Title: Intruder Alert 3: Transition

Author: Frostmourne

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Summary: Hitomi Kanzaki and Dilandau Albatou were forced on a roller coaster ride of bad impressions, an unwanted engagement, and a weird friendship others do not take too kindly on. When they stepped out of the ride and went back to how they originally wanted everything – having nothing to do with each other – they're up for another roller coaster ride. This time, it's a ride they both need to decide the right way to pursue.

Chapter 1: The Start of Old Life's Resurge?

"Dilandau, what's wrong? Aren't you happy?"

Red eyes diverted to Mr. Albatou. But then as strange as it seemed to Donkirk, he saw red eyes glittering more than normal. 'Must be the light. Dilandau wouldn't cry. Not for happiness, not for pain.'

Dilandau slowly sat back on his chair and stared at the conference room's ceiling. And when he decided to say something, his voice sounded weird to his own ears for somehow, he could almost hear the pain in it. "She'd go back to Allen."

Donkirk stood rooted to where he stood and looked at his son. 'Why isn't he happy?' "What's wrong?"

Silver locks of hair fluttered in the air slightly as he straightened up and shook his head. "Nothing's wrong," said he as he forced himself to gain back his old uncaring self. "I was just trying out how a sentimental movie would be. Guy feels crushed and girl goes away scenario. It's a chance of a lifetime for me to try that out."

His cold laugh echoed in the room and then he continued. "But it was stupid. It felt stupid." He shrugged and walked towards the door, eyes turning hard and indifferent with each step he took. "I'd go ahead then. I wasted too much time locking myself up in my room."

Donkirk was certainly puzzled. First his son comes in and wants to talk to Hitomi, then the next minute they're both fighting, and then after the engagement is off he looked pained and then the next moment he's being disdainful and now he's all cold and detached.

'Oh well. My son has always been an enigma.'


Yukari stopped on her way to her room and entered her father's slightly opened study room door. "Yes, daddy?"

"I need to talk to you for a moment."

"But dad, I need to finish packing my things. I have a flight for Japan a couple of hours from now."

"I know that. But this is regarding your friend."

Yukari's brows drew together in confusion and she sat down in the chair in front of her father's chair. "Who?"


She leaned forward in a graceful manner and looked interested. "What about Hitomi, daddy?"

Her father smiled slightly. "How would you like it if she'd come back and stay with us?"

Her eyes widened and soon she squealed with joy and hugged her father. "Oh daddy! That's great!"

Mr. Uchida smiled more. "Then you wouldn't mind."

"Not at all! Daddy, you're the greatest! That's the best thing you could give me! Better than my pocket money for the trip later!"

He laughed. "I couldn't resist. Seeing you gave up your favorite shopping trips just to have money for a trip to Japan."

"Oh daddy, you don't know how I missed her."

"You'd be surprised at how much I know. She was a true friend and that's hard to find especially with all those people trying to be your friend for your popularity."

Yukari nodded. "So she'll study here again?"


She squealed happily again.

~*Two days later*~

"I'm going to school."

The three occupants of the table looked at her.

"You can't," Hiko said immediately.

"Your brother is right." Mr. Kanzaki added while Mrs. Kanzaki nodded her approval.

"But how come Hiko would go back to school now and I can't? I'm really alright if that's what's worrying everyone. Please let me go to school."

"What would you do there? Get yourself even more hurt?" Hiko shot at her.

"There's no need to be protective," she countered back. "It's not like I can't handle them."

"I will protect you just like you always protected me. You cannot go to school."

Hitomi glared at her brother. "I have my studies to mind you know." She looked at her parents. "Just let me finish this. The school would end soon anyway. I just want to settle everything on my studies."

They stayed quiet for a while before her father nodded.

Students whispered to each other again as she walked down the hall towards her first class. She ignored them and stopped in front of the science lab. She hesitated for a while before opening the door. Her classmates looked at her but she didn't look back and instead stared at her shoes intently.

"She's still a student in this class, whether or not the issue had been settled," a voice interrupted.

The students stood up and greeted their science teacher.

Hitomi looked at the person behind her and smiled gratefully. "Thank you, sir Fanel."

Folken nodded. "It's nice to see you. I'm glad you don't give up easily."

"I'm one of your *children*. We don't give up just yet especially here in school."

"Good. Now go to your seat."

She nodded.

