Author's note:

Chapter 8: The Final Chapter

Barney: Hello!!!!

Smashers: NO!!!!

K. Rool: This isn't my invention!

Barney: I'm happy to be here!

K. Rool: Game2002, get him away!

Game2002 deleted Barney's name from the page.

K. Rool: He's gone. Now here's my real masterpiece, K. Kool!

A giant robotic crocodile walks in.

K. Kool: I will destroy your enemies, master.

Mario: We'll fight-a him!

K. Rool: Try and do it!


May: This place would make a great secret base.

Popo: It's so hot in here.

Kirby: You kidding? The air conditioner here is freezing.

Nana: This coldness is nothing to us.


Kirby: What's the rush?

Peach: His girlfriend is missing.

CF: We should have been more careful.

May: I heard shouting from this room.

They went in the room.

Misty: Help!

CF: She's getting drowned inside the box of water!

Ash: We need to help her!!!

Nana: This box is too hard for our hammer!

May: My Aggron will do the job.

Aggron: (Hits box) Ouch

May: This won't do.


K. Kool: (Tries to stomp the Smashers)

Mario: Watch where ya going!

Ness: PK Flash! (It didn't work) Dang.

Luigi: (Hiding in the corner with wet pants)

K. Kool: Destroy all of you short twits.

Roy: Watch your manner, ****ing scrap metal from hell!

K. Kool: Watch your manners also.

Roy: Flare Blade! (No use also) My sword is broken!

Mario: We have to find his weak-a-ness!

Link: There doesn't seem to be any!

Roy: My sword... *Sniff*

K. Kool: I'll sit on you all! (Perform Yoshi's Hip Drop)

Ness: RUN!

The Smashers jumped off before K. Kool slams down. When Kool slams down, he smashed through the floor and fell to the floor where Misty is imprisoned, and also smashing the box also.

Misty: I'm free! I nearly drowned and got sit on by that big thing!

May: What a huge thing!

K. Kool: I'll kill you all!

Some people rushed in.

Samus: So this is the ultimate weapon!

DK: It's bigger than I thought!

Pichu: Pichu!

Bowser: This should be easy!

Falco: But the mech gem is powering him! You know that mech gems are used for making machines invincible.

Fox: Let's try to get the gem out.

K. Kool: Don't bother trying! (Shoots laser)

Samus: AHHH!!

Kirby: You all right?

Samus: How can be all right when my arm cannon is destroyed!

Popo: I'll try freezing it. (Uses blizzard)

K. Kool: (Breathes fire)

Popo: Too hot...

All the Smashers attacked K. Kool, but it didn't scratch him at all. K. Rool: You'll never destroy my masterpiece!

Fox: How do we get the gems off him!

Ash: Someone should enter his mouth!

Dr. Mario: Luigi is the only one capable of using Green Missile to launch himself into the mouth.

Luigi: Not me!

Bowser: You go!

Luigi: NO!!!!

Bowser: GO!!!!

Luigi: NO!

Bowser: GO!!

Luigi: NO!!

Bowser: GO!!

Luigi: GO!!

Bowser: NO!!!

Luigi: GO!!

Bowser: NO!!

Luigi: I think we're getting the wrong lines.

Bowser: Oh right

Ash: I'll accompany you.

Luigi: I feel better with someone helping me.

Misty: Be careful.

Ash: I'll come out alive.

Luigi: Grab my leg!

Ash: Wait. (Sends out Espeon) Use your psychic powers to hold open Kool's mouth.

Espeon used his psychic powers to make Kool's mouth open wide.

K. Kool: AH O AH O!!

Mewtwo: He said he couldn't move his mouth.

Ash grabbed onto Luigi's leg as he launches into Kool's mouth using Green Missile.

Ash: We're inside.

Luigi: Machines everywhere!

Ash: It's pretty wide in here also. AH!

Ash was about to fall into the grinding gears.

Luigi: Caught you just in time. Hey, there's something sparkling up there!

The both of them got to the top.

Ash: It's the gems!

Luigi: It won't budge when I try to pull it!

Ash: I'll help you pull.


K. Kool: There's something in my head! (Shakes head)

Mario: They're probably in da head-a!

Back inside..

Luigi: It's an earthquake!

Luigi pulled up one gem due to the shaking.

Ash: This should weaken him. (Sends out Snorlax)

Luigi: This guy is taking up space!

Ash: Smash the thing holding the gems!

Snorlax punches the altar holding the three remaining gems, causing it the break.

Luigi: Yes! All gems are out!


K. Kool: I..feel..stran... (Stops moving)

Zelda: They did it!

K. Rool: This can't be!

Kool's head explodes!

Ash: We got it!

Luigi: That was nothing to be afraid of!

Ash: Here are the 4 gems.

Bowser: Now K. Rool should give up.

Suddenly, a small flying thing with a claw flew by and grabbed the 4 gems.

Bowser: Hey!

K. Rool: I'm out of here!

Marth: He must not get away with the gem!

Everyone follows K. Rool as he runs to a helicopter.

K. Rool: Quick, Pokey! Get out of here quick!

Pokey: Yes sir!

The helicopter flies out, but was stopped by Espeon's psychic powers.

K. Rool: No!

Everyone who has projectile attacks (except Samus because her gun is destroyed) fired at the helicopter.

Pokey: The helicopter is out of control!!!

K. Rool: NO!!!!!!

The helicopter crashes into the valley below and exploded.

Mario: They're gone.

Peach: We did it!

Everyone: Yippee!

Bowser: The gem is gone also.

After a long time, the plane that the Smashers stole from airplane landed in Aloha Beach.

Some guy: You guys took our plane without permission!

Fox: Take it, we don't need it anymore.

Some guy: Next time ask before taking it. (Gets on the plane and flies off)

Ash: Let's depart from here.

Misty: Good-bye.

May: It's good to know you all.

CF: How do we return?

Marth: We'll take the bus.

Mario: Lets a go!

The Smashers got on the bus and it zoomed off.

Ash: Hope we meet again!

Smashers (from a distance): Good-bye!

May: They forgot to rebuild my base!

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