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Summary: My only advice...NEVER, ever forget your umbrella.

Author's notes: This would be composed of five one-shot stories about various couples. It must have three main contents: a) The umbrella b) The darn rain *sneeze* and lastly, c) The romance...Make sure you have a blanket there. This fic is dedicated to those who continue to support any of these pairings

She had enough of glaring.

The crowd that had been outside the steel bars of their school had been fidgeting. It was clearly portrayed that a young blonde woman eyes throwing daggers at anyone she laid her eyes upon was enough to scare the hell out of them. In order to steer clear of her unnerving stare, they walked on with umbrellas on hand, shrugging off whatever was causing them with to shiver with unknown horror.

Waiting for her pathetic fiancé from outside the school campus, somehow having some trouble from their advisers at the way he had been doing lately at classes. It was quite usual, when teachers had always been slightly reprimanding the easily laidback boy concerning school activities. Now, with one of those mentors had already blown his fuse about how he seems absolutely ignoring the instructions right then.

They were not so important anyway, considering that marks would never change the fact that he was different--as she was also categorized in that place--from anyone else.

Beneath the shade of the white-washed walls at the entrance of the university, it was unrelenting and releasing boredom into its full force. The rain had been so depressing, enough to dampen her spirits. Yet its downpour upon the ground was rhythmical, soothing her tired nerves residing in her numb limbs.

Her patience was thinning rapidly, as it was already half an hour since she had stood here.

And she was *already* going to the breaking point of snapping explosively.

Usually she would let him rot inside the campus, yet the way he asked for her to wait and say sorry for the inconvenient timing was quite like him...

It was *really* annoying what he could do to her with just that smile of his.

Gazing at the darkening skies scornfully, she let her notions drift plainly along with the weather.

She had always prided of herself that no one could ever manipulate the stoic and frightening itako. The icy demeanor exuding from her very core was enough to revere and fear the mere utterance of her infamous name. Besides, all those who had crossed her path had regretted it that they had did so...

Stupid fools, she almost snickered--at them and herself--If they only knew.

That sweet, silly boy... with his carefree smiles and caring essence that he exudes. It was radiating towards the deep emblems of her soul. The young woman would never give in to anyone, but whenever he shows beams up to her or faint concerns about her well-being, how small they may seem... She will begin to falter away, liquifying any defenses that she had built between the two of them.

Her legs were starting to get numb. What was taking him so long?

She grabbed her bag from the ground, pondering if having her limbs stretched for a while underneath the skies would be worth wasting time. Anyway, if he did took more than an hour or so, he would have understood that she had gone at the Onsen. Probably, she could list it as one of her trainings, for him to withstand any piercing conditions such as this. If he comes home with a fever...She grimaced at the mere possibility...At least, he would not have to cook for tonight. Anyway, she does not want her broth filled with feverish precipitates...

As she yanked out the contents of her bag, she sought after the folded umbrella inside. But virtually, her hands were empty, the stuff inside were already searched and there was no sign of that frustrating object.

She cursed silently, trying to remind herself that she should not leave the household premises without looking upon the contents of her purse. As she tightened her lips, she seethed as her mind began to register that there could be a spare umbrella hidden inside her locker or her desk. This was too wearisome. She was suddenly halted from dragging her feet, when a unmistaken soft voice spoke.

"Hmm, you forgot it?" A familiar snort. "Pitiful."

A nerve had twitched upon her seething head. Her aura burned with such intensity and she whipped a tight knuckle whoever that mocking tone belonged to. With her eyes smoldering and teeth nearly gritting, she admonished that no -one- with an ounce of brain cells will even taunt to make fun of her.

Her taut fist met air, an inch away from his aristocratic nose. The mahogany irises were filled with amusement as he stared upon the hand that almost marred his face. With a slight jerk of surprise from the wielder of that near punch, her eyes began to assimilate him. The stranger, wearing a black, velvety jacket over his white-collared, neatly buttoned shirt and dark auburn jeans was smiling with trouble coloring it. His extensive brunette locks were flowing, with his hand gripping on a ginger-colored umbrella. The opposite hand was holding the strap of his sling bag, giving the impression that it was few of books. On his right ear was a single silver round earring. Oddly enough, this all complimented that haunting grin of his.

"If there isn't a better way to greet me..." he placed a warm palm upon her fisted fingers, putting it gently away from his face safely. "Tell me." He gave a crooked smile. "I can teach you..."

She pulled her hand away from him, as if scathed from the contact. With a scrutinizing glare, she inquired incredulously, "What are you..." A critical eyebrow raised up to a level. "...doing in that clothes?"

She would not live to face him again in asking such a STUPID question.

"Like it?" He grinned as he spread an arm as if to present himself to the world.

She hissed a snarl.

"Fine." he smirked. "I'm teaching in a nearby college from your university." She skeptically twitched an eyebrow. For your consideration, you do all know that they are all in a same age...But again, this man in front of her was older than any breathing creature here on earth. And considering his towering height, deceiving charms and that grating wit of his was enough to make any unaware being be fooled by his antics. As that last thought passed her head, she instinctively reached at her chest, wherein the precious necklace was hidden behind the thick coating of her windbreaker.

"Well, THAT is what I am supposed to be for this moment, woman. So don't get edgy."

