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The door swung open and a big boy stood there a smile on his face. He gazed down at the sight before him.

"Hell...O...Oh Dear..."

"WHo is it Freddy?" Peitro yelled from his seat on the couch.

"Ummm...I think you should get out here and check this out." Freddy didnt even hear footsteps before Peitro appeared before him. The frown on his friends face only deepened when he saw the two past out teenagers on his porch.

"Well...Dont just stand there. Help em''" He wtached as Freddy picked up both Rogue and Lance and carried them to the couch. Pietro sat down and sighed rubbing his forehead fiercly. He was then disturbed from his momentary peace when Freddy poked him. He looked up annoyed.


"Well umm....what am I suppose to do?"

"Go eat a big mac or somethin'."


He wtached as hte boy walked t the kitchen. He laid back. How was he suppose to solve this one. He closed his eyes only to be disturbed once again ths time by someone hissing. He looked up and saw Lance grabbing his side and hissing slightly form the pain. He got up and wlaked slowly to his friend. Lance looked up and they just stared at each other for awhile before Peitro grabbed his friends arm and shoved him into the nearest room.

"Whats your problem?"


"Dont 'what' me. How can you bring that...that...TRAITER into this house. After all she did to us. How she left us. REMEMBER THAT?"

"She was hurt what did you want me to do?"

"She is the enemy."

"She used to be your friend."

"She is nothing but a no good lieing bitch."

"Peitro...I love her."

"What? You l-love her? FUCK!"

"Yes..When she was here...she and I had a reletionship. It was a secret obviously. Well after she left we sorta stopped. I mean we jsut went on like it never happened. But now...."

"How could you lie? What about Mystique? What about when she finds out?"

"She already did. Just now. And now...she's dead."

"Oh Shit...."

"Im sorry...." They both got up slowly and walked to the room where Todd and Freddy were staring at the sleeping Rogue.

"Whats SHE doing HERE."

"SHE is staying HERE for awhile."

"Is she alright?"

"I dont know...Why dont we give her some privacy?

"Hey why does he get to stay."


Once the door shut Lance looked down at the girl and smiled. He pushed her hair back behind her ear gently and laid a small kiss on her cheek. He picked up a blanket and covered her before going into the room following his friends.


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