitive.

Yugi shook his head. "No thanks, Joey."

"Okay. Be back in a minute." Joey walked away, headed for the bar.

Kaiba stared after him, a slight frown on his face.

"Can't you leave him be?" Yugi inquired, a hint of disapproval in his voice.

Kaiba glared at him. "Don't stick your nose in my business, Yugi. You don't know anything about what's going on between us."

Yugi blinked. "I just don't like one of my friends getting humiliated by you all the time."

Kaiba snorted. "That proves how little you see. You really are oblivious in some things, Yugi. But anyway, have you asked Yami for a dance yet?"

"Excuse me?" Yugi choked out.

Kaiba raised one eyebrow. "What? It's crystal clear from the way you keep looking at him you want to. And he has turned down every girl so far."

Yugi blushed. "Am I really that obvious?"

Kaiba shrugged. "You are to me. Not to Joey probably ; he's way too dense to notice something as a crush. Unfortunately .... " He sighed.

"What's this, Kaiba? You start bothering my friends too now?" Joey returned, giving Kaiba an angry look.

"We were just talking, Joey." Yugi reassured him hastily.

"Aww, is my favorite puppy jealous?" Kaiba smirked.

Joey growled. "I'm not a puppy. And I'm definitely not yours either."

"Whatever." Kaiba replied disinterestedly. Bending over to Yugi he whispered "Ask him." before nodding to Joey and strolling away.

"Good riddance." Joey remarked, satisfied. "What were you talking about anyway?"

"Nothing." He glanced over to where Yami was again.

"Did he - " Joey hesitated. "Did he say something about me?"

"Not really."

Joey sighed and drained half his glass.

"So, how does Yami like our school so far?"

"He says his school was very different."

Joey snorted. "Now *that*'s a surprise!"

Yugi smiled.

"Ah well, I'm going to see if I can find someone who wants to dance with me. There has to be at least one girl around with taste." Joey grinned.

As soon as the blond was gone, Yugi began staring at Yami again.

He really *is* popular with the girls.

Maybe it's because they've never seen him around here before.

"Have you asked Yami for a dance yet?"

"It's crystal clear from the way you keep looking at him you want to."

"And he has turned down every girl so far."

"Ask him."

Should I follow Kaiba's advise?

Why would he want to help me anyway?

Yugi swallowed.

He's right though.

I do want to ask him.

Determinedly, he started to make his way to Yami.