It was summer and Sakura walked side-by-side with Madison and Meilin. She was now 15 years of age and was thrilled about Li and Meilin's return from Hong Kong in the beginning of the year. She had missed them both dearly. And fifth grade to the ninth wasn't the same without them. There wasn't much excitement. It had been somewhat boring and Madison felt the same way.

"It's really good to have you back, Meilin," Sakura said. Meilin was now a little annoyed.

"I know, Sakura! You said that all throughout the whole year!" Meilin shouted.

"What did she say throughout the whole year?" came a couple voices from behind them. The girls turned and as soon as Meilin noticed who one of those people were she jumped on him.

Li shouted out as if he were being mugged. "Get off me, Meilin!" Zachary and Chelsea, who had been walking with Li, laughed along with Madison and Sakura.

Li's voice then turned deadly as he shouted it again. Meilin quickly backed off.

"Sorry," she said. "I was just happy to see you."

"When are you not?" Madison teased. The group laughed again, except for Li and Meilin.

"Come on, you two! Loosen up," Sakura said joyfully. "So, what do you guys wanna do today?"

Everyone thought for a while , but soon Sakura felt something. It had felt like another card. The air filled with a sense of...love. Why didn't she feel any danger. She knew she felt the presence of a card, so why wasn't their a sense of danger instead? She then noticed that Li was no longer in deep thought like the rest of the group had been. She wondered what he was looking for. And asked herself if he felt it too. The card. She watched him and she knew he must've felt it. He was the direct decedent of Clow Reed after all. As he looked around a bit looking a little confused. Meilin, Chelsea, Zachary, and Madison noticed it as well and soon someone just had to ask the question on everyone's mind.

"What's wrong, Li?" Madison asked.

"Nothing, it's nothing."


Nothing had come after sensing the card and so on the crew went to the arcade for a fun filled day of games and just plain fun. On these sort of days Li would sometimes be nice to Sakura. It was rare and it confused Sakura many times. She had thought that all was well between them after they meet in Hong Kong. What had happened, she didn't know. Was it something she said or something she had done? Whatever it was it had plagued her mind the whole entire year. It had taken Sakura so long to finally get Li to feel comfortable to come out and be open and caring with her and now she was back at square one. How had it happened? Just how?!

"Sakura? Hello, earth to Sakura," came Madison's voice, pulling Sakura away from her thoughts.


"What's wrong? You look a bit...dazed."

"Oh, it's nothing really," Sakura answered.

"Hey!" called Nikki "Sakura! Madison! Come here! Li has gone passed the High Score in the 'Trigun Deluxe' and he keeps going!"

"Wow!" Meilin squealed with delight. Sakura and Madison both ran to Li and the group they watched as he played the video game. He had a cocky smile on his face. He was too confident and that was never good. Of, course it's good to be confident. It's great! It's just that, being too confident good lead a person to trouble.

Sakura noticed that meilin was looking pretty excited for Li's astounding skill in the video game. She looked as if she would jump on him at any given second and knowing Meilin Sakura figured that she would jump on him in...1...2...3...

"Ah!" Li shouted at the top of his lungs as he toppled over on his side. Li's character fell dead as more of the bad guys had come out from hiding. Then 'Game Over' had appeared on the screen. Li quickly stood. "I lost! I could've kept going!"

"Sorry, but hey, it's just a game. You can come play with me. Unlike your game, I'm real."

"Oooo!" some of the crowd mumbled.

"Ouch!" a voice said from the crowd. Sakura noticed Li blushing.

"Well, Sakura is too," Madison added.

"Oohh!" Zachary, Rita, and Nikki soon joined the crowd.

"Madison!" Sakura yelled. Her cheeks burned with the redness that was clearly very visible on her face. She looked toward Li and noticed he had been blushing more than before. He must be really embarrassed. This was the way it had been since Meilin and Li came back from Hong Kong. Li then walked away. He was probably too angry and too embarrassed to stick around. Zachary shouted after him, but Li did not turn around.

"We were just kidding, Li!" Madison added. Li headed outside and Sakura soon followed.

"Not you too, Sakura," Nikki whimpered.

"At least if I'm alone with Li I won't have to hear Madison's dumb cracks about me and him."

"With Li?" Rita asked with a smile.

"Alone?" Nikki added matching Rita's smile.

"Ah, very interesting," Zachary and Madison said at the same time. Zachary rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger. Sakura blushed even more, her face becoming crimson red. She then walked out of the arcade. She saw Li leaning on the wall he was looking straight ahead. He looked like he was thinking about something. Sakura wondered what it was. She continued to walk to him. He lowered his head, closed his eyes as he did so, and sighed. Sakura approached him. She stood by him as she stared at him for a while as she wondered if he was alright.

