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"Question 13- Outline the uses of moonstone in potion making". Harry stared at this question. His mind was definitely not in the mood for this exam. So far, he had had History of magic, Transfiguration, Care of magical creatures, Divination, DADA and Astronomy was held last night. He felt he had done alright on them, except for History of magic. Ron had the same feelings towards it, as did Melody. Hermione however, had no doubts about her performance. He looked over at Ron, who had his head in his hands. He looked ahead at Hermione, who was writing something frantically. Melody was sitting 4 seats behind him, so he could not chance a look at her. 'Ok,' he thought, ' Uses of moonstone.." *********************************************************

"My, that was fun. Lets do that again!" said Ron, dramatically jumping up and down. Harry laughed and Hermione rolled her eyes, although she was smiling.

"It really wasn't that bad you know." She stated. Harry and Ron stared at her.

"Were we in the same exam?" Ron asked. Harry's stomach made a noise.

"Come on, I'm starving." Announced Harry. The 3 of them made their way down to the Great Hall for lunch. Harry looked around the hall for Melody. She was sitting at Gryffindor table, wand in her hand and reading a book that lay in from of her at the same time. Her face was focused and showed serious concentration. They had their last exam that afternoon. Charms. Ron sat down next to her. She didn't even notice. Ron smirked at her.

"Oh my god! Fire!" he yelled in her ear. She jumped up out of her seat and looked around franticly, wand raised.

"WHERE?". Then she realized, and looked down and Ron, who was nearly wetting himself laughing.

"You ass!' she whacked him on the arm. Hermione and Harry laughed into their sandwiches. "That wasn't funny" she said, but she was smiling.

"Sorry Mel, I couldn't help myself.' Ron grinned at her. She hit him again. 'Ow. Besides, its not like you don't know all of this." She looked at him, mouth open.

"Are you mad!?!" She looked at him like he had said something extremely rude. 'I'm nowhere near the standard that I should be! I'm out to be as good as Hermione." She said, turning to Hermione and smiling. Hermione looked back at her.

"Mel, you're ARE as good as me. It says so on Flitwick's papers." Melody looked stunned.

"Oh." Was all she said, before going back to her book, looking embarrassed.

Harry looked at her and smiled, then returned to his sandwich. ********************************************************

"Thank God that's over!" said Ron, plopping down onto the couch in the common room. Harry sat down next to him and nodded in agreement. Hermione, Melody and Ginny were sitting in a circle near the staircase, talking about something. Harry couldn't believe that his 5th year was almost over. It seemed like only yesterday that Hagrid was talking him away from the Dursley's and introducing him to his real life. Just then, Harry felt a slight prickling in his scar. He looked over at Ron to see if he had noticed, but luckily he hadn't. Harry looked back into the fire. He was used to his scar prickling, but since he had his vision, anything that occurred with it he treated with caution. Harry slowly calmed down, and relaxed into the couch, letting himself doze off. **

Harry sat back, watching Hogwarts become a small dot on the horizon. He was going back to the Dursleys, again. He couldn't believe it. Dumbledore would not allow Harry to go and stay with Lupin and Sirius for the holidays. Harry had been so angry, he slammed the door in Dumbledore's face on the way out of his office. At the feast however, he looked up at the staff table and gave Dumbledore and apologetic smile to say he was sorry for his behavior. Dumbledore of course, had forgiven him. Gryffindor had won the house cup yet again, as well at the quidditch cup (much to the dislike of the Slytherins). People came into their carriage occasionally. Fred and George had come in earlier and announced they now had premises in Diagon Alley, and that they would be in business very soon. Harry, like most of the Gryffindors, was sad that the twins would no longer be a part of the school.

Harry returned to present time. He looked over at Ron, who was talking adamantly to Hermione and apparently was saying something funny. Melody was sitting next to Ron, listening in. Harry looked at Melody for a while. He hadn't notice she was kind of pretty before. But then, it took him 4 years to realize that about Hermione too.

Before too long, they had arrived back at Kings Cross. "Don't worry,' said Ron, looking over at the Dursley's and then back to Harry, 'I reckon you will be able to stay with us this summer. Ill owl you anyway."

"Yeah, I know. Ill be right back" said Harry, wondering over to see Hermione who was standing by herself, looking over at the train, looking rather confused. "Hey" he said. "Y'know, only 3 more months. That's what everyone keeps telling me." He joked. Hermione smiled.

"No, it's not that. I'm waiting for Melody." She indicated to the train. Harry looked over and understood why Hermione was looking confused. Melody was standing by the doorway, talking discreetly to Malfoy. Harry was very confused. 'Since when does she talk to him?' he wondered. Melody nodded at Malfoy, and then turned to come towards them. Malfoy locked stares with Harry, but he didn't have his usual sneer on his face. He simply turned and went over to his family. Harry looked back at Melody.

"Hey.' She said. Hermione and Harry were both looking at her questioningly. She sighed. "Don't ask right now, ok? Ill explain later." This seemed to be enough for Hermione, because she came out of her daze, and grabbed Melody by the arm.

"Alright.' Hermione said, 'Lets go. You have to meet my parents.' She turned to Harry. "You have a good summer. Don't let the Dursleys get you down. Oh, and don't forget to owl us about what your O.W.L results are. "she said. Melody nodded behind her. Melody walked up and hugged Harry.

"Maybe we'll cya over the summer." She smiled. Harry nodded.

"Definitely. And same goes for...'

"Boy, hurry up!" came Uncle Vernon's voice. Harry sighed.

"I gotta go.' He looked up over to the Weasley's and waved. They looked at Harry's uncle understanding, and waved back. Harry grabbed up Hedwig and his trunk and made his way over to Uncle Vernon. 'Well,' thought Harry ' here we go again.'

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