Of Slayers and Mutants

By: Lizzy Rebel

                                    AN: Hello, hello! And welcome to my first ever X-Men: Evolution fanfic. Alright I'd like to give you some warnings. 1) I've only recently started watching X-Men: Evolution and, thought am I a huge fan of the older series, I want this to be based entirely on the new series, so I've done some studying of the seasons, but I'm still a little new so don't be do harsh on your criticism 2) since I've only just started watching X-Men: Evolution I'm not sure if I've got this personalities down pack, but I'll do my best. And that's it. 3) I really have no idea what episodes this takes place after, but I have Gambit, Pyro and Colossus have joined the Brotherhood, so it may already be an AU fic, which I didn't intend, but I guess I'm making it up as I go. 4) This is also a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer crossover (in case ya'all haven't figured that out) and I will likely be pairing up some Buffy/X-Men together to make it interesting. Wanna know who, well read and find out!!!

                                    DISCLAIMER: I don't own X-Men: Evolution in anyway. I do however own Aurora and Sidney as well as all the other characters not recognizable from the series. The idea was mine as well.


Chapter One- The Ghost-Talker

                        Ashes to ashes…

            The sounds of weeping, soft and young, could be heard feet away from where she sat, but she did not go to investigate the soft cries of anguish and pain. Instead she simply sat and listened. Eventually she knew she'd have to help, it was her job after all, but sometimes she was exhausted she had to mentally charge herself before starting the mission.

            I can't ignore her forever, she thought wearily, allowing her head to loll back on her shoulders. She inhaled the night and a fleeting smile tugged her lips. What she wouldn't give to just go home and sleep in her big, soft bed back in Maine.

            But she wasn't in Maine, hadn't been for months, she was in Los Angeles, the city of angels as she fondly came to know it by.

            The chill of the night made her bare arms shiver. She felt the Goosebumps rise and knew it was almost time to collect her client and get back to her hotel. Then maybe, just maybe, she could sleep.

            The thought of sleep, even in that lumpy mattress at the hotel, had her pushing herself to her feet and walking over to the sobs.

            She bent down her knees and pushed away the bushes the blocked her from the owner of the cries. The dim light of a streetlight above them shined down upon the figure curled on the grass, crying pearl tears.

            She could be no more then five, she thought wearily. The child weeping before her had light brown hair and baby blue eyes. Her skin was pale, but not abnormally so, and nothing about the child looked unique or out-of-the-ordinary.

            Expect that no one else could see the child.

            Another lost soul, she thought a little sympathetically, poor dear. Well, I'll have her on her way soon enough.

            "Hello there." She said, fighting to keep her voice light, "What are you doing out there all alone? Shouldn't you be at your home?"

            The child lifted her head and said in surprise, "You can see me? I tried to get people to see me all day. They won't listen to me. I… I think I'm dead." Though the child was no more the five, her voice held the wisdom that only a soul that has Passed had.

            She nodded solemnly, "You are dead, but you haven't gone to Haven yet. You linger here, on Earth. I'm going to help you get into Haven. Everything will be better, I promise." Her voice was so calm, so soothing, that the child was reassured.

            The child wiped away the big tear drops on her cheeks and said in a soft voice, "Who are you? Why can you see me when no one else can?"

            "That because I'm a…" she paused, not sure how to answer that. She couldn't say she was medium because she wasn't. She had certain powers that other mediums did not. So, because of that fact, she decided to tell the child the truth, "I'm a mutant."

            Nothing changed in the child's earnest expression as she half-expected it too. Mutants were currently not looked upon with friendship, but with a frown. She counted herself lucky that her clients, the lost souls, mostly came to her, unless they were young like the child so no one find out about her powers.

            "My mommy talked about mutants sometimes." The child said, "I never understood why everyone hated your kind so much."

            She smiled softly, touched by the words despite herself, "Sometimes people hate what they cannot understand. One day they will and everything will be okay. Now, come with me, I'll help you get to where you belong."

            The child reached her hand and she took it carefully. It was solid and warm in her own, but at the same time it felt unreal. It was always odd helping out ghost, not matter how many times she did it.

            "I'm Ann." The child said with a smile, "What's your name?"
            As they began walking, she answered, "I'm Sidney. Sidney Donhoe."

                        Sidney and Ann made their way to Sidney's hotel room. Not for the first time, she was happy that no one working in the hotel bothered to look at her closely enough or they would've seen Sidney holding the air with her right hand.

            Directing Ann to the elevators, Sidney made sure no one else would be joining them to the top floor. Alone and in an elevator would be the best place for her to explain to Ann why she was here instead of Haven.

            "Ann," Sidney began in a soothing voice, "Do you remember something really important that you felt you had to do before you died? Like, see a best friend or complete a project of some sort?" If that was the case, then all Sidney had to do was help Ann complete whatever is she didn't get to do and then Ann could get on with her afterlife.

            The tiny ghost girl frowned, thinking very hard, "No, I don't think so. I was so happy, because I had a very good day at kindergartener when the building collapsed. There was nothing I wanted to do expect eat some of mommy's chocolate cake."

            "For some reason, Ann, your soul won't let you Pass On to your afterlife. Now, would there be any really important reason for you to stay here on Earth?" Sidney placed to fingers beneath her chin, considering.