"Trying to dominate with brainwashed kids?" She chided as her hand gripped harder. "I thought you had a sense of originality." Knowing her day had started bad turned worst, she could not help but feel more agitated than ever. The frosty mask that she held was now kept in check.

"Don't remind me." he cajoled with a sarcastic air. "I'm supposed to be hiding from those annoying insects who are trying to kill me, so murdering humans are postponed for awhile in my past time."

"Hiding?" He -would- not do anything like that....

"You do know what I mean." he nodded with affirmation. "With my state, I could not afford to lost all those hard earned furyoku, ne?" He pointed out to the glass doors behind her. "Besides, sharing a little bit of my knowledge could be fun. Namely terrorizing them..."

The mental image of HIM teaching in a class was totally not right.

"That could replace my murderous cravings." Placing a thoughtful finger beneath his chin, slightly mimicking his younger brothers innocent pondering when searching some answers in his vacant skull. "I wonder if teachers are sufficient enough to be my next allies? Even though they are still useless, a little training and flare would be perfect for menace, ne?"

"Quit that stupidity of yours, what do you want?"

Those words had a remarkable effect upon him.

Within a flash, the smile that held some malice dissolved into a firm line. His eyes that were light earlier began to cast a shadow, unfathomable darkness swirling in them. The distance between the shade of the university roof and his umbrella crossed together, their distance relatively small. She was now underneath his dominating figure.

"Can I take you home?"

If she was flabbergasted at the sincerity in its voice, she never even gave a trace.

"I would rather walk alone." She replied coldly, icicles forming all over the words.

"Now, now. I would not have you go home with a cold, ne?" There was the mischievous chortle in that statement. He waved a finger, as if dismissing the voice that told him that he should not get within the range of her brutal arm.

The itako spoke with cruelty, sharp and bitter.

"I'm waiting for Yoh."

And that's final. Go and trip thyself, face front, in the mud.

"I know." His voice was somehow restrained, tired. "But it never was meant for you to wait this long..." As soon as those words had flown out. a swift pull of her unguarded limb had taken her away from the safe shelter of the building.

What the heck....?!

He was also known for his agility and quick processing of that quirk mind of his. so even if that all happened in one single second, she found herself in the middle of the grounds. There were no nearby structures for her refuge, abruptly nothing to save her from being stranded with him in the deserted grounds. It was quite weird, the place earlier was swarming with people and...

Realization came, quick and frightening...

She was Alone.

With him.

Then he smiled. It was unlike the menacing smirks he always emitted towards others. It was warm, intimately reaching depths with that smile. A simple gesture that dissolves the entire place, somehow centering at how his mahogany eyes swirled with indefinite emotion.

There was a known prank running through the minds of the young people...whenever two people are standing under the same will conceptualize that there was more to meet the eye...since you have to look deep within the brimming passions underneath...

She flushed uncontrollably, the desperate urge to run was so strong. Yet she would never allow such cowardly act. With her choices of being trapped with this cunning moron or taking the risk to come down with nasty flu, she chose to erase that smile of his with a menacing glower and one hard stomp at his unmarked, newly polished brown leathered shoes.

He flinched slightly, but the scary--yet melting--grin of his was replaced with wicked smirk.

"I thought you were going to slap me..."

"That darn umbrella is in my way." she retorted at him, eyeing the said object in disgust. "I'll definitely kill you if I get myself wet..."

"Of course, we shall avoid that to happen." He agreed to that with no questions asked.

Sometimes this was one of his balms from the sufferings that he had began to endure. Her presence, even though it was quite feisty, the warmth that she emanated was drowsing, soothing. If only being with humans was such a painful change, it relieved him that it would give him chance to understand how each day she strived to survive...

He wished that it could be like this.

Underneath the horizons, breathing the same air.

Yet he saw the hasty glance she gave at the secured glass doors, as if longing for...

This would never work. No matter what the long-haired brunette do, his younger brother would always be the one to deserve such blessings....It was quite unfair, but all you have to do was to accept.

He gave a weary sigh. "Here"

Capturing her clenched fists with a callous hand, she turned to him with an astonished look. He enwrapped her open palm to the black handle of the umbrella, offering the thing which had commenced all what had happened earlier. He gave another reassuring smile as she stared at it with utmost disbelief. The scaffold of her stunned face, her blond locks silently following the caress of the winds...It made a quaint image, one which he will reminisce within his afterlife...

"Wait for him." He spoke, hardly hearing himself speaking. "He's going to come out any second."

Taking the small chance of her bewilderment, he brushed away the loose golden strands. He lingered for a single moment, when he placed them behind her ear, as her confused mahogany eyes had met with his. Unable to restrict himself any longer, he dropped a feather-light kiss upon her forehead. Her scent had remained in his senses, along with the feel of her velvety wisps and the warm coolness of her.

He stepped out of the haven given by the recent--impassive-- bearer of the umbrella.

She did not incline to move.

For she never loved him.

And Hao, coldly drenched from the abrupt pouring of the rain, was suddenly mixed with the teeming crowd underneath the colorful arrays of the parasols in the middle of drowsy afternoon.

For everyone's benefit: The prank was when two people are standing inside the umbrella, it is already telling that one of those people underneath has a certain deep feelings running for the girl...So try to capture one... Hehe...mas lalo na sa pinas ang lakaas nang ulan...

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