He's Everything I'm Not

Disclaimer: Characters and Premise are borrowed from the show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."

Angel paused; he could hear Cordelia's radio down stairs tuned, as always to some pop station. Normally he just ignored it, but the lyrics froze him.

//He's everything you want//

//He's everything you need//

Instantly he pictured Riley, sitting in the sun with Buffy.

Riley, who could take her on picnics or to the beach, who could smile and laugh with her. Who could have children and grow old with her. Riley, who could be with her without risking his soul.

//He's everything inside of you//

//That you wish you could be//

"He's everything I wish I could be," Angel corrected bitterly.

In Sunnydale Riley flipped on the radio.

//I say all the right things//

//At exactly the right time//

"I do," Riley thought.

"I say I love you. I ask her what's wrong and listen to her concerns. I stopped her from giving up on us before the relationship even started. I let her blow off steam when her sister or the slaying gets to her. I've stood by her since her mother got sick."

"I do everything I should."

//But I mean nothing to you//

//And I don't know why//

"Oh I know why," Riley corrected angrily.

Angel, Buffy's first love, the one that Riley would never measure up to, no matter how perfect he was for her. Or how horribly wrong Angel was for her.

Lyrics are from Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want"



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