During the night Sakura thought of the card. Could Li have known about it and not mentioned it to anyone? And if he knew about it, why hadn't he mentioned it at all. Well, she wanted to get to the bottom of it all. She would really have to ask Li about it and she would ask him about it. Everything. Maybe he knew and maybe he didn't, but there was no way of finding out until she went to him and asked. Which was exactly what she was going to do.

She decided that she would go to Li and talk about the situation. At that exact moment. She was going to his apartment. Quietly, without making too much movement or noise, she rolled over on her side and sat up. She slowly tiptoed to her closet to get a thin, light summer jacket for the night's breeze, she looked over at Madison who was asleep on the bed and then at Kero. He was dreaming. It was obvious. He was licking his lips slowly as if he had just eaten a delectable cake or something. She turned and walked to her door as she smiled at Kero. She turned the knob slowly. Gingerly, she opened it only slightly, enough so it was possible for her to slide right through the door, into the hall. When she succeeded, she closed the door without a sound and the turned toward the stairs. She tiptoed and stayed close to the wall. One of the floor boards underneath her carpet creaked as she stepped on it. She brought her foot up off the floor and then placed it on a different spot. She tried to hurry to the stairs. When she finally got to the top stair, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She slowly crept down the steps and soon she was at the front door. Slowly, she opened it. It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion to her. She crept out the door and shut it softly behind her. When the breeze hit her face, she knew she was free. Now she was on her way to Li's apartment. Then she'd be able to ask him about the card they were to face. She had gotten to his apartment in a short amount of time, so it seemed anyway. She climbed the steps and walked to his door. She paused. She felt something. It was a card. The card she was after the whole summer. It was near by. She didn't even bother to ask herself why the card would show up at the moment that it did and by Li's apartment, but then of course cards showed up in the most unexpected places. It didn't matter where.

The door to Li's apartment opened and Sakura turned her head to see Li walked out. He did not notice Sakura standing beside the door. There was a look in his eyes which Sakura had recognized from the day they had been trapped inside the theater with the card. His eyes had grown soft and the same trance-like state over took him. His cheeks brightened with a soft red. He had a love-sick look in his eyes one that looked strangely empty as he looked forward and that's when Sakura turned and noticed the fairy-like girl with her beautiful wings spread out, her long, silver hair flowing past her legs. In the moon's light she looked angelic and warm. Her eyes were fixed on Li's. They stared at one another. Sakura watched as the card lifted her hand and with one swift motion of her wrist Li walked forward, toward her. Sakura looked down beyond the balcony. Meilin lay sprawled on the grass as if she had just had been fighting and lost.

"Li?" Sakura spoke for the first time. He did not respond and he it seemed to her that he had no intention of moving toward the sound of her voice. "Don't let her cloud you mind, Li."


Sakura turned.


"I thought you'd be here," Madison said. She then turned to Kero. "What did I tell you."

Kero growled and then he turned his attention to Sakura. "What's going on?"

Sakura turned her attention back to Li and the card. She continued to watch not knowing what exactly to do. She shrugged. "I don't know. I think she's. . ." Sakura's voice grew distant. She looked at the fairy-like card. A smile began to creep on her delicate features and the love she held in her eyes was a genuine one. ". . .in love."

"In love?" Madison and Kero chimed in.

"With Li." With only one thought: She will not take Li from me, Sakura pulled on her key around her neck. It soon became the Seal Key with her incantation. "Float! Release and Dispel!"

A hot air balloon suddenly appeared it floated toward Li and it swiftly lifted him off the ground and away from the Love Card. He shook his head and looked toward Sakura. The hot air balloon flew to Sakura and allowed Li down.

"Return to your power confined!" And just like that the float was gone. Sakura looked at the fairy-like girl. Her eyes grew sad with a bot of jealousy.

"What's going on?" Li asked. "What am I doing out here? What are you doing out here? Outside of my apartment?" He turned, noticing Madison and Kero for the first time. "And you!"

"Now is not the time," Kero scolded.

Before Li could respond, Sakura spoke: "Li. . ." He looked at her and she looked at him. "I'll explain how you got here later, but now you need to tell her off. Tell her you're not in love with her. Break it to her gently, but firm enough for her to get the hint and get lost. She'll give up and resort to her card form."

Everyone stared at Sakura in amazement. She blushed, but only slightly. She didn't like the sudden attention, but she shook it off. Li stammered for a while, but agreed. Hopefully, Sakura's suggestion would work. Otherwise, if it didn't what else could they do. Sakura turned to Li. She was concerned when She saw the sword in his hand. She wondered where it had come from, but then shook the thought off. Her expression became quizzical. She had said gentle, but firm. But she hadn't meant that firm! He was going to do battle with her. Any girl who went through that would have her heart broken to see. . .Sakura smiled. Li was going to handle it his own way. This would let the fairy-like girl know that he was not interested. She still felt it could've been handled differently, but she did not argue. Sakura stepped back to watch Li. This was it. The card would then be captured and life would go on peacefully.

Li swung his sword and the fairly-like girl moved from side-to-side, avoiding every swing Li took. She stood on railing As Li swung at her. Li was of course not trying to hit her intentionally, but she felt as if he was. Sakura could read it in her eyes. The girl looked at him with wonderment and confusion. Li would not look at her eyes. For if he did, he'd once again be under her spell and no one had wanted that. What would happen to Li then? Where would this card take him? As he swung at her, he began to explain to her.

"I don not love you!" he shouted. She was taken aback, suddenly and she seemed to almost trip, but she had caught herself in time. She looked at his face, trying to look in his eyes and Sakura found herself praying that Li would not return the glance and he did not. The fairly-like girl looked as if she'd cry. She continued to look at Li and finally he looked up at her, boldly. Sakura wanted to shout out to look away, but realized that Li was not being hypnotized. Sakura looked back and forth, from Li to the card.

"This is so sad!" Madison whispered. "I can't but feel sorry for her. She looks genuinely upset. Look at her!"

Sakura agreed, but it had to be done. She continued to watch the event unfold. The girl seemed to have a sudden pleading and yearning in her eyes. A plead for the answer to the question she had. Why? And a yearning for Li.

"This can't go on any longer," he said as he turned his head, closing his eyes. He was being overly dramatic. He held a hand to his heart while the other stretched out in front of him as if to keep the girl away. She became suddenly confused and Sakura fell face first into the floor. Madison giggled. Kero lay beside Sakura on the floor. "I can't be with you! It hurts to much just looking at your beautiful face!"

"You've got to kidding me," Sakura sighed. "She's not going to fall for - "But as she looked up the fairy-like girl looked as if she was sobbing and nodded. She pointed at her self and then Li. She put her angelic face in her hands.

"I think she just did," Kero announced.

The girl made some kind of signal which Sakura guessed indicated her love for him and her grief of the departure.

"You must go back to your natural form," Li said. He stepped forward. "But you will be forever in my heart."

The girl nodded as she sobbed and soon a light formed around her. She waved a very saddened goodbye and then she was once again a card. It automatically flew into his hands and he held it up as he looked at Sakura. "Done," he said. He walked to her and handed her the card. "Keep it." He then headed toward the apartment.

"Don't you want to keep it?" she asked.

"You're the Mistress of the Clow, aren't you?"

Sakura nodded in response.

"Then it's your's," he said as he went inside. The door closed behind him.

Sakura tucked it safely in her pocket.

"We're done here," she said.

The three walked back to the house and all the while Sakura began to plan out her next Summer vacation and she wondered what new adventures it would bring with it. . .


Author's Note: This is the prequel to Dawn of a New Era: The Fortune Card. Check it out, and do review. Please?