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Chapter 20

Harry and Draco were walking towards the dungeons, concerned for Severus and P.D.. They were supposed to eat breakfest together, but the adults haven´t showed up.

"Do you think that they´re alright?" Draco asked.

"I do hope so."

They were few portraits away from the doorway to Severus´ and P.D.´s chambers (A/N: they moved together in the same set of rooms pretty early on, but never shared a bed earlier), when it happened. Draco, being 'younger' of the two of them, hadn´t so much control over his actions so when he smelled the scent in the air, he grabbed Harry and pushed him against the stonewall before kissing him in the most passionate way. Startled by the sudden action Harry wasn´t up to fight so he just went with the flow.

Oh God.. they both moaned at the same time before trying to eat each other lips first.

After a loooong snogging session Harry managed to gather his wits and break free from the liplock, much to Draco´s disappointment. Harry sniffed the air and understanding dawned to him. The air was filled the scent of passion and blood. Chuckling the slumped to sit on the floor, leaning against the wall. Draco looked down on him with great portion of confusion shining on his face. Carefully he sat across Harry and looked intently at him.

"What is it?"

"They´ve bonded."


"Passion and blood. The only way to explain them is that Severus is a vampire now and they´ve bonded completely."

It took couple seconds for Draco to connect the dots before he got it. Squeeling he jumped to hug Harry, laughing at the same time. Together they got up and wiped the tears of mirth from their cheeks.

"I think I have to do a little visit." Harry said before popping out of sight. (A/N: normally there wouldn´t be any way to apparate inside Hogwarts, but the vampires have their own way to pop in and out of places)

Draco only manage to blink twice before Harry was standing next to him, with two bags of blood in his arms. "Shall we?" Harry asked and offered his another arm to Draco.

Arms linked they gave the portrait of Salazar Slytherin the password 'Cats and Dogs', before stepping in. The air was thicker there and Draco had to gather every bit of willpower to stay away from Harry. Soon their noses led them straight to P.D.´s bedroom where Severus and P.D. laid together, facing each other, smiling contently.

'Don´t they just look so adorable?' Harry asked silently.

'Yeah.. It´s a shame that we have to wake them..'

Smirking they tiptoed their way towards the bed and Harry placed the bloodbags on the nightstand next to P.D. before they mouthed. One.. Two.. Three. At the same time they shifted to one of their Animagus´ forms. Draco was a little Japanese Spitz and looked rather cute with his bright white, fuzzy fur. Harry was a Karelian Bear dog and he had less white than normally, the only white spots was the end of his tail and scar. Grinning very dog-like they jumped on the bed, managing to do it without awakening the sleepers.

At the same time they pressed their cold and wet muzzles to the smalls of Severus´ and P.D.´s backs. The screams were nearly earsplitting but it was worth it. Severus and P.D. jumped few feet in the air from the fright. When they finally recovered from the shock they looked around and saw two dogs sitting on the foot of the bed, almost laughing out loud.

P.D. growled and lunged towards them, but they jumped down from the bed and P.D. just ended on his stomach on the foot of the bed. Severus looked this silently, but burst into a fit a hilarious laughing, when he saw P.D. chasing two dogs around the room. This stopped P.D. on his tracks and he glared at his Chosen One. Crying a war yell he attacked Severus, tickling him for all his got. Unfortunately, Severus isn´t the ticklish type. So all P.D. got, was a smirk.

"You guys suck." he pouted and grossed his arms on his chest.

Harry and Draco changed back and they laughed loudly on P.D.´s expence. Severus took pity on his lover and pulled him into a hug. Surprisingly Severus wasn´t embarrased at all, being naked infront of his godson and his lover. Harry wiped again tears of mirth from his cheeks before taking the bloodbags from the nightstand.

"I thought you might need these." he said and handed them to the two vampires on the bed. Severus was little hesitant, but seeing the bright smile on P.D.´s face he too smiled to Harry and nodded his thanks. Mimicking P.D.´s moves Severus drank his first bloodmeal.

"Mmmm.. It´s good..." Severus sighed.

"I know." P.D. answered and kissed his love.

"Awww..." the younger boys cooed.

P.D. threw a pillow at them laughing and soon all the four vampires were having a heated pillowfight. Yes, even Severus was engaged in it. In the end they ended into a big pile of limbs and naked flesh, covered by clothes only here and there. They all were laughing like mad mens, but it was refreshing experience. After all, it´s loosened Severus and Harry, who weren´t the best friends.
"Good morning everyone." P.D. said and waltzed in the classroom with Draco and Harry in tow.

"Good morning professor Damien."

"You all have your own projects, so get to them."

Roughly about one third of the class gathered their canvas´ and oilpaints and started to paint a landscape. Draco was teaching few Hufflebuff third year girls how to play 'Für Elise' and Harry was showing a Rawenclaw fourth year boy the fingerings on the bass-guitar.

P.D. was teaching the major part of class the basic melodies of a guitar ballad he had made for Severus. All in all, the mood in the class was very artistic. Almost everyone in the school had taken the art classes, for they wanted to do something with their hands. And of course, everybody came to see the blossoming relationship between the two formal rivals. Every now and then Harry and Draco stopped their teachings and shared a secret smile. P.D. watched this with a huge smile on his lips.

Severus often came to see how they were doing between his own classes. It shocked the students to see their stern Potions professor outside the dungeons, but they got used to it. Besides, the Potions professor had become more mellow during the few weeks. And many suspected there were more to it. But they happily ignored it and left the teachers alone.

"Hullo there, Severus. What brings you here today?" P.D. asked, his smile widening even more. He always asked the same question, but nobody really minded.

"Just came to see how you were doing.."

Harry and Draco shared a glance and rolled their eyes. It was cute to watch Severus and P.D., but they tended to be a tad bit obvious. Harry and Draco dismissed their pupils and soon P.D. did the same. The students smiled knowingly and left the classroom giggling. P.D. made sure that the classroom was empty before jumping on Severus and hugging him tightly. Draco wiggled his way under Harry´s arm and hugged his waist.

"Awww.. Ain´t they so cute?" Harry cooed mockingly.

Draco snorted and smiled evilly to his godfather and P.D.. "Yes they are. Should we do something about it?"

Harry looked like he was pondering this for awhile. "Naah.."

Severus growled at them and hit them with a tickling hex. Harry and Draco dropped to the floor, rolling around helplessly in the pouts of laughter. P.D. chuckled and helped them out of it. Draco attacked his godfather, dicking his fingers to the sensitive spots he knew Severus had just below his ribcage. The Potions professor howled in laughter and tried to squirm out of the reach of his godson´s hands.

"I though Sev wasn´t ticklish." P.D. pouted.

"So did I, but I think Draco knows trick or two with his godfather."

Together they watched the two Slytherins, shaking their heads at their antics.

"So, have you any ideas recarding your costume for the Halloween ball?" Harry smirked at his older companion.

"In matter of fact yes, but I need everybody's help with it."


P.D. picked up his acoustic guitar from the corner and started playing a slow melody and singing a song. Draco and Severus stopped their miniature war and listened to the song. When P.D. stopped all three watchers clapped their hands.

"What was that song? And how does that come with your costume?"

"Listen, this is my plan.."

P.D. explained his vision to them and a knowing smile crept to all of their faces. "So it will be a group costume." Severus said, stating the obvious.

"Exactly! Will you do it?" P.D. asked.

"Hell yeah!" Draco laughed.

(A/N: I think I´ll make another timewarp, the few weeks from last happening to Halloween is the same old. They moved together in the rooms formerly known as Harry´s and Draco´s lair, teach the kids, snog here and there, shag occasionally etc.. : ) This is from the party..)

"Nervous?" Harry asked, rubbing soothing circles around Draco´s back, holding the blonde Slythering gently in his arms.


Both boys were dressed in black slacks, that licked their legs. Scarlet silk scarfs were tied around their waist, covering the hem of the pure white silk shirt. Harry´s hair was covered with an emerald silk scarf and Draco´s was covered with a sapphire blue one. Both of them had black boots with the slightest heel.

"My my, don´t you look handsome?" Severus commented from the doorway.

Severus wasn´t much different from the two boys. His outfit was similar, although the scarf around his head was deepest black.

"You all look handsome, but I feel stupid." P.D. said from behind Severus.

Not even looking back, Severus chuckled and moved aside to offer a climpse of the elder vampire to the younger boys. They burst out laughing. P.D. had a scarlet, flowing silk dress on and under the hem peeked the scarlet high- heels. A potion, provided by Severus, had given P.D. a pair of female.. er.. equipment. Another potion had made his hair grow and now the tips of his blonde hair reached his waist. Lots of golden jewelry adorned his wrist and rather prominent cleavage.

Harry and Draco wolf whistled softly, laughter making their eyes shone brilliantly. "I look like an idiot." P.D. whined.

"But remember, this was your idea." Harry reminded him.

"Like I could forget." P.D. mumbled.

They attached their masks, black scarfs with eyeholes, over their eyes to hid their facial features.

Severus and Harry picked up two acoustic guitars and Draco gave P.D. a tambuirine. Draco's instrument was safely hidden from the gazes of the curious students in the backroom of the Great Hall.

"Ready?" Severus asked.

"As I ever will be."

The Great Hall was teaming with dancing students and the air was filled with loud music, making the sensitive ears of the four vampires hurt really badly. Harry had bought for all of them magic earplugs that took away all the unnecessary noice and you could still hear normal speech.

They were hiding behind the curtains and looking at the masses of bodies. It took all their willpower to keep away from the blood flowing inside the bodies. The temptation was almost too great.

Dumbledore walked to the stage and got the attention of the students.

"Good evening and welcome to the Halloween ball!" he waited the applaudes to slow down. "To starters of this magnificent ball, the staff has a special surprise for you. May I introduce to you, the Nocturnals!!"

Draco, Harry and Severus walked to the stage. Draco´s instrument, muggle keyboards was waiting for him and he walked behind them. Harry and Severus had their guitars infront of them.

Taking a few second breather, Harry started to play a fluid melody. The notes had a mysterious quality in them and soon Severus joined him and Draco started play a soft melody of his own. P.D. emerged behind the curtains, tiptoeing like a ballet dancer. With a bit raspy voice, too low for a woman, he started singing:

"Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a Violet Moon"

There were wolf-whistles all around the room at his appearance. Everybody knew that this wasn´t a woman, but they enjoyed the show all together. P.D. enjoyed the dance and he lost himself to the rhythm.

"Tudor Rose with her hair in curls
Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the bridge
Under a Violet Moon"

Blond hair flowed around when P.D. made a little spin. Severus and Harry sung on the backround and stood on both sides of P.D..

"Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We're going back to a time we knew
Under a Violet Moon"

"Cheers to the Knights and days of old
the beggars and the thieves
living in an enchanted wood
Under a Violet Moon"

"Fortuneteller what do you see
Future in a card
Share your secrets, tell them to me
Under a Violet Moon"

Harry started to play the soft melody with a quicker pace. P.D.´s dancing got a seductive spin and they singed together.

"Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We're going back to a time we knew
Under a Violet Moon"

Harry and Draco had their solos and both smiled very widely at each other.

"Close your eyes and lose yourself
In a medieval mood
Taste the treasures and sing the tunes
Under a Violet Moon"

"Tis my delight on a shiny night
The seasons of a year
To keep the lanterns burning bright
Under a Violet Moon"

"Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We're going back to a time we knew
Under a Violet Moon"

[The song was Under a violet moon from Blackmore´s Night]

They didn´t notice from their extacy of the dance, but the call of the blood of the students and the dancing wore the potion of bloodlust out of their system and their fangs grew out. The spotlights pointing at them made them gleam malevolently and gave them their predator like look.

They stopped playing and panted, unconciously showing their fangs more prominently. Severus was the first one to snap back to reality and he noticed the looks of horror on the students´ faces.

Guys!! We´re screwed!! he screamed just before all Hell broke loose.

The students screamed from top of their lungs and stared at the four vampires on stage. Harry´s earplugs didn´t work over the noice; they had been designed to muffle the normal party noice, but when the desibels went to the roof the magic in the earplugs gave up and their eardrums nearly popped.

They screamed in pain and sunk on their knees, cluthing their ears. The scream of a vampire is twice as powerful as a human´s and their combined scream broke the big windows of the Great Hall. Bloody tears started to flow from their eyes and they simply fainted under the pressure.

Dumbledore acted as quickly as he possibly could and casted a silencing spell over the vampires to prevent more damage happening to them and then casted a calming spell over the panicking crowd.

"Can I have your attention please? Thank you. Due this little accident, the Halloween ball is over. I´m truly sorry, but you must return to your dorms."

Whispers broke loose and the students headed back to their dorms, pondering just who were those singers.

Dumbledore was about to call for Madam Pomfrey to check them over. He was standing near the fireplace with floo powder in his hand when he heard two faint 'pop's behind him. He turned around and saw two women standing behind him. The taller was clutching sais (blades that look like pitch-forks) in her hands and the smaller had a japanese katana in her hands, raised to a blow.

"Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here?" Dumbledore asked calmly, his hand reaching for his wand.

"We heard the scream and came to help. What happened?" the taller one said.

Dumbledore filled them in and the women put their blades away. "I´m Sinzibar and this is Jay, we´re P.D.´s guardians."

"I´m pleased to meet you."

Jay nodded and walked to Draco and Harry, who were laying close to each other. Sinzibar took care of P.D. and Severus.

"They´re in a shock." Jay said.

"Enervate!" Sinzibar incantated and made a little flick with her hand over P.D.´s forehead. He didn´t move at all. "Hmm.. We should take them to rest." she said.

"Could you show us where their chambers are?" Jay asked from the Headmaster.

"I would be glad, but Madam Pomfrey would like to take them to the Infirmary." Dumbledore said.

Jay snorted with sarcasm. "I don´t mean to belittle your school nurse, but there´s very little any of us can do. It would be better to let them rest in familiar surroundings."

We need to watch them. Sinzibar noted from the background.

I know.

Dumbledore sighed softly and lead the vampires towards the shared quarters of the four vampires. Easily the two lady vampires levitated them behind them.

The Headmaster left them to their own devices and returned to his office.

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