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The camping trip

Mr Raja stood by his desk, reading from a red sheet of paper "Well class, the camping trip has been arranged for three weeks time"

The whole class cheered, except for Kai, who just muttered, sarcastically, of course, "Oh joy."

"We need five captains, as there's only enough room for five people to stay at each site. No mixed gender groups, please!" The class laughed. "Rei, Tom, Alex, Mia and Rosie, you five are the group captains. Come and stand at the front." The five people named dutifully walked to the front of the room. "Now everyone go and stand behind the person you would like as your captain, but remember, no more than five to a group."

The entire class rushed to get to the people they wanted to have as their group. Finally, Max, Tyson and Kenny had lined up behind Rei, and all the other groups were sorted. Kai, however, was still in his seat. Mr Raja frowned at him. "Mr Hiwatari, as you haven't chosen a group, I'll choose one for you. You will be in Rei's group, as it's one person short"

He clapped his hands and sent the class back to their seats. "It's £20, bring your money in before the end of this week."

Three weeks later –

Kai sat in the back row of the bus, glowering at anyone who so much as thought about sitting next to him.

Max, ignoring the death glares shot his way, bounced onto the bus and sat down next to Kai. Kenny followed him, along with Tyson and Rei. As the three boys walked to the back of the bus, a boy stuck his foot out in front of Rei, who tripped and fell, dropping his bag. The boy snickered as Rei blushed and grabbed his rucksack and the blue pencil case that had fallen out. Shoving the smaller bag in his pocket, he carried on to the back of the bus, red with shame, then sat down next to Kenny in the window seat.

Tyson glared at the boy who had tripped Rei. "What did he do that for?"

Rei turned even more red and muttered, "I don't know. Anyway, it's none of your business" before taking up the same position as Kai, staring out the window.

Tyson rolled his eyes and whispered to Max, "Watch out, Rei's turning into Kai!" They both giggled as the bus pulled out of the schoolyard.

Two hours later –

Rei nudged Kenny. "We're here"

As Kenny woke up, Mr Raja stood up at the front of the bus "Rei's group, its your stop"

The five of them left the bus, Rei grabbing a whistle, map and instruction sheet from the teacher as they left, as well as a torch and compass.

In the clearing, two wooden cabins stood about 50 metres apart. Tyson and Max raced towards the left-hand one, yelling "We bagsie!" Kenny followed the two more sedately, while Rei shouted after them, "Hey, how come I don't get to choose?"

Max's cheerful voice floated back to them. "You didn't bagsie, so you get stuck with whatever's left, which just happens to be sharing a cabin with Kai"

Shouldering his pack, Kai gave a "Huh" and stomped away to his and Rei's cabin. Rolling his eyes, Rei followed.

Rei and Kai's cabin –

Rei dumped his bag on his bed, and went to inspect the two cupboards in their room, and the one in the hallway. The only thing he found was the heating control switch and a box of matches.

Kai wandered off to explore, and Rei emptied his bag on the bed. Searching through the debris, he became more and more frantic, but then he remembered. /Its in my pocket!/ Rei took the pencil case shaped bag from his pocket, and pulled it open. Inside was a dark blue pot and two of what looked like chunky pens. He lifted the pot out, but as he did so, Tyson came in through the front door, making him jump and drop it.

Tyson called out "Rei, Kai, can I come in?"

Frantically, Rei tried to shove the spilled contents of the pot into his pocket. "No! Stay there."

Surprised at the fright in Rei's voice, Tyson frowned. "Are you alright, Rei?"

"Yes, I'm fine." By now Rei had managed to pick up all of the things that had fallen out of the pot, and sighed with relief. "Come in"

Frowning, Tyson walked in, but when he saw the blue case half out from under Rei's pillow his face lightened "So what're you hiding?"

Rei turned red. "Nothing"

Tyson laughed. "Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say! Who's the lucky girl, then?"

"I don't have a girlfriend!" Rei protested.

"Sure you do! It's Mariah, isn't it?!"

"I told…" A thought struck him. /It's the perfect cover!/ "Ok, so Mariah's my girlfriend. Don't tell the others, will you, they'd laugh at me."

"Your secrets safe with me, bud."

"Thanks, Tyson." Rei relaxed. His secret was safe, for now. "What did you come in for, anyway?"

"Oh, yeah." Tyson remembered why he had come to see Rei. "I've unpacked, what should I do now?"

Scanning the instruction sheet, Rei muttered to himself, "blah, blah, follow the instructions, blah, blah, ah, here it is." He read from the sheet, "First, unpack your things, then second collect firewood."

"Ok." Tyson shrugged. "Me, Max and Kenny can do that."

As Tyson left, Rei pulled the pot out of his pocket, but then Kai walked in and yet again he was forced to replace it. Kai frowned at him. "Are you alright, Rei? You look a bit off-colour"

I'm fine," Rei snapped.

Kai didn't inquire further. "Tyson said he was off to collect firewood. What should I do?"

Rei was amazed that Kai had actually asked him for advice, but didn't let his surprise show on his face. "Can you set up an area for the fire?"

"Fine. You really look ill, you know. You should come and sit in the sun for a while." For once Kai showed a bit of concern for someone other than himself. It was one of the few times Rei really didn't appreciate it.

"Ok." Not wanting to make Kai suspicious, Rei got up off the bed and obediently followed him outside.


The sun was setting in a blaze of glory, and Rei still hadn't found time to himself. Tyson was trying to light a fire by burning a large branch, but the only thing that was burning were Tyson's fingers as the match got smaller and smaller. Max, Kenny and Rei were in fits of laughter over his antics, but Kai just watched in silence. Finally the tall boy grew impatient, and decided to take over. "Tyson, you need to light the leaves and twigs first, and then the logs, not the other way around."

Tyson scowled. "If you're so clever why don't you do it yourself!"

"Very well. Give me the matches." Tyson handed them over, and Kai set the leaves burning.

Five minutes later, they had a good fire going. Kai sat back, a self-satisfied smirk on his face, and raised his eyebrows at Tyson, who glared at him.

"Ok, so you can light a fire better than I can." As soon as Kai had settled back on his log, eyes closed, Tyson muttered under his breath, "Show off"

Without opening his eyes, or moving so much as an inch, Kai responded, "I heard that."

"So? Hey guys, should I go get the sweets and the marshmallows? I brought some in my pack." Without waiting for an answer, he jumped up and sped away to his cabin.

A few minutes later he returned, clutching two carrier bags, one in either hand.

The whole team was gobsmacked. Kenny finally managed to stutter out, "Tyson! We'll never eat all those! And if we do, we'll explode!"

Tyson grinned cheerfully as he sat down beside the other boys. "Nah, I'm hungry!" He pulled open the bags and handed them round.

Rei sighed. /Good, I won't have to have my tablets tonight. This'll keep my sugar level up, but I had better not have too many. I just need the injection, now./

That night –

The sweets were finished, the fire was burning low, and the whole team was yawning. Kai stood. "We'd better get to bed soon, we have to get up early tomorrow so we can go and collect our breakfast from Mr Raja. It's about half a mile to his camp, I checked on the map."

Kenny nodded and stretched "Good idea, K… K… K…" his words were cut off by a great yawn, which set the others laughing.

"Looks like Kenny agrees with you, Kai!" Max said, still laughing.

They all froze as a great roar cut through the darkness.

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