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Chapter 4: Training

The sun rose slowly in the forest, Naruto let out a huge yawn. He woke up to realize that he was the only one up. He couldn't believe how early he had woken up, why? Suddenly, he heard a sound in the bushes. A figure slowly came out of the mist. Naruto whipped out some shuriken and threw them. The figure seemed to catch them, then he came out of his mist. It was none other than Jiraiya.

" Hey it's Pervert-senin! " Jiraiya came over and hit him in the head.

" Don't call me that you brat. Anyway, any luck on finding Sasuke? " Jiraiya asked.

" No not yet. Hey! Why are you here? "

" I don't have any missions now, plus I needed to talk to you.

" Ok...."

" Sasuke is with Orochimaru, you cannot forget that. You remember his horrifying power? "

" How could I forget that creepy guy? Yeah of course I remember. "

" I've decided to accompany you guys on your trip. Bringing Sasuke back will not be easy with Orochimaru and his subordinates around. You could die, so I'm coming too." Jiraiya stopped when he realized that Shikamaru woke up.

" So, are you taking me out of command? " The chuunin asked. Jiraiya smiled.

" No, you're doing a great job, especially for someone so young. But, once we start to approach the Sound Village you guys need to follow my instructions. "

" Understood. " Shikamaru nodded. ' This is annoying....' He thought.

" Hey Pervert-senin! You got any ramen? " Naruto pleaded. Jiraiya hit him in the head and dragged him away, leaving an annoyed Shikamaru behind.

" Is ramen and becoming Hokage all you care about? "

" Of course not! "

" Whatever. Now listen Naruto, I need to talk to you about something else. I want to continue your training. "

" Really?! Yes! "

" I might teach the other boys some techniques, but your training will be special. I don't want them asking questions about the power of the Ninetales. "

" Yes! Yes! Yes! Now... can we get some ramen now?! " Jiraiya fainted.


A/N: [Inner Sakura's Thoughts]


" Good Morning Sakura. "

" Good Morning Hokage-sama." Sakura waved a cheerful greeting. [ Damn it is early! ] This was her first day of training and she wasn't going to let anyone down!

" Alright, we're going to start off slowly, then work our way up. Got it? "

" Yep! "

" Your chakra control is quite complete Sakura. I heard Kakashi mention that you have a talent for genjustu as well. " Sakura blushed.

" Thank you. But, I'm not that talented, I don't have any special talent. "

" Maybe not now, but Sasuke and Naruto didn't when they first started. Heh, look at them now. Sakura, you were put with two...special... teammates. Kakashi seems to be overlooking you, I guess that's just the way guys are. You have untapped potential, and I plan to use that. "

" But, I don't want to let you down. I think you might be over-estimating me. "

" No, I'm not over-estimating you and I know you won't let me down. "

" Um... ok."

" Now Sakura, let's get training! I want to see the look on those boys' faces when they see your skills! "

" Hell yeah! " Sakura shouted aloud. She was about to apologize, but then she realized that Tsunade was smiling.


' Yep, she's a lot like me. ' Tsunade thought. She took Sakura and started off on their training. They suddenly disappeared and reappeared at Tsunade's chosen training spot. They were in front of a beautiful waterfall, Sakura was in awe.

" Sit down Sakura, relax. I'm first going to explain to you some of the technniques your going to learn. I plan to teach you techniques that that you can successfully use your anatical, genjutsu, and chakra abilities with. We'll also have to build your stamina and your taijustu. We'll learn a lot of ninjustu and I'll probably show you some medical remedes. Today, I want you to start off with vertical tree climbing. "

" But, Hokage-sama... I can do that already. I'm already working on cliff climbing. "

" I know, but this will test your stamina. Cliff climbing is a bit much for this. I want you to conituosly climbiOkng these trees with your chakra at your feet. No need to make marks because I know that you can make it in one try. I want to see how many times you can do this until you're out of chakra. "

" Ok then. " Sakura went in front of a tree, and formed a seal with her hands. She concentrated and gathered the chakra to her feet. In a flash, she bolted up that tree. She repeated this dozens of times, until she felt completely burned out.

" Ok Sakura, we're going to have to keep building that stamina. Now, let's continue with the second portion of our training. "

" Hokage-sama, I don't think I can do anything right now. I'm totally burned out of chakra. "

" You still have come left, and don't worry, this isn't normal training. " She motioned for Sakura to follow. Sakura managed to get herself to her feet and follow.

" Geez, I'm even more worried if this isn't 'normal' training. That doesn't sound good. " Sakura thought. Tsunade stopped in front of the waterfall. Sakura stopped for a moment to take in the beautiful site. The water fell into a small lake, and the trees circled around it. The sun shone through the treetops, causing the water to shimmer like diamonds. There were small rocks around the landing, Sakura noted. Tsunade motioned for Sakura to sit.

" Alright, for this training, all I want you to do right now is relax. Clear your mind, let the sound of the water soothe you. "

" Hokage-sama," Sakura said with a confused voice. " Not to be rude or anything, but what is the point of this. "

" This is genjutsu training. I want you to learn how to create them. To create an illusion, you need to understand the human mind and have a somewhat... creative one as well. "

" I see. " Sakura closed her eyes and relaxed herself. She listen to the soothing sound of the water. Tsunade broke the silence.

" I want you to think now Sakura, tell me, what kinds of illusions have you seen before? "

" Well, " Sakura started, eyes still closed. " I've had my love for Sasuke-kun used against me sometimes. I... I would see him hurt badly, I used to fall for them back then. I wish... that... that night would have been an illusion now. Oh...sorry Hokage-sama... straying off topic... go on. "

" Yes, matters of the heart and feelings can be used to manipulate you in illusions. They can make you fall for traps or lead you to death. It's hard to not fall for something that you see before you, that looks so real. Now, I can see that you understand the human mind. When using genjutsu, you need to think about what the person desires and thinks about. So, you might need to know a bit about the person. "

" But, that's so cruel, to use what they care about against them. "

" It may sound that way, but this is your enemy Sakura. "


" You have to make the illusion look realistic too. Ok then, you already know how to ward of genjutsu on yourself and see through them. You understand what genjutsu is now, so we're going to use it. You need to improve your taijutsu, once you do that, I can teach you to combine it with genjutsu. "

" Wow, this will take a while won't it? "

" Everything takes time Sakura, but I you're improving fast. "

" I won't let the village down, I'll do everything to protect it. " Tsunade smiled and thought,

" This village is filled with strong children. "


Sasuke stared into the snake eyes of Orochimaru without fear. Orochimaru licked his lips sinisterly.

" Excellent, welcome Sasuke-kun. " Sasuke remained silent, but he stood firm. He was not going to sit here and play games, he had an ambition he needed to come true.

" Look, I'm not going to waste time with pointless things. That is why I left the Leaf. I need to kill Itachi, so what is my point in being here. "

" Heh," Orochimaru said. " That's a nice greeting. I understand your goal Sasuke-kun, and I can help you. "

" How so? "

" Itachi is indeed powerful, not doubt about that, and you are still lacking the power to defeat him. " Sasuke stared at his arm, which was still on the mend. Itachi had snapped it with ease, even when he was activating the chidori. "But Sasuke..."

" I can give you that power. "