            Ann shook her head, her mink curls bouncing, "No, not really. I was just so happy. There really wasn't anything I felt I had to do."

            Sidney sighed, "We'll figure it out. And then you can go to you afterlife."

            Wearily the dead child said, "Is the afterlife scary? I mean, what's it like? Do you know? I never really thought about if before, but…"
            "I don't know." Sidney answered truthfully, "Everyone goes to a different place when they die. But I know if you go to Haven, you will have only pleasure. If you go to hell… well not so much pleasure."

            Ann nodded, "I know. It's weird but somehow I know. It was like I was given special powers to understand."

            "When you die you get the ability to see the big picture, the important wisdom and all that." Sidney explained, "And for me, I kinda get some of that wisdom because I'm surrounded by gho- souls all the time."

            The tiny ghost-child sighed, long and deep. They lapsed into silence for Sidney had nothing more to say. Sidney had also considered herself a little "anti-social" but she also chalked that up to her mutant abilities. Ever since Father Tucker found her to help her train her powers she'd felt different, an outsider to everyone she met. Well, almost everyone…

            Sidney smiled, thinking of the two people who understood her and whom she loved. The one like a sister, the other like a… well, she wasn't going into that.

            The elevator doors opened with a ding and Sidney stepped out, Ann on her heels. Her hotel room, which she had been living in for almost a week, was at the end of the hall. It was important to have the end room so no one heard her exorcisms or chants. The last thing she needed was someone to walk in on her while she was trying to get a spirit to where they belong.

            "You live here?" Ann questioned in awe.

            Sidney felt that smile again and said, "For now. Let's go in." She pulled out her card-key and opened it. At the same time, Ann walked through the door. Sidney wished that was one ghostly power she had and pulled open her door. By the time Sidney had entered, Ann was one of the two beds in the room and giggling wildly. Sidney, ever serious, raised an eyebrow at the child.

            "I'm sorry." Ann said through giggles, "I saw movie where ghosts could walk through walls and I just wanted to try it."

            Sidney shook her head, "Why is it I always get stuck with the immature ones?" she wondered out loud.

            "It's just your lot in life, Sid." Said a new voice and Ann and Sidney turned to see who the owner of it was. A woman, a few years older then Sidney, walked out of the bathroom clinging to her a short towel. She had long legs and a curvy body that made most women ashamed of their own. She had chin length honey blonde hair that was normally pointed outwards at the ends. Her eyes were liquid gold and her skin was bronze. She swept a hand through her hair and her gold nail polish and silvers rings glittered.

            "Oriana." Sidney said.

            Oriana "Ori" shifted her gaze to Ann who was staring at the woman in wonder. She offered the child a grin and Ann was blinking in surprise.

            "Hello dear." She said in a silvery voice, "You must be the little Lost One that had Sid here running through hoops. Gotta say, I didn't think anyone could make her nervous. My hat's off to you, if I had one that is."

            Ann looked over at Sidney, "She can see me?"

            "She's a mutant, too." Sidney explained, "And her powers allow her to see souls, though she refuses to use that to help me help the lost souls."

            Ori laughed, "That ain't my bag, baby." she drawled.

            Sidney shook her head and turned to her vanity. As she did she allowed her shoulders to slump and exhaustion settled heavily on her. Ann didn't notice her new handler's weariness, but Ori did. She had been friends with Sidney Donhoe since they were both five. She knew when her friend was weary or upset. Today, Sidney was both.

            Ori studied her friend with a sadness in her heart. What she saw was a young woman, age 20, with the lightest of blonde hair that skimmed her waist and long legs. She had an average amount of curves in every department. She wore tight low-rise jeans, which after ten years of convincing Sidney finally agreed to wear, and a big, bulky sweater. Her eyes were a haunted gray that made you want to soothe the girl for no apparent reason at all. And at the same time, you were moved by the strength she gave off from her body and you were almost afraid of her.

            "Father Tucker called." Ori said, sitting besides Ann who had turned on the Powerpuff Girls and was humming along with the theme song that had started playing.

            Sidney turned then, losing the weariness because she felt another job coming and said, "Yes, what did he want?"

            "To say that when you're ready he wants you to check some place in New York called Bayville." And then Ori added just to see her friend squirm, "And I also talked to Jack."

            Sidney hated the fact that the thought missing Jack's call bothered her so much, but she kept her emotions in check as she said in monotone, "What did he wish to say to me?"

            "That he's taking care of your cat and there's another ghost, one who's angry to be dead, but and I quote this 'you shouldn't worry, mi amor', even though you will because your Sidney. He says he can take care of ghost girl." Ori said, grinning, "Your Jack, Sid, what a guy… or should I say ghost?"

            Sidney sighed, low and deep, "He's not my Jack, Ori, and you know it. He can't be. One day he'll go to where he belongs."

            "Sidney…" Whatever Ori was going to say she didn't because Ann had turned her wise ghost-eyes from the TV to look at them and Ori knew Sidney did not like to share her personal feelings with a 'client' as she called them.

            "Did Jack get any information from the ghost girl?" Sidney asked, pretending the conversation they had just had hadn't happened.

            "Ah, yeah, he did. The ghost called herself something." Ori paused, trying to remember the name, "She called herself a Slayer."


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                                    "If it's the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?" –Robin Williams

                                                -Lizzy Rebel