Quick explanation:

The characters are.

QB-Queen BethA cameo of the original creator of the Queen Beth Skits. We probably have over 100 now, but anyway, she's the overall ruler of Zaferon. BZ-El BzethioQB's clone-except evil. Watch out, she's the mistress of disaster! C-Chibi-QB's second attempt at creating a clone. Small, about 5 years old, very, very hyper. A-Aly-That's me! The counterpart who helped her launch the skits into a campaign. Believe me, I'm one of the ones who's always getting into trouble!!!! Am-Amit-Marie's husband, who is just nuts. M-Marie-Amit's wife, who is practical and perfectionistic and all-knowing. D-Dhani-Aly's ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancèe who is as hyper as Chibi is. A lot of fights start with him around. S-Sara-Aly's best friend. Likes to kick people's ass. Currently married to Inuyasha. Um, anything wrong with that? SS-Sesshomaru-QB's husband. Overall hottie man. From the Inuyasha series. Inu-Inuyasha-Sara's husband who really likes to start shit with Dhani. Watch out, all, he's a-comin'! Ka-Kagome-Sweet girl. Just don't make her tell you to sit. K-Kristi-Princess of Zaferon, created by QB.

And with this, may the wildness begin!