Sequel to Relationships

Can Julie and Portman survive being married, having two kids, and going through their senior year of high school?

Chapter 1: Life Begins


Julie's POV

The honeymoon was awesome. I wish it had never ended but it did and now we were on our way back to Minnesota.

I couldn't wait to see my babies again. I had been away from them for two whole weeks.

School started back in a week which gave us time to get settled into our new house before we had classes to deal with.

Connie's mom had volunteered to watch Matthew and Miracle while we were at school since she is a housewife. That made life about 10 times easier for me and Portman.

"We are having some bad weather so we will be landing in about at hour." The pilot said over the intercom.

I hate planes and I hate riding on them. Portman doesn't seem to have a problem with them seeing as how he's asleep on my shoulder.

And knowing that we are flying in bad weather is not very comforting when you're a billion feet off the ground with no where to go!

I decided that I would try to get some sleep like Portman and to my surprise I did fall asleep eventually.

I woke up to Portman shaking me awake softly when it was time to get off the plane.

The airport was only 20 minutes away from Connie's house so we were over there in no time.

"Hey!" Connie said as she came out the door and hugged me and then Portman.

"Hey." I said returning her hug.

"Did you have fun?" She asked.

"Yes!" I said smiling.

"Well I bet you want to see your two little angels don't you?" Connie said.

"Do I ever!" I said as I walked in behind her.

"When I walked in I was surprised to see all of the Ducks standing there waiting for our return.

I looked back at Portman and could tell he was just as surprised as I was.

We both greeted each and every one of them and then I found my two babies asleep in their cradles.

"Wake up my angel baby." I said as I picked Matthew up.

He woke up and immediately had a smile on his face. Portman picked up Miracle and she did exactly the same thing.

We stayed out in the living room and talked for a few hours and soon the babies were asleep again and we were playing cards and I was winning as usual.

"Ha I win again." I said.

"You cheated." Fulton mumbled.

"I did not. You're just not as good as me." I said and he rolled his eyes jokingly.

"Hey Jules you wanna help me in the kitchen?" Connie asked getting up.

"Sure." I said getting up as well.

We got in there and started washing dishes.

"So how was he?" She asked and caught me off guard.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You know what I mean." Connie said.

"Well it's not like I didn't know or anything." I said smiling. "I mean how do you think we made those babies? Kissing?"

"Well spill girl." She said anxiously.

"Well of you must know he was amazing." I said with a dreaming tone in my voice.


Portman's POV

This was great. I was back home and I couldn't wait to move into my new house and started my new life with my family.

I never thought I would be 'Portman the family man' or 'Portman the dad.' I guess I thought I would always me 'Portman the big bad bash brother which I still am just with a softer side.

"So dude did ya have a good time?" Fulton asked with a little spark in his eye.

"Dude what do you think?" I asked teasing them a little.

"Well give us some details. The girls aren't around!" Luis said as they all gathered around closer.

I felt like Danny from Grease when they were all gathered around him asked him about his summer.

I really felt like singing a song or something but I decided against it quickly but I did decide to say something else.

"Ah come on you don't want all the horny details." I said and they started yelling at me.

"Alright I'll tell you." I said holding my hands up in mock surrender.

I told them about my two weeks in paradise and then the girls came back in. Julie looked even more beautiful to me now then she had ever looked before.

There was nothing that could go wrong.

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