"She's really here?"

"Yeah, I saw her this morning."

Celena gritted her teeth. 'Why can't they all stop talking about someone?'

"Celena, temper okay?" Merle asked for assurance.

Albatou Celena nodded curtly and fought for control over her temper.

Everyone was quiet in the locker room, feeling the emanating rage that Dilandau was trying so hard to keep in check.

"Damn it!" Dilandau exclaimed in a heated tone. He slung his bag on his shoulder and stormed out of the room.

They looked at each other.

"I therefore conclude that when the two have been absent from school, they haven't settled their fight yet," said Van, trying to lighten up the mood.

The rest nodded.

"Why can't they just get along?"

Gatti looked amusedly at Chesta. "They're both stubborn and feisty. And the bad part is that they usually have the knack of arguing with each other. But neither would back down. And simple banters soon evolve into full-scale fights."

"Yeah. But somehow, I really think this is really serious," Dalet put in, shaking his head slightly.

Guimel suddenly thought of something. "Do you think they have had a cool-off?"

"I don't think so," Viole disagreed. "As I told you, Hitomi seemed pretty much in the mood to apologize. And seeing Dilandau act around Hitomi, I doubt that he'd be able to put up a hard wall on her."

"So what then?" Miguel asked.

"Another girl?" Van joked.

The rest laughed at Van's joke but Viole suddenly became rigid. And they took notice of that.

Miguel looked at him. "Something wrong?"

Viole nodded. "I think I may have an idea on what happened."

"So what do you think happened then?" Guimel prodded.

"Well, before Dilandau had himself absent for a couple of days, Hitomi had already been absent. Maybe he wanted to fix the fight with her but since Hitomi's not coming to school, he wanted to go to her."

"There was a day that he went home during lunch time then he started not going to school." Chesta said in a thoughtful voice.

"Well, the time he did that, Merle and I decided to go to the rooftop since Dilandau had decided to vacate the place for that time," Viole continued. "From there, we did saw Manhattan's car somewhere near the gate. So if Dilandau went home at that time---"

"He could have met up with Manhattan and Hitomi had found out one way or another and she suddenly got jealous!" Dalet concluded.

"Or Hitomi could've gone to school and saw Dilandau with Manhattan." Gatti suggested. "And knowing how Manhattan was all over Dilandau, she could've been kissing him!"

"Or there could be something more," Miguel interrupted.

The others nodded.

"We'll know soon," said Van. "News could fly faster than expected."

He was pretty much pissed off. Why can't he just push her out of his mind? Why can't she just freaking stop messing with him?

He goes home after the engagement is off to forget about everything and when he enters his room, his sanctuary, he sees things that remind him of her. When he tries to sleep, she's still there and what's bad was that the image of her was that of when she had been hurt because of this blasted misunderstanding with Clover. And when he goes to school, whether or not she is present, people are talking about her thus reminding him of her again. Even at soccer practice with all of Coach Sakima's screeching, he could still picture her.

'Damn! Can't life get any more complicated?!' He asked himself sarcastically. 'I might as well go home before I really get even more pissed off and start really losing my temper.'

With heavy feet she walked towards the school gate. She was going to take a taxi home as she had pleaded her parents to allow her of. She needed to be in a different atmosphere. No limo or private car that would remind her of Dilandau's car and Dilandau for that matter. And certainly no motorcycle reminding her of how she used to be so close to him physically speaking.

But then, a red convertible stopped before her. And she couldn't help but blink again and again to see if she had been dreaming up the people she saw.

However, she was almost tackled to the ground when two stunning girls launched themselves on her for a hug.

"Oh heavens! Hitomi!" The girls squealed happily while alternately hugging her. "We missed you!"

Her instincts took over. She smiled and hugged them back. "Missed you all," said she in a genuinely happy voice of a popular Hitomi Kanzaki. "What---"

"We missed you so much!" Millerna said in loud happy voice.

"Oh yeah!!" Yukari said in an equally loud happy voice.


The three looked at the owner of the voice who was smiling at them with a knowing look. "Give loverboy Allen a chance on creamer Tomi okay?"

Millerna and Yukari grinned and drew away from Hitomi who was smiling widely. "Gades!" She walked towards him and gave him a hug before looking around and seeing Amano and hugging him, too.

"Hey, time to hug boyfriend. He'd get jealous you know," Amano kidded with a wink.

She drew away and looked at the handsome blonde guy leaning on the car. He straightened and walked towards her. Flashing his charming smile at her, he bent down and hugged her.

The rest smiled knowingly at each other. Seconds later before she withdrew, Allen wrapped an arm around her small waist.

"Sarah, meet Hitomi," Allen introduced. "My… what should I call you now, Tomi?"

Hitomi smiled even more and just shook her head in amusement. "Just Tomi, Allen. Just Tomi."

He couldn't move at the sight not far away from him. Hitomi was there, surrounded by a bunch of good-looking people who fit the description Hiko gave him of Hitomi's friends. And they do look exactly like the ones he saw in the picture except for one.

Their laughter could be heard from where he was. And from their faces, it wouldn't take a second guess to know that they are blissfully happy together.

Just looking at Hitomi and her boyfriend who had an arm wrapped around her waist, he was already feeling his temper rise even more. And with the blonde guy bending down to kiss her, he's really going to lose it unless he gets them out of his sight.

Gritting his teeth heatedly, he turned back towards the school building.

Allen bent down and gave Hitomi a kiss on her cheek.

"Allen, we're in a public place you know." Amano reprimanded. "And people here do not even know that you and Hitomi are---"

"Oh zip it, Amano." Millerna turned to Hitomi. "They've missed each other so much. A simple kiss on the cheek wouldn't hurt."

Amano rolled his eyes as Yukari and Gades laughed at him. He turned to Sarah for support but she was giggling. "Alright. Whatever. So, shall we go somewhere for a chat?"

Hitomi suddenly cocked her head to the side. "How did you guys---"

"We had budget cuts and we came here. We're staying at my aunt's place but it's generally empty with just a couple of maids since my aunt is in Canada. When we came here, we would've rushed to you but we were so dead beat and then we had to plan on this appearance you know."

Gades nodded. "Yukari is right. We had to plan and also get rid of our jetlag. Anyway, we didn't want you fainting out of shock."

Green eyes sparkled at the joke. "I'm not the damsel in distress type and you know that. But since you put it that way, perhaps you could start treating me as a lady, my servant."

They all laughed and Gades smiled widely. "Hmm. You've grown cheeky. Would this mean you're actually snapping at people here?"

She just shook her head. "Hey, I'm nice mind you."

"Hey, where's your brother?"

She looked up at Allen. "Why, suddenly shifted your like from me to my brother?"

Allen just smiled. "Nah. I was just wondering. Wouldn't want him charging in on me. Last time I checked, your brother is a black belt in Karate."

"Scared?" Sarah kidded. "Millerna told me Hitomi can also pack a smack even with no formal martial arts lessons."

"She'd never beat me up you know."

Hitomi frowned at the implication. "Did Hiko and you have a tiff that ended in a fist fight?"

Allen immediately smiled with assurance. "No, no. Really no."

Amano sought for an excuse. Obviously, Hitomi's perception was again working and she was not buying Allen's answer. 'Good god! What if she finds out that Hiko hit Allen before they went here?'

"Aren't we blocking the path?" Sarah interrupted, giving Amano and the others a quick and assuring glance. "I mean we still are here by the gate. Isn't it a bit uncomfortable to bond here? There's a lot of catching up to do and standing in here isn't exactly a very good option for a setting on a get-together."

Hitomi's mind drifted away from the topic at Sarah's logical explanation. "Oh yeah. My place then?"

"NO!!!" The rest shouted in unison.

A frown crept up Hitomi's pretty face. 'What is wrong with them? It's not like Hiko would do something bad.' "Something wrong?"

The rest shifted and smiled uncomfortably. But Sarah again rescued them. "Well, it would be like disturbing your parents with our ruckus and all. Your brother might throw a fit."

"Hiko might and he could lash out." Hitomi nodded in understanding. "So where to then?"

"My place," Yukari suggested.

A thought suddenly crossed Hitomi's mind. It was that of the person she was thinking about moments ago before she was allowed by fate to be forgetfully happy with her friends' arrival.

"Something wrong, Tomi?" Allen asked gently.

She shook her head clear of the thoughts on Dilandau's food preparations for her and forced a smile. "I was just wondering about something. But never mind. Shall we go now? We're crowding the way as Sarah had mentioned earlier."

They nodded and tried their best to fit in the red convertible Allen was driving earlier.


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