"I just couldn't be in there any more. It was too humiliating," Li answered Sakura's thoughts as if she had been thinking aloud and heard her. He turned to look at her. He blushed ever so slightly and gave her a little smile. Sakura smiled in return and nodded her head agreeingly. After a while Li turned away from her and continued to lean on the wall. Sakura joined him.


"Well, this is my stop. You two stay together it's dark," Madison suggested as she elbowed Sakura playfully. Sakura knew what she was doing. How many times did she have to tell her that Li and her were only friends?! That girl needed to use those useful match-making ideas on two people who needed it. Madison winked and waved as she walked across the street to her home.

Sakura turned to Li. "So, you sensed it too, right? A card? This afternoon?" Sakura asked. Li looked at her a bit confused, but then nodded.

"I never knew I'd come back here and then I'd have to team up with you to capture another card again." Li didn't sound very thrilled at saying this.

"Don't sound too excited," Sakura said. Li rolled his eyes. What happened to him? He was distant toward her again. When he left she thought things were good between them. She guessed wrong then. But it was good to have him back after so many years. She smiled forgetting Li's attitude toward her.

"We're here," Li said. "Sakura? We're at your house." Sakura shook her head.

"Sorry, I was day dreaming."

"It's no longer the day," he said as he walked away.

"Sakura!" came another voice. The door to the house had been swung open. Tori, Sakura's brother came out. He looked pissed and Sakura had been a bit surprised to see him. "Who's this moron?!" he yelled.

"Oh, that's Li. You don't remember him? You've met before."

"No," he replied harshly. Sakura knew Tori was lying. She knew he remembered Li. She then felt the tension in the air.

"Hello, Sakura," came another voice.

"Julian!" Sakura shouted, happily. "Hello!"

"Uh, hey, Li," Sakura called.


"I'll see you some other day."

"Whatever." And with that Li walked away. Far away. Sakura walked inside as she smiled at Julian. Her brother and Julian had both come back from America. They were visiting for the summer.

"When did you two get back?" Sakura asked.

"What were you doing with that kid?" Tori asked. Sakura looked up at him, a bit surprised and smiled, not wanting to get into another fight with her brother. After all he was home. Back from America. It had been too long since she had last seen him. She didn't want to ruin that. She hugged him and told him she had missed him. He then hugged her. "I missed you to, monster," he said. She still did not like the nickname he had given her, but she said nothing about it. When she pulled away from Tori she turned to go upstairs.

"What about my hug, Sakura?" Julian asked. Sakura blushed slightly and turned to hug him. She then walked up the stairs.


The group was hanging out. They were all on their way to see a movie. Madison, Zachary, Chelsea, Meilin, Nikki, Rita, Sakura, and Li. All of them talked and laughed as they walked, but Li wasn't doing that much talking. He couldn't take his mind off the feeling he had gotten the day before. Had he really sensed a card? It couldn't have been? They were already caught, but it had to have been a card. Come on, Li, keep concentrating on the card. It's out there somewhere. What you felt yesterday was no trick of the mind. It was real, Li coaxed himself.

He then felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned abruptly. It was Sakura. She seemed a bit frightened by the way he had turned around, but then smiled. What did she want from him? Why was she always so nice? If she had remembered that he had confessed his love to her, then she might as well forget about it now. It was years ago. While Li was in Hong Kong, he made himself get over Sakura. And he was...not over Sakura. He sighed mentally. I can just imagine how close we could've been. How happy and how in love we could've been if I hadn't moved back to Hong Kong. But that was all what could've been if Sakura had loved him back years ago. Only if, but then he thought that maybe if he put more distance between them maybe then he'd finally be completely over her. He hoped he would because this was killing him. He had only been pretended to be over her, hoping that maybe if he acted like he was, then he would truly be over her. He looked at her questionably.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked. About you, he answered mentally. You and me and how we could've been.

He shook his head. He wanted to tell her, but thought better of it. She didn't want to hear about it and anyway she was probably still in love with Julian Star. Or maybe not. It had been years, after all. Maybe she had gotten together with Eli or something. Then again, Eli wasn't there anymore. Sometimes while Li was in Hong Kong, Eli had moved back to his old home. Him and his sister. "Something is on your mind. Tell me about it."

"I really can't talk about this with you while every-," he began as he thought about the card again.

"Why not, Li? You can talk to me, come on." Her voice became a little louder and she pleaded with him now. He held her back and the group walked off without them, not really noticing.

