Author's note: This the sequel to my first fanfic SSBM:Pokemon Adventures.


???: Sea, mountain, mansion, and forest. That's where they're hidden.

???: We must get the mech gems. It will surely power up our ultimate weapon.

One sunny day, in the Smash Mansion..

Captain Falcon (CF): Time to wash to our van!

Popo: Why?

CF: Because it's dirty.

Popo: So?

CF: I'm cleaning it.

Popo: Then?

CF: It'll turn clean.

Popo: And that concludes.

CF: All the things you want to know!

Popo: Can I help?

Nana: Me too!

CF: Do it correctly.

Popo: I'll clean the inside. (Sprays water into the van)


Popo: I'm cleaning the inside.

CF: That's not the way!

Nana: I'll clean the outside. (Uses steel wool)


Nana: But I wanna help.

CF: Scram! I'll clean it myself.

Popo: Let's go, Nana. Let's go finish the puzzle that we started 5 months ago.

After a while...

CF: Finally finished!

???: Ness! I'm here to get you!

A fat kid run toward the Smash Mansion and ran over the van.

CF: You made it dirty again!

Pokey: Come out, Ness! Come out and fight me!

Young Link (YL): That bully Porky is here.

Ness: You mean Pokey? I'll go see him.

Pokey: I'll beat you up today!

Ness: Give it up.

Pokey: Attack! (Charges toward Ness)

Ness: PK Cross! (Blasts Pokey away)

Pokey: Nooooo!!!

YL: Shouldn't it be PK Flash?

Ness: That's how I announce that word.

Peach: Tomorrow we're going to Aloha Beach, so get ready!

Mario: I can't wait-a to go to a comfortable place-a!

Luigi: Neither can I!

Samus: I'll make tomorrow come fast.

She fires an ice beam at the sun, freezing it, thus resulting the moon and nighttime. Then she fires a missile at the moon, turning it back to a sun. Weird, isn't it?

Mario: Tomorrow has finally come!

Peach: Let's go!

CF: Get on the van!

The Smashers got onto the van and zoomed off.

At Aloha Beach..

Peach: We're here at last!

Smashers: Yay!

Link: Hey! An old friend!

Ash: Hello! I didn't expect to see you all here!

Pikachu: We didn't expect you also!

Fox: It's been a long time!

Falco: But we last met last week.

Misty: Hello Smashers!

Zelda: You're here also!

Misty: I'm enjoying here with my boyfriend.

Zelda: I knew you 2 would get along.

Everyone did what he or she wants.

Pikachu: The sandcastle's finished!

Pichu: I'm small enough to go inside. (Goes inside sandcastle)

Pikachu: How is it inside the castle?

Suddenly, a tiny cannon appeared from the sandcastle and fired bubbles.

Jigglypuff: What the heck!?

Pikachu: How did you make the tiny cannon appear, Pichu?

Pichu: I don't know how I did it either!

Yoshi: I want coconut! My tongue isn't long enough to reach the ones in the tree.

DK: I help you. (Climbs up the tree to make it lean down)

Yoshi: Yay! (Picks coconut)

DK: (Accidentally lets go his hand)

Yoshi: (Flies off) YAAAAA!!!!

Yoshi flew off because when DK let go and Yoshi's hand was still on the coconuts on the tree.

At a nearby food stand...

Zelda: I want orange juice.

Waiter: I'll get one for you. (Goes to the blending machine)

Suddenly, Yoshi crashes into the blending machine, with oranges in his mouth due to the waiter who was about to blend them.

Waiter: This dinosaur ruined the blender!

Zelda: What have you done, Yoshi?!

Bowser: A fortune telling stand? I'll go see it!

Fortuneteller: Sorry, I'm not seeing the future right now.

Bowser: Why?

Fortuneteller: Because I see crocodiles, they come in hordes to the beach.

Bowser: Crocodiles coming in hordes to the beach?

Fortuneteller: They're coming when the clock strikes 2.

Bowser: My watch says 2:01; I think you mean they come at 2:10.

Fortuneteller: They're coming after the mech gem.

Bowser: I don't get it.

When the time says 2:02, a horde of crocodiles came rushing into the beach.

Mario: Mamamia!

Luigi: Alligators!

Crocodile: We're crocodiles!

Link: What are you all doing here?

Crocodile: We are the Kremlings! We're after the mech gems!

DK: I never expected Kremlings to come here.

Crocodile: We're not harming anyone, we just want a ship.

The Kremlings got onto a ship and rowed off.

Ganondorf: What are they doing here?

Marth: They said something about finding the mech gems.

Bowser: That's what the fortuneteller told me!

Fortuneteller: The Aloha Temple, a tower about 3 miles across this beach, holds one of the 4 mech gems. Those gems are used for powering machines. The crocodiles must be using them to power up their ultimate weapon to conquer the world!

Ash: We've got to stop them!

Mario: Lets a go after them!

Fortuneteller: I can see something. I see more groups of crocodiles heading for Big Forest, Mt. Brushmore, and the haunted mansion. The remaining gems are hidden there.

Roy: Guess we have to form groups and separate to go to those places.

After a while, the group is organized.

Group 1: CF, Peach, Mario, Jigglypuff, YL, Ash, Misty-Aloha Temple

Group 2: Popo, Nana, Bowser, Ganondorf, Marth, Fox, Pichu-Mt. Brushmore

Group 3: Kirby, Yoshi, Roy, Link, DK, Zelda, Pikachu-Big Forest

Group 7: Luigi, Mewtwo, G&W, Dr. Mario, Samus, Falco, Ness-Haunted Mansion

CF: Now let's go in our directions!

Luigi: But I don't want to go to the haunted mansion!

Mewtwo: (Drags Luigi along)

Luigi: Nooooo!!!

So they all spread out to stop the Kremlings from getting the Mech Gems.

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