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~*More Sisters, Chapter 1*~

Raven floated in mid-air doing her usual meditation practices. She closed her eyes lightly and tried to imagine her mind. In her mind, she was floating over a rock, which she normally did. In reality, she was at Titans Tower, but she tried to ignore that the best she could. Starfire was watching her. Even though her eyes were closed, Raven could still tell that she was. Beast Boy had his CD player and headphones on. He snapped his fingers to the beat of the music. Cyborg sat next to him with a hand-held game. He looked a little frustrated as he tapped the little buttons. Robin had the giant-screen TV, and was constantly changing the channel. The buzzing and voices from the TV annoyed Raven, and she finally opened her eyes.

"Is there anyway that you could turn that down?" she asked in monotone. Robin looked at her.

"Sorry if I was annoying you." He apologized as he turned the volume down.

"You were." Raven said flatly. "Thank you." She went back to meditation.

"Raven, please excuse my interruption, but what exactly does meditation do for you?" Starfire asked curiously. Raven's temper rose from the question.

"It's supposed to calm you." She replied. "I do it for obvious reasons."

Starfire took a confused look at Raven and went for the door up to her room.

Upstairs, Starfire walked down the empty halls. The darkness was almost haunting, since she did have to pass Raven's room to get to hers.

"I've never seen the Tower this quiet or empty." She announced to nobody. "Earth ways are still weird to me, but this, I believe, is quite beyond weird, yes?" Starfire continued to walk, coming up to Raven's room. She took a look at it.

{Raven never allows anybody in there.} She thought. {I wonder what she could possibly be keeping a secret. A room cannot be extremely secret, and yet Raven seems to act as if it is. Cyborg and Beast Boy have been in there, and I am certain that Raven swore them to secrecy, as they say, so that they would not tell.}

Starfire stepped back and thought about what she had just thought about.

"I am sure that Raven will not mind if I take a tiny peek!" she exclaimed, and she opened up the door.

Back downstairs, Raven was continuing with her meditation. Now, Beast Boy was watching her. She could tell.

"Beast Boy," she began. "I would really appreciate it if you didn't watch me while I meditate. It's bad enough that Starfire does."

"Oh yeah," Beast Boy put his hand behind his head and laughed it off. "I remember that; it's just that um, the music on my CD is all finished! Yeah! And I, uh, needed something else to do! That's it!"

"So you decided you'd watch me meditate?" Raven asked. Beast Boy shot a defeated look and turned his CD player back on, knowing Raven had won this fight.

No sooner had Beast Boy turned his CD player back on, Starfire came back downstairs screaming and panicking.

"There is something upstairs in Raven's room!" she shouted.

"You were up in my room?" Raven instantly broke out of her trance and fell to the floor with a hard thump. She got up, dusted herself off, and grabbed Starfire by the collar of her shirt. "What did you see? Why did you go inside?"

"More to the point, what was in there that got you so scared?" Robin asked, turning off the TV.

"I don't know." Starfire replied. "I saw shiny eyes pop out in front of me and I got so frightened that I ran back downstairs!"

"I'll go check." Raven announced, and she headed for the stairs.

"Please, allow me to accompany you, Raven." Starfire offered. "I must see what has frightened me so."

"Fine." Raven replied. "Just don't look in my room without my permission ever again, got it?"

Starfire nodded and the two girls walked upstairs to Raven's room. Raven tried to open the door, but it was locked. She used her telekinesis to open the lock and swing the door open. She took a hard look inside.

"I don't see anything, Starfire." She announced. "It's black."

"I could almost swear that I saw something in there." Starfire said shakily. "It scared me."

"You probably just saw your reflection in my mirror." Raven insisted. "Stop this foolishness. Oh, wait." Raven took another in her room. This time, she focused her energy on her eyesight, though it wasn't necessary. Two shiny eyes popped out from the darkness. Raven tripped back in shook and watched whatever it was come closer.

"It's coming to take us away!" Starfire screamed. "Quick! We must alert the rest of our friends!"

"Quit it, Star!" Raven warned. The two shiny eyes seemed to perk up and the being ran out of the room.

"Big Sister!" it shouted. The being finally stepped out of the room and grabbed onto Raven.

"It was just a little girl." Starfire observed. "I believe that I worried for nothing!"

"You must be Starfire." The girl said. She released her grip on Raven and shook Starfire's hand. "Hi! I'm Ebony!"

"Ebony?" Raven repeated. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit you, Big Sister!" Ebony replied happily. Raven cringed and stepped back. Starfire's eyes grew wide and cheery.

"You never told us that you had a little sister, Raven!" she said. "It's just like my big sister, Blackfire! Only we don't get along very well."

"Raven never told you about me?" Ebony asked. "Raven, you silly! I'm your little sister. Why didn't you explain me to the rest of the Titans?"

"Oh yes! You must meet the rest of our friends, so they can become yours!" Starfire insisted. She grabbed Ebony by the arm and dragged her downstairs to where the rest of the Titans were.

