A young woman, seemingly no older than her twenties, sat on a marble balcony, staring up at the full moon and the surrounding stars. Her name was Seiya.

The wind was blowing her long, silvery hair around, but she paid no mind. Another translucent tear ran down her red cheek. She couldn't help but cry. She could still pick up her scent.

Whose scent you ask. The scent of the woman who had lead her husband astray, the scent of that wretched human woman and her husband together. Another tear ran down her cheek. Sometimes she wished that she never had some of her demonic powers, so she would not be able to know these things. Truthfully, it wouldn't have been as hard for her, if her beloved had chosen a demon as a concubine.

But to have someone you love so deeply leave you so selfishly for one who is so lowly, it only adds more onto the pain one must suffer.

Seiya turned her head. She could hear them talking, whispering sweet nothings to each other. Her husband making the same promises to the human he had made to her, but the only difference was, it was not she to whom he was speaking to.

This brought on more of her lonely tears, her emotions draining more as each one was shed. Then she scowled as another thought entered her mind. That wench was with child. His child. A half-breed. This tore her heart apart even more, although thinking of all the hatred and scorn the mutt would go through did make her chuckle a bit. And too, the fact that her son would be the great warlord did bring a little joy to her grim heart.

But, even through all of this, she couldn't deny that she loved that man. Even though he had left her there in the dust to fend for herself, she still loved him. To her even, it was unbelievable. Somewhere in her mind there was a spark of hope that he would come back to her, maybe sooner, maybe later, but she knew she'd wait an eternity, even though she knew that day would never come to pass.

The turning point, when she knew that she would never have her husband again, was when he went to the sword master, Toto-sai. He went to have two of his fangs crafted into swords, the greater of the two to protect his dearly loved human girl, and the other only to console her by giving it to her son, although it was useless as a weapon. "It is a sword of healing," he had said. "To save the weak," he said another time. This made her skin crawl. Only he had the audacity to do something like that. Give their son such an inferior blade, and yet give an inbred mutt a sword with the strength enough to kill one hundred demons with one stroke.

She brushed some of her silver hair out of her face and wiped a tear. She had nothing left. Nothing to hold onto. She had nothing left from her broken marriage, all but one thing left to comfort her…

A small boy, with the same hair as Seiya and a purple crescent on his forehead walked to the balcony door and stood. Seiya quickly wiped the tears that were rolling down her cheeks and turned to him, smiling and pleasantly as she could. The boy walked over to her, an expression of concern on his face.

"Sesshomaru," she said gently, "What are you doing up here?" "I heard you crying, mama. I wanted to see what was wrong," he said, crawling up on her lap. She stroked his hair tenderly. "Nothing you would understand, my son," she replied. He wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a sweet hug, which put a smile on Seiya's saddened face. She did the same, and he was soon asleep in her arms. Another tear ran down her cheek, but this was one of joy. She still had one thing to hold onto. She still, and always would, have her son.