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Genkai's First Student

Chapter 20: Tense Moments

In the fluorescent lighted hospital waiting room, Sukara's shoes made soft squeaking sounds against the floor as she paced back and forth. Botan sat close, squirming restlessly as they waited for any news from Yuusuke and the team, who were still somewhere in Makai, searching for a portal.

"Anything Botan?" Sukara looked up from the line she'd been wearing away into the floor to ask the same question that had been leaving her lips for the past hour.

Botan smiled slightly at the demon girl's persistence. "Same answer as five- no- three minutes ago."

Sukara sighed heavily and started back up with her pacing. 'Nikai why do you do this to yourself? Can't you just think for once? And Kurama! Why did you have to go with them!' These thoughts, though somewhat comforting in their own way, made her even more anxious.

There was a creak and a faint gust of cold wind as the door of the hospital was opened. Sukara looked over in expectance, but it was only a nurse coming back from her break. She sighed again, but sat down beside Botan instead of maintaining her newly acquired habit. The blue haired girl smiled comfortingly and patted Sukara's hand.

A ringing was heard from the communicator in Botan's lap. Sukara grabbed it even before her and almost broke it, ripping it open. "Yuusuke? Kurama? Kuwabara? Are you there!" she practically screeched. A lady at the reception desk gave her a dirty look and put her finger to her lips to demand quiet.

The screen of the communicator was fuzzy and blinking and Yuusuke's voice was soft, he could still be heard quite clearly, "We're close, back in the human world. Hiei should be there soon." Then it shut off.

Sukara was left silent, but even closer to a panic attack than before. "Botaaan!" she wailed softly enough for the evil desk lady.

Botan was about the console her, but a bang came from the direction of the door. The girls immediately looked over and jumped up as they saw Hiei carrying Nikai. Sukara dashed over while Botan yelled for a nurse.

"Hiei, give her to me! I know what to tell them!" Sukara exclaimed. Amazingly, the koorime shoved his mate over, almost as if he wanted to get rid the cargo. Sukara nodded in thanks and brought her friend quickly over to a gurney that had been wheeled out. Botan was babbling away to a nurse who looked very overwhelmed. Sukara pushed her away and took charge of the situation, much to the relief of the other woman. "My friend has been attacked by a lunatic who left her out in the cold. Hypothermia has probably already set in, so get help for her, now!" The R.N. jumped at Sukara's harshness and ran for the head nurse.

Botan stared at the dragon who had suddenly gotten so angry. "It's okay. She'll be okay." She murmured comfortingly, placing a hand on her shoulder. The Grim Reaper looked back at Hiei and wondered why he was leaning against the wall in the shadows instead of seeing how he could help. Well, helping wasn't exactly his style, but he could have still took some interest in what was happening to his girlfriend!

The doors of the lobby burst open once again and in ran the other boys. The lady at the desk looked like she was going to explode from all the noise.

"Botan, Sukara, what's the deal!" Yuusuke exclaimed, as they rushed over. The gurney was being wheeled away and a demanding-looking woman with a clipboard strode up to the group and cast a critical eye over them.

"Someone is going to need to answer some questions about the patient. Who among you knows her the best?" All four- discluding Hiei- looked at Sukara who nodded and stepped forward. The head nurse nodded slowly, distrustful of the teenager with silver hair. "Alright miss, follow me." She spun around and followed briskly in the direction the gurney had taken.

Sukara jogged to catch up and looked at the woman, waiting for the questions.

"What's the patient's full name?"

"Uchiha Nikai." (A/N: I guess you didn't know Nikai's full name did you? She has no relation to Sasuke for those Naruto readers out there)

"Age?" They had entered the intensive care wing on the building.

"Nineteen." They stopped by a door with a window Sukara was able to look through. She could see Nikai being hooked up to machines already and a doctor was quickly wheeling out a defibrillator.



The lady look doubtful of this. "Blood type?"

"O." Sukara didn't know, but she couldn't have any humans taking blood tests on a demon now could she? "Do you think you could do without a blood test?" She asked quietly.

The nurse gave her a stern look. "Are you trying to hide something? If you are, do not do so any longer. I want your friend given the best treatment possible and you do as well. If you hide information, and I will be blunt with you here, you will be giving her a worse chance at surviving." She turned back to her clipboard. "Now, blood type?"

"I don't know." Sukara muttered.

"Fine," She took a moment to write down something that looked suspiciously to Sukara like 'Blood test required'. "Has she been drinking?"

"No! I told the other one that she was attacked by a lunatic!" Sukara felt like she was on the verge of tears and this bitch wasn't helping!

The woman saw truth in what she said, but she wasn't stopping. "Does the patient have a history with drugs of any kind?"


Back in the hospital waiting room, the boys and Botan had sat down, anxiously tapping their feet. Hiei was yards away, staring out the window at the night that seemed very inviting.

"So what happened? You were never able to tell us the whole story, Yuusuke." Botan murmured.

The boy sighed and rubbed his hands together. He was still cold from Makai's mountains, but he also didn't want to tell Botan everything that had transpired at Shoula's manor. "Shoula's dead. That's all that matters."

The ferry girl looked surprised for a moment. Usually Yuusuke was bragging about his triumphs quite loudly, yet now he didn't want to talk? Still, she nodded and dropped the subject.

Kurama drummed his long fingers against the arms of his chair. The demon wanted Sukara to come back. He wanted to just hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright. Looking over at Hiei, he sighed and wondered what was going through his friend's head. It was bad enough Hiei had concluded Nikai wasn't worth it, but Kurama knew, subconsciously, the fire demon was hurting from his decision.

Sukara came back into the waiting room, a hand at her forehead. Kurama stood and walked quickly over to her, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. The dragon looked up, sparkly tears brimming in her eyes. She flung her arms around him and buried her face in the crook of his neck, crying shakily.

Kuwabara looked at them for a moment, half smiling. He wished Yukina understood what he meant when he said he loved her. With a sigh, he turned his head to stare out the window.

"It's starting to snow." Yuusuke said softly. It was late November and snow wasn't exactly rare. Kuwabara nodded and watched the flakes as they floated from the dark, starless sky.

Hiei also watched the snow, reminded of the Koorime. 'Why are these memories springing up!' he thought angrily. Faint recollections of the snowy fall from the Koorime island floated through his head like the flakes outside. Yukina's face drifted across his mind and what Shoula said pierced the memory like a blade. Hiei clenched his fists. 'God damn him!' He put his forehead against the cold glass of the window and closed his eyes, the usual scowl marring his face. Nikai passed in front of his closed eyes like a ghost, taunting him. 'Why does she continue to torture me!' he wondered desperately. The answer was in his mind already, but he refused to address it. 'If she ever wakes up, I'll tell her immediately that I no longer want her.' He opened his eyes as his mind seemed to calm at this settlement.

Kurama led Sukara to a chair, his emerald eyes sad as he looked down at her. She had lost spirit, even though Nikai had been gone for only a day. 'Poor girl,' was all he could think. 'She is like her sister, (AN: Juri, remember?) when she feels threatened.' He sat beside her and linked his fingers through hers. Sukara looked at him and swallowed hard. She leaned towards him and rested her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. Kurama placed his head softly against hers and did the same. /Relax, go to sleep. I'll wake you if anything happens, I promise./ he silently told her. He felt her nod and slip into uneasy slumber.

Hours passed. They took turns sleeping, all except Hiei that is. The little Koorime continued to stare out the window, not really thinking, or doing anything at all. The woman at the desk didn't like him, he made her nervous, and she was glad when her shift was over.

It wasn't until three in the morning that a nurse came into the waiting room. She hesitated for a moment before striding over to the group. "Excuse me," she said quietly. "Are you the ones who brought in Nikai Uchiha?"

All but Sukara and Botan, who were asleep, looked up. Yuusuke stood. "Yeah, what's up?" he asked, trying to keep the anxiety and some rudeness from his voice.

The nurse blinked and coughed lightly before saying, "The doctor wishes to see you, all of you. Though she does beg of you to be quiet as she explains the situation. Please follow me." She started to walk away, expecting them to follow her.

Yuusuke nodded to the guys who stood as well. They felt too bad to wake the girls, so the four of them followed the young woman down the same hall the floor nurse had taken Sukara. The lights gave off a faux warm glow, sterile and sharp.

The nurse stopped by a door with a window and they looked through. Kurama had a quiet intake of breath while Kuwabara and Yuusuke clenched their fist. Hiei remained passive. Nikai was hooked up to cold machines that monitored her heart rate and brain activity. Her jaw was wired shut and there were slightly bloodstained bandages around her neck. As for her hair, it had been rebraided and pushed to the side. Her wrists had been tightly wrapped and another nurse was dutifully removing the soaked gauze and replacing it with clean.

A female doctor inside the door turned and caught sight of them. She said something to the nurse, who nodded, before opening the door and stepping out, closing it behind her. "You're her friends?" she asked in a gentle voice.

They all looked at her. She didn't look a day over fifteen and was somehow familiar. Yuusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara nodded. "We would appreciate it if you would tell us everything," Kurama said in a calm voice. "Withhold no detail, it's all important to us."

The doctor smiled slightly, despite the grave situation. "I am Dr. Kira. (A/N: There's a little foreshadowing for those who know their Japanese) Nikai's situation is very serious, I'm afraid." She pushed her round glasses up her nose. "As you know, her neck was severely burned by flame, yet it seems to be healing already. Her jaw was only slightly broken, but I felt it would be safe to wire it shut until she wakes." They noted that she seemed convinced Nikai would wake, which gave them hope, even Hiei. "Perhaps the most critical injury on Nikai's person is her wrists which have been slashed and had stray pieces of metal digging into the bone. We had to perform surgery to remove the metal. She lost a considerable amount of blood from this and is still bleeding, however she doesn't seem to be affected by this as much as others would be." Dr. Kira sighed. "Nikai suffered from the beginning stages of hypothermia and is lucky that she was brought in when she was." She looked through the window at the brain activity screen. "In case you couldn't tell, she is in a coma. She could wake up tomorrow or in a year." She turned back and smiled. "But I don't think you'll have to wait that long. She should be awake soon. Any questions?"

"Yeah, do we know you from somewhere?" Yuusuke asked, his eyes narrowed, trying to remember. It was right there...maybe if she took off her glasses...

Dr. Kira raised an eyebrow. "I don't think so." She looked at Kurama. "Now are there any other questions?" She flicked her eyes over all four of them, lingering curiously Hiei. "Okay, if there are no questions from you, I have some of my own." Her eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms. "I have never in my career come across a patient that has absolutely no medical records what-so-ever."

"Well, by your looks, you haven't had a very long career." Yuusuke muttered under his breath. Kuwabara snorted softly in agreement.

Dr. Kira glared at him and continued, "Nikai's body composition is strangely lean and muscular for her small size. Her metabolism is astonishing. Not to mention her abnormally large canines and pointed ear tips. That burn on her neck was a third degree, it shouldn't be healing so quickly and without a scar, but it is." She sighed, losing some of her determination. "I don't understand, could you just explain some of the circumstances of her coming here?"

Kurama put a heavy hand on her shoulder and looked seriously into her eyes. "There are just some things that can't be revealed. Help Nikai and we will be in your debt, but don't ask questions, it might be...unhealthy." His eyes were cold, more golden than green.

Dr. Kira blinked and nervously backed away, nodding. "Right, I understand. Just...never mind. You can go now. Leave a number at the front desk that I can reach you by. Go home, get some rest. I'll call if there are any developments." She turned and strode off quickly down the hall before they could respond.

Yuusuke sighed, "Let's go get the girls." He and the rest of them went back down the hall and into the lobby.

Hiei was last, trailing behind, thinking again. 'That woman shouldn't call herself a healer. She's too nosy.' Nikai's wounds didn't seem to be affecting him much. He had closed that part of himself off for the moment.

Yuusuke shook Botan's shoulder gently, while Kurama touched Sukara's cheek. Both girls opened their eyes slowly and were informed of what had happened.

"Everyone is staying at my house," Kurama said, leaving no room for argument. "My mother won't mind, under the circumstances." Yuusuke and Kuwabara nodded and they all left the hospital. Hiei tried to leap away once they were outside, but Kurama grabbed his sleeve. "You too Hiei. We need to talk." Kurama tried not to be harsh, but he was angry that his friend had done nothing at all when he'd seen Nikai on that bed. Hiei did not dispute it. He trailed behind the four as they walked through the darkness, snow swirling silently around them.

Back Inside the Hospital

Nikai's heart monitor beeped softly in the background as Dr. Kira re-entered her room. The young woman took off her glasses and tucked them in her pocket. She walked across the floor, her boots clunking loudly. On a table near Nikai's bed was a tray of freshly cleaned surgical tools. The doctor picked up a shiny scalpel and stared at the blade. In the reflection, her eyes slowly turned violet, then her face morphed into that of Hiroyuki.

"They actu'ly believed it!" Nakura regained her accent as she completely dropped her disguise. There was no Dr. Kira at Saryashiki Hospital.

Hiroyuki looked thoughtful for a moment. "I commend you for tricking the Tantei, Nakura, but your work is not done." A smirk spread across his face. "Now, I want you to kill one. Sukara would probably be your best bet. She is the weakest and her death would effect more than just Nikai."

"Ya mean, Kurama would be hurt?" she asked doubtfully. "Man, that dude's too cold, he wouldn't care."

"Shows how little you are aware of, Nakura. Kill Sukara, maybe I'll give you a new power for it." Hiroyuki offered.

Nakura nodded. "Fine, but tha' better be a pro'mise!"

Hiroyuki was laughing again, as his face faded from the gleam of the blade. "It's a promise." He chuckled darkly.

Nakura dropped the scalpel into the tray with a clang. Hiroyuki was starting to creep her out. Her gaze moved to Nikai and she smirked. "Ya always get so worked up Nikai. You're gonna have to break that habit, or your daddy's gonna break you!" With a laugh that mirrored her master's Nakura left the room, the heart monitor still beeping softly in the background.

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