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Ressurection War: Reborn

Author's note: I thought that maybe I should rewrite some of my more popular stories. I thought I would start with my favorite one. Enjoy.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while reading this fic. First, T.K. and Kari were not original Digidestined. Myotismon entered this world to conquer it, not to find the Eight Child. The ages of the new Digidestined are a few years older then they were in the show, they were all born around when Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi and Joe fought Apocalymon. So that means it is about fourteen-fifteen years after that incident.

I've been having these really weird dreams lately………

Dreams about a battle in a world of wonders…………

A battle fought by warriors and true heroes…………

Warriors that were fantastic creatures of power………

Heroes that were merely young teenagers………

But gave their life so others could live………

I don't know what these dreams mean………

But I feel like they're tugging at the deepest part of me………

Could they be more then dreams………?

Could they be my destiny…………?

Chapter 1: The Crest of Abandonment

Deep inside of the Digital World, the inhabitants ran across the grassland for their very lives. On their path was a group of gray ball shaped creatures with long rabbit-like ears. "Run!" one of the Gazimon shouted,"Run, it's the evil Digimon Emperor!"

The Pagumon watched as the Gazimon ran past, then turned to see exactly what had caused them to run like that. Their eyes all shot open as gasps escaped from their mouths. There was a squadron of Airdramon shooting towards them. Riding atop the lead one was a human boy, wearing a colorful costume with a flowing cape and a thick goggles. He carried a whip at his side.

"I am the Digimon Emperor," his voice boomed,"And you are now my slave!"


"Metal Wolf Claw!"

"Terra Force!"

The two attacks disintegrated Apocalymon's upper body in an explosive array of light that illuminated the dark void around him and the Digidestined

"We did it!" Matt cheered

"We destroyed all of his claws!" Joe said

"Still think you're so tough?" Tai asked

Apocalymon's body started to fold in on himself and turn back into a cube "Is that the best you've got?"

"You know you're beaten!" Matt said,"Face it like a mon!"

"I might be beaten," Apocalymon said,"but I won't go down that easily I'll take you and both worlds with me!"

"What?" Tai asked

"You still haven't seen my ultimate attack! Total Annihilation!"

Hikari Kamiya shot awake in her bed. Sweat was pouring down her face and she was breathing heavily."What a dream," she sighed, falling back onto the bed,"Why do I keep dreaming about my older brother dying? He died before I was born, I never knew him." She took a deep breath and climbed out of her bed. She stumbled into the bathroom and wiped her face with a washcloth, then stared at her reflection.

She was pretty; some might even say beautiful, with short brown hair and brown eyes. She did not have a boyfriend yet, even though nearly every boy in the school had asked her at least twice. All of her friends had boyfriends, what was wrong with her? She always answered that she was just waiting for the right one. She just hoped that she would not be a hundred-years-old when she found him.

She sighed as she climbed back into bed."I hope these dreams go away soon."


The next day, Kari was following her normal school routine: basically, get to her locker, get her books, then get to class before the first bell. She would have actually made it into the classroom on time today, if she did not run into a curly haired young man her age.

"Kari," he grinned,"How's it going?"

She sighed."Hi, Davis."

"So, are you interested in going out this Friday night?"

She sighed again. "No, Davis," she said in a tone that suggested that they had had this conversation many times before.

"Why not?" the other boy asked.

She was about to respond, but the bell's rang cut her off. The two teenagers did not say anything more as they both leapt through the door and dove into their seats. Their teacher turned towards them. "Miss Kamiya, Mr. Motomiya, please remember to be on time tomorrow."

They both looked to their desks. "Yes sir."

He turned back around and began his lesson by writing on the chalkboard. "Now, today we are going to continue our lesson about the Roman Empire. Well, you will be learning.heh, heh, heh."

Kari sighed at her teacher's attempt at a joke as she slid down into her seat. Her uniform skirt caught on the chair and bunched up underneath her rear. The coldness of the seat pierced through her bare legs, and she instantly shot back up. She glanced around nervously, but no one had seen her. She sighed in relief and then looked back to the teacher; he was droning on and on about some dead Roman Emperor. She tried her best to pay attention, but her eyelids started to feel incredibly heavy. She kept forcing them open, but it was no use, they soon slammed shut.