"Something tells me that this is going to end up in disaster." Raven said bleakly. She followed Starfire and Ebony down to the living room of Titans Tower. "I don't think Ebony came just for a visit."

In the living room, Starfire stood in front of the door, facing the rest of the Titans.

"Friends!" she shouted. "I hope you will all accompany me in welcoming a new guest. The being that frightened me up in Raven's room has turned out to be a harmless little girl. More than that, please welcome Raven's little sister, Ebony!"

The door to the living room opened, and there stood Ebony. Ebony wore a black leotard with long, tight sleeves like Raven. She also had Raven's pale, gray skin, and dark as midnight eyes. She had spiky navy blue hair that popped out on all sides of her head. It was much shinier than Raven's though. Over her eyes, Ebony wore a sheer lavender piece of fabric. That fabric was also just about everywhere else. She had one large piece that acted like a cape, two at each of her wrists, and one piece that acted as a skirt held on by a belt that resembled Raven's. She looked gothic in that playful sort of way.

Beast Boy was the first of the boys to react.

"Wow! Raven, you never told us you had a little sister!" he exclaimed. "She's really cute!"

Ebony smiled big and gave a cheery face. "Thank you." She replied. "Let me guess. You're Beast Boy, am I right?"

"Yeah!" Beast Boy said, trying to look proud.

"And, you're Cyborg!" Ebony said, pointing to the robot.

"Yeah," Cyborg confirmed. "Nice to meet you." He shook her hand.

"And that must be Robin!" Ebony finished. "You're the leader, right?"

"Well, I don't know about the leader." Robin said shyly. Ebony walked towards him and smiled up at him. Ebony was only a little less than five feet tall.

"How long are you going to be staying here?" Beast Boy asked.

"She's not staying." Raven spoke for her younger sister. "She's visited us, and now she's going home. Good-bye, Ebony." Raven grabbed Ebony's arm and went to take her back to their home world.

"What's the rush for?" Cyborg asked. "Ebony can stay if she wants."

"Yeah, Big Sister," Ebony whimpered. "Why can't I stay with you? It gets very lonely at home without you. I missed you so much." Ebony stared up at Raven, her lip quivering and tears forming in her eyes.

"Oh no, Raven." Cyborg scolded. "You made the girl cry!"

"Don't you have any conscience at all?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, Raven!" Robin chimed in.

"I must agree with the boys on this dilemma." Starfire finished. "We should allow Ebony to stay with us so that she can experience Earth and its gifts the way we do."

Raven growled a vicious growl and she loosened her grip on Ebony's arm.

"Fine, you can stay." Raven gave in. "But you're not staying in my room!"

"She can stay with me!" Beast Boy insisted.

"No, me!" Cyborg argued.

"I want her to stay in my room!" Robin snapped.

"I wish for Ebony to accompany me in my personal sleeping area." Starfire said at last. The four of them argued. Raven watched them with a death-stare. Ebony smiled and looked up at her. Her expression went from happy to upset. It was a good thing that Ebony's emotions didn't trigger her psychic powers. Her emotions weren't dangerous like Raven's.

"What's wrong, Big Sister?" she asked.

"Don't call me that." Raven snapped, and she headed up for her room.

In her room, Raven began to practice her meditation routine again.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she chanted. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos."

Before she knew it, Raven was in her own little dark world. She levitated peacefully let everything drop. For all she cared, Earth could have disappeared.

About fifteen minutes into meditation, Raven sensed that something wasn't right. She looked hard into her black world, but didn't see anything.

"Something's there that's not right," She whispered. Raven looked harder and focused all of her energy and attention on what it was. Soon, a silhouette of something came into view. Raven watched it come closer. It seemed to be tall, so it wasn't Ebony sneaking into her mind, nor was any other of the Titans. This looked almost inhuman like Starfire, but much taller and mature looking. It seemed to have dark, long hair and a black and silver outfit on. Raven concentrated harder than ever before, and the being's eyes lit up bright purple. The being threw a giant purple beam at Raven and she fell out of her trance and hit the floor hard.

"What was that?" she asked to nobody. "It seemed so familiar."

Raven opened up her door a crack just enough to see Starfire and Ebony running down the hallway towards Starfire's room. They were laughing and giggling together while they pretended to fly.

"How come Ebony just decided to visit us out of the blue?" she asked. She thought about that for a moment until she fell back into a trance.

In her vision, Raven saw the same being coming towards her again.

"Raven, give me Ebony." It kept repeating. Raven backed away from it and ran as fast as she could into the nothingness of the shadow world she was in. It wasn't her normal one she visited when she meditated. As she kept running, she eventually tripped and fell out of her trance. She hit the floor once again, only harder this time.

"This is not my day." She mumbled. She got up and began walking towards her bed to lie down. Before she could, the thought of who the person in her vision was came to her. She thought about it, but more, the purple flashes she saw.

Without any warning, the answer came to her.

"Blackfire," she whispered.

~*End of Chapter One*~