Chapter 1

February 3, 1996

Blair and Tad are at the cemetery. Blair has just told Tad she wants to have another baby.

"You want to have another baby?" Tad asked.

"Yes, I have wanted another one for a while now." Blair said.

"It won't replace the one we lost." Tad said.

"I'm not trying to replace her." Blair said. "It's just that Kelsey's growing up so fast, she turned seven today, she's not a baby anymore."

"I'll tell you what." Tad said. "After we renew our vows, we can start trying."

"Really?" Blair asked.

"Really" Tad said. "Now let's get you out of the snow, it's freezing."

Tad stood up and helped Blair stand up. Blair brushed the snow off of herself.

"Let's go home." Tad said. "Mrs. Garrett probably has dinner ready by now."

As Blair and Tad walked to the car a dark figure watched in the shadows.


The whole gang was over for dinner that night.

"So Blair, have you guys set a date yet?" Jo asked.

"Yes" Blair said. "Valentines Day"

"But that's less than two weeks away." Tootie said.

"I know" Blair said. "We just want to renew our vows as soon as possible."

"We have so much to do." Natalie said. "And less than two weeks to do it."

"Relax guys." Blair said. "Everything's already taken care of."

"Already?" Tootie asked. "You mean you took care of everything already?"

"Yes we finished yesterday, it's going to be a small wedding this time, just our parents and you guys." Tad said.


11 days later ~Valentines Day~after the wedding

"The wedding was beautiful." Mrs. G said.

"Yeah, it was" Jo said. "Where are they going on their honeymoon?"

"Oh, they're not." Mrs. G said. "Last time they tried that it didn't work out too well."

"So they're staying home?" Jo asked.

"Yeah, Kelsey is going to spend the night at Tootie's apartment." Mrs. G said. "So Blair and Tad can have a wedding night."


Two months later. Sunday April 14, 1996

Blair sat on the edge of the bathtub waiting for the timer to go off. When it finally did Blair looked at the pregnancy test, it was negative.

"Any luck?" Tad asked from the other side of the bathroom door.

Blair opened the door.

"No" Blair said. "Maybe something's wrong with me."

"I don't think anything is wrong with you." Tad said. "But if you think there is, maybe you should go to the doctor."

"I think I will." Blair said. "I'm going to call right now and make an appointment."


The next day Blair went to the doctor's office.

"It says here that you were in a plane crash almost five years ago." The doctor said.

"That's right" Blair said.

"The plane crash caused a lot of damage to various parts of your body, including your uterus." The doctor said. "It is possible for you to conceive, but I would advise you not to."

"Why?" Blair asked.

"I don't think you will be able to carry a baby to term." The doctor said.