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The thunder came closer and closer by every second. I was standing in the middle od a plain, but I didn´t see ani clouds covering the midnight sky. Wind blew few strands of my hair to my face, covering my eyes. I pushed them back behind my ears and scanned the plain for signs of life, seeing only couple nighttime birds. Now I heard the thunder only about 100 meters away. It started to scare me, ´cause there where no safe place on the plain.

Little point in the horizon grew bigger and bigger, a dustcloud following it. Just then I realized that the thunder was the sound of a galloping horse. In a second or two the horse and it´s rider were only ten feet away from me. The horse was black as the night around it. But it´s rider took my breath away. He was dressed all in black, face covered with a mask, but I could see his lips stretch into a warm smile, making his emerald eyes twinkle in a way, that made my knees feeling weak. Long silk robe floated around him. I stared him with my mouth open. He laughed warmly and dismounted his horse gracefully. Black boots hit the ground with almost unaudible 'thump'.

He walked towards me like a cat, silently and calculating.

"Draco, you came." The voice was somehow familiar, but I just couldn´t put my finger on it.

"What is this place?" I asked, looking into those captivating eyes.

"Your dream."

"My dream? And who are you?"

He chuckled at my curiosity. "You should know, after all, we´re in your dream."

He smiled softly and caressed my cheek with his warm hand, sending shivers down my spine. In back of my mind I noticed a scarlet snake tattoo crawling in the back of his right hand. I didn´t know anyone who could have that kind of tattoo.

"Who are you?" I asked again.

He only shook his head. "You will know me eventually."

Sighing he looked to the east, where the first rays of dawn appeared. "I must go now." he said sorrowfully and looked straight into my eyes.

"You will get to know me earlier than you think."

His words made me happy, but it made me think. Soon I would meet him. It meant he had to be in Hogwarts!

He smiled at me. "Yes, soon."

His warm breath tickled my lips, making me shiver slightly. His butterfly kiss on my lips made my heart pound harder. I reached out and placed my hand behind his neck, pulling him closer. He smiled in the kiss and pushed my away, hesitating.

"Soon my love, soon."

With those words he mounted his horse and rode away, his robe billowing behind him. The dawn colored the plain with soft red and orange.

With only my fingertips I touched my lips and smiled. "Soon." Sighing I closed my eyes.