Etemon's cruel laugh filled the air with a foul and disguisting stench as he stared down at the Digidestined He was pulled into the center of his Dark Network, but he did not die, he survived! No one could stop him, no one, certainly not some weak human and his pitiful dinosaur

"Is there no end ta' ya' stupidity?" he chuckled,"Well, let me end it for ya!" He formed a small dark ball in his hand and flung it at the dinosaur He fell onto his back as the ball flung over him

"Greymon!" Tai shouted,"Hang on! I'm right beside you!" He suddenly noticed two bright lights shinning from his palms Upon closer examination, he found that his digivice and his crest were both shinning like two stars in the night sky

"Tai!" Greymon shouted, rising to his feet,"Your courage is giving me even greater strength! I can digivolve! Greymon digivolve to Metalgreymon!"

Behind Tai and Metalgreymon, the other Digidestined looked on in awe "Metalgreymon?" Joe asked

"It was the power from the crest," Matt answered

The black votex behind Etemon began to grow with strength and intensity It started to draw everything to it like a black hole Etemon was soon pulled through Tai felt himself being drawn into the darkness, but his faithful digimon placed his claw behind him to keep him from moving Unfortunately, no one was holding the metal tyrannosaurus, and the vacuum pull shot him through the air Tai and Metalgreymon were flung into the hole, and the darkness instantly over came them

Kari gave a small yelp as she jumped up in her seat. The teacher stopped his lesson and stared at her with the rest of the class. "Is there a problem, Miss Kamiya?" he asked.

Her face began to turn a bright red. "N-no, sir."

"Then please take your seat. I want to see you after class."

She frowned and sat down, her face turning even redder. Once the teacher's back was turned, Davis whispered over to her. "What's wrong with you?"

She debated whether to tell him or not. She had been having these weird dreams for a while now, and it was becoming more then she could bear. If only one more person knew, it could be such a relief. She was about to tell him, but found that she just could not. "J..just a bad dream, that's all."

Davis was about to respond, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw the teacher start to turn around. He quickly faced forward and Kari joined him seconds before the teacher would have caught them talking in class. Both teenagers breathed a sigh of relief, and then decided it would be best to pay attention.


After class, Kari found herself standing in front of her teacher's desk. He was looking at her with a concerned look on his face. "Now, Kari, I've been looking over your grades for the past few months. You were always a straight-A student, but lately your grades have been slipping. You've been late for class and you haven't been paying attention. Tell me, is there anything wrong at home?"

The girl hesitated for a second, and then shook her head. "No, I..it just must be the middle of the year stretch, heh."

The teacher nodded. "I expect better things from you. I hope you are able to pull yourself back to your normal grades. Remember, if you need help, I'm here."

"Yes sir," she bowed,"Thank you."

The teacher just nodded. Kari left the room and walked to her locker. As she did, she passed by the girl who was at the locker next to her. "Hi, Kari."

"Oh, hi Yolei."

The purple-haired girl stared at her. "Well, what kind of greeting was that?"

The brown-haired girl sighed. "Sorry, I've been...'off' lately."

"Oh, I know what that is like!" she chuckled."Hey, what are you doing after school? I just got that new romantic movie, and..."

Kari held her hand up. "I think I'd better do my homework. The teacher's been on my back lately."

The other girl just nodded. "Sure, I understand. I'll see you tomorrow."

Kari finished packing her bag, then started to walk towards the door. Her exit path took her passed the computer lab. Surprisingly, the door was open, and there were odd flashes of light emanating from inside. She knew that no one was suppose to be in there, but it probably was just one of the teachers. She should just go home, but the idea of the pages of homework that awaited her was not appealing in the least. She finally decided to investigate.

When she entered, she was even more surprised to discover that no one was inside. The dancing lights had their origin in one of the computers in the third row. She nervously walked over and gasped when the screen became visible to her. On the computer monitor was a strange square, with a set of rectangles down the right side, and an image of a green field in the center.

"What the heck is that?" she asked. When she approached the screen, a bright blast of light shot around her. She gave a small scream as she was pulled into the screen. When she was gone, the lights faded and all returned to normal.

Kari landed forcefully on a hard wooden floor. She smashed face first, which caused the rest of her body to fly straight up behind her. She instinctively went to pull her skirt down, but found that she was no longