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Harry, Ron and Hermione all sat at the Gryffindor table, awaiting for Hagrid to walk in with the first years for the sorting. Harry for one, was extremely glad to be back here. He really hadn't had such a great summer. The fact that Voldermort was back was not a comforting thought. But somehow, just being in the same space as his two best friends gave him the strength he needed. A grumbling noise next to him jolted him out of his thoughts. Ron obviously was as hungry as he was. " Gees, how long does it take for little squirts to get over the lake?" said Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes at him. " You only ate an hour ago on the train! Honestly, you would think that would have been enough to see you through" " I'm a growing boy. Besides, they are taking an awfully long time. Don't you think Harry?" Harry stayed silent. He had previous experiences of these two and their opinions on things. Just at that moment, the doors swung open and in came the first years, all looking around they Great Hall terrified. There was one however that caught Harry's attention. She was very tall for a first year. But she couldn't have been. "Wow" said Ron, also noticing the girl. " That's a bloody tall first year. She must be as tall as you" gesturing to Hermione. Hermione spun around to get a look for herself. She turned back to Ron. "Well, obviously she's not a first year. Maybe she is an exchange student. I read about Hogwarts taking in new student, but they stopped that in the mid 80's." "Maybe," said Harry. "She looks about 5th year. Wouldn't be bad to have a new Gryffindor". "Shh" Hermione seemed very eager like Ron and Harry to see the outcome of this girls sorting. Professor McGonnagal mover forward towards the stool and started calling out names. " Kyle Ebson" The hat thought about it and shouted " Hufflepuff!" Applause sounded from the Hufflepuff table. " Josie Jackson" Again, the hat thought for a while, and the shouted " Ravenclaw!" More applause. The sorting went on until finally, the new girls name was called. " Melody Stradford" At this time, Professor Dumbledore stood up and gestured for her to come stand by him. "Everyone, you no doubt had noticed Melody waiting patiently in line with the first years, but she obviously is no first year. She will be starting her 5th year this year, and I hope you all make her feel welcome!" Harry looked at Hermione across from him. She seemed very intrigued by this girl, as did Ron. In fact, the whole hall seemed to be watching intently. She moved forward towards the stool and Professor McGonnagal placed the hat on her head. Harry waited in anticipation. She really didn't look too frightened. Finally, after what seemed hours, the hat finally opened its mouth and shouted " Gryffindor!" A huge applause sounded from the Gryffindor table. The girl made her way down towards the trio. She walked up to Hermione and said " Hi,is this seat taken?" No, no, please, take a seat." Said Hermione. "Thanks." She said. As she sat down, professor Dumbledore stood up again and said " Well, I think you have all waited long enough, so ravish yourselves to the fullest extent" " Yes! Finally!" said Ron excitedly. Harry grinned to himself and helped himself to some chicken wings. Hermione immediately stared up conversation with the new girl sitting across from him. " Hi, my names Hermione Granger." " Hey, Melody Stradford. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand to shake with Hermione. " Hey, Ron Weasley" said Ron with his mouth half full. " Nice to meet you" Melody giggled as she shook his hand as well. She then turned to Harry and held her hand out. " Melody Stradford" she said. " Harry Potter, nice to meet you." She smiled at him and shook his hand and immediately went back to her food. Ron stared at him with an open mouth, as well as Hermione. And Harry knew the reason why. This girl would have to have been the only person in history that didn't stare gaping at him when they met him, or eyes flick straight to his scar. Harry felt extremely grateful for this. It gave him a good feeling of being the same that he hadn't felt in ages. "So,' said Hermione, recovering 'is it just me, or do you have an accent?" "Oh no, its not just you. Yeah, I'm from Australia." She said with a smile.

"Oh, are you from the capital, Sydney?" Asked Ron " Ron, Sydney isn't the capital. That's Canberra." Said Hermione " But that muggle thing was there, the 'E- slympics'" "Olympics Ron. And that doesn't mean anything" "Well I was only asking. Gees" Melody looked between Ron and Hermione and then raised her eyes at Harry. He laughed. "Don't worry, they do this all the time. You'll get used to it." Melody giggled and then began introducing herself to people who were being to come up to her. Harry was just starting to take in how she looked. She looked to be the same height as Hermione. Brown hair that went just below her shoulders, Green eyes, but not as green as his. She had the same physique as Hermione as well, but she looked a bit stronger in the arms.

A while later, they were in the common room, still talking adamantly. The conversation however, seemed to shift to Ron and Hermione again. Or, argument might put it better. "You can't just come out at ask dumb questions like that Ron. Don't you ever think about what your saying before you say it?" Ron looked like he had eaten something sour. "What are you on about? It wasn't a personal question or anything Sorry not everyone can be Perfect like you!" Before Hermione could retaliate, Melody said "So, how long have you two been going out for?" They both turned to her and stared at her in amazement. The looks in their faces sent Harry into hysterical silent laughter. "Wh-what? We aren't going out." Hermione said, blushing. "Oh. I just assumed by the way you argue. Sorry." Melody said, looking rather embarrassed, but amused at the same time. " Er, right. Well, I-I'm off to bed. Coming Harry?" Ron still looked a little embarrassed. " Yeah, ok.' Said Harry, who was still giggling hard. ' See-you both tomorrow. Night!" Harry and Ron both walked up the stairs, leaving Hermione and melody to talk between themselves. After about half an hour of talking, Hemione said, "Well, I guess you will be in our dorm. We have extra beds. You tired?" Melody yawned and nodded. " Yeah. I am actually. Do you have a spare bed near yours?" " Yeah, why?" "Can I have it?" "Sure! Its good to have a girl friend now. Not that I don't already, but you know what I mean." Finished Hermione, rather embarrassed. " Well, shall we?" Melody grinned, offering her arm. Hermione smiled " Yes, I believe we shall!" "Er, well you're gonna have to lead the way. Cause I don't know where the dorms are." Melody said "Ok then. C'mon." Hermione lead the way up the staircase, engaging Melody in conversation once again. "So, you and your family move out here?" Melody looked down to the ground, not wanting to look Hermione in the face. "Er, yeah. Guess so." Hermione looked at the questioningly. Obviously something was up. Melody had been open to her all night, and now she had shut-down. " Did I say something wrong?" she asked, still trying to catch her eye. " No, not really. It ok. So, who shares the dorm with us?" asked melody, trying to change the subject. " Well, your about to find out." Answered Hermione, opening the door. This would have to be something she confronted her about later.

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