"Shh! We can't talk about the card while everyone is around!" Li whispered. Sakura giggle nervously and gave him a sheepish smile and apologized. He sighed and walked on ahead to catch up to the group. Sakura trailed right behind him. Meilin had grabbed onto Li's arm as soon as they were in front of the theater. Everyone had bought their tickets and walked inside. They bought their popcorn and soda and found a seat in the theater. They all talked and laughed. Li had finally begun enjoying himself, but then the feeling was back. The card was close. Very close. He stopped, suddenly and stood. The feeling was so strong. It was inside. But where.

The movie began to play and people from behind began commanding Li to sit back down. He payed no attention to them. He continued to stand. He looked around him and noticed Sakura looking around as well. He noticed Madison looking with Sakura. Meilin began asking what was wrong and soon Rita, Nikki, and Zachary were asking both Li and Sakura, what was wrong. Meilin had somehow gotten Li to sit down and then the feeling was gone. Just like that, but throughout the whole movie Li stayed cautious.

When the movie was over, the feeling came back. People got up and left. Nikki, Rita, Chelsea, and Zachary were lost in the crowed. Sakura, Li, Meilin, and Madison stayed behind. Soon they were the only ones left in the theater and the doors shut.

"Li, do you feel that?" Sakura asked. He nodded. He looked around. Everywhere, but nothing. He did find Madison with her camera running, though, but no sign of any card. Only it's presence. And then it appeared. It looked like a woman, about Sakura's height, but she was a fairy and she was beautiful. Her wings spread out behind her. She looked as if she was preparing herself to fly, but she wasn't going anywhere. She had long flowing, silver hair that touched the floor lightly. Her hair made her look like she was from the moon itself, which had only made her more attractive. Her eyes spoke of love and only love. She seemed to glow with the light of the moon which had made her breath-takingly beautiful. Li stared at her. He felt a strong feeling within him and then he felt the heat spread on his face. He was blushing. His eyes softened and it was almost as if he was in a trance.

"Li! Snap out of it!"

"Don't let yourself go!"

"Stay with us, Li!"

He could hear the frantic cries from all three girls, but they seemed so far away and he couldn't tell who had said what. The sounds of their voices seemed to mix together making it hard for him to truly hear them, but he didn't care. Was he falling in love? With a card? Was that even possible? He didn't care. He then felt someone jump on him. He fell on his back and shook his head as he sat up. Meilin was sitting in his lap. She was crying.

"Get off me!" he shouted.

"Li!" she shouted happily as she hugged him. He pushed her and she stood. He stood after her. Again he looked at the card. She was now floating in the air. She smiled slightly. Her wings softly swayed and then just as fast as she appeared, she disappeared, but not completely. She had become a light which flew straight toward Meilin. She was facing Li and did not see it. Sakura and Madison barely noticed, but he knew Sakura had still felt it's presence. The light then flew right into Meilin. She stood straight and her eyes seemed completely blank.

"Meilin?" Li asked. He waved a hand in front of her face. She blinked and when her eyes opened, for a split second her eyes had been replaced by those of the card, but then Meilin shook her head. She had still seemed a bit odd and she wasn't quit the same Meilin. She was different and her aura had changed. She had the presence of the card which Li and Sakura both felt.

Noises from behind the door which were not heard at first where now audible. The door was being banged on and people from the other side of the door were yelling a screaming.

"Help! We need some help! There are some kids trapped in there! They sound like they're in trouble! Something is going on in there! Come quick!"

"Sakura! Madison! Li! Meilin!" Zachary, Rita, Nikki, and Chelsea screamed.

"Stand back!" another man ordered. Soon the doors had opened themselves. And people had rushed inside. Their friends and the ushers. Zachary, Rita, Nikki, and Chelsea ran to them.

"Are you guys, okay?" They all nodded and they seemed to notice Meilin's strange presence. The card was now within her, hiding away from them. How were he and Sakura suppose to capture it if it was hiding itself inside Meilin.

"We heard things," one of the ushers had said. "Who was in here with you? By the way the three of you screamed it sounded like your friend there was in trouble." He took a guess that the girls were shouting for Li.

"Oh, we don't know," Sakura said. The usher and his fellow co-workers looked at her questionably.

"What, Sakura, here is trying is that we didn't get a good look at the person. Their face was covered," Madison answered.

"You're alright now though, right? Do any of you need medical attention or think you might?" They all shook their heads. "We're gonna call for the ambulance anyway." He turned to one of the other ushers. "Jay, you call for the police and ambulance now and, Tony, you take these kids outside and make sure they stay safe." Both Tony and Jay nodded. Tony lead them outside while Jay ran off to call for help.

People watched Li and the crew walk out. He didn't like the feeling of being watched and Meilin stayed close behind him, watching him. It was almost as if she was waiting for something. It creeped Li out a bit. The way she looked at him was just so...spokey.

Soon the police and the ambulance had come. Everyone's families were called.

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