If Wishes Were Snitches


Chapter 8 Enchantment of History

Harry quietly cleared his throat hoping to get Luna's attention. He hoped he didn't come off sounding too much like Umbridge. Luna glanced away from her concentrated stare at the chair. She waved her hand airily.

"Harry, could you get some parchment? Professor Binns would like to leave some notes for Professor Weasley."

"Ahh, sure. Umm, Luna? Are you talking to Professor Binns?"

"Right now I'm talking to you" She leaned in to whisper.

"No, I mean is Professor Binns here?"Harry asked. He looked around the classroom, sunlight filtered in through the windows and dust motes swirled in the beam, the room was empty and quiet with an unused air about it.

"You can't see him?"

Harry shook his head and Luna turned to Ron. "Ronald, you can see him can't you"

Ron quickly shook his head then darted nervous glances around the room. "There's no one else here I can't see is there?"

Luna looked around. "No it's just the four of us." Ron pressed his lips together and nodded and sank into an empty chair warily watching Luna settle herself in a front row seat with a quill and the parchment Harry had passed to her. She squared her shoulders and looked up expectantly at the front of the classroom nodded once then began taking notes.

Harry and Ron exchanged looks as Harry plopped down next to Ron. Minutes went by with the only sound the scratch of Luna's quill rapidly scribbling across the page. Harry stifled a yawn and stretched. "Hard to believe but this is even more boring than his usual lecture." Ron muttered.

Harry grunted his agreement and fought to keep his eyes open. His head felt so heavy. He felt his chin drop toward his chest and he jerked his head back up. His eyes flew open and he was surprised to see Luna standing in front of him, the light from the window had faded and Harry wondered when and for how long he had been asleep. Luna's large grey eyes regarded him seriously.

"Harry, Professor Binns told me something very disturbing about the teaching position of History of Magic. There is a curse on anyone who takes the job, no one has survived the position for more than three years, it wasn't noticeable because many of them stuck around as ghosts after their deaths. He said even those who left before the three years are up have died horrible deaths."

Ron lifted his head from the desk and peered over at Harry and Luna.

"What's going on?" He asked sleepily.

Luna waved the parchment at Harry and Ron. "The job is cursed! Your brother has taken a cursed position."

Ron looked at Luna and shook his head. "That is the most ridiculous thing you've said since, well, the last thing you said."

"What else did Professor Binns say?" Asked Harry gesturing to the parchment clutched in Luna's hands.

Before Luna could answer the door to the classroom swung open and Professor Snape swept into the room.

"What, may I ask, do you think you are doing here." He ground out. His black eyes were glittering and his mouth in a tight line. He moved into the room and walked around the desk then came to a stop in front of Harry, Luna, and Ron.

Luna lowered the parchment she was holding out. "Hello Professor. We were just saying goodbye to Professor Binns. He had some notes he wanted me to take before he left, but you can see he is gone already. He won't be back but he said to tell everyone 'so long'."

Snape's eyes swept the room and he slowly crossed his arms across his chest.

"The classrooms are off -limits. I believe you are playing house on the lawn. Leave immediately, or shall I ask Filch to escort you out?" He drawled out.

Ron, Harry and Luna shuffled out of the room. Snape looked around the room one more time before he snapped the door shut and glared at the three of them. "You're still here. I said leave." Luna started to open her mouth to speak but Harry tugged on her arm and pulled her away.

After they left Hogwarts and crossed the grounds in the fading light of twilight Ron stopped and looked back at the lit windows. "Huh, for Snape that was a polite dismissal. Now what is going on? Percy's cursed? What are we going to do about Hermione? Has she also joined the zombie people? Is that what's up with Fred and George?" He held up his hand for silence. "This sounds like something I'm going to need to hear after I've eaten. Ginny is going to need to hear this also before she starts some crazed studying and zombie transformation." He strode off toward the twinkling lights of the enchanted tent, his form fading into the dusk.

Harry turned to Luna. "Don't mind him. He gets cranky when he is hungry."

Luna looked in the direction Ron had gone. "I don't think I mentioned Zombies. Do you think Ronald doesn't believe Professors Binns about the curse?" She sighed and crossed her arms against the chill of the evening, the parchment rustling as it pressed against her.

Harry took Luna's elbow and turned her to him. "Ok, what did Professor Binns say, start at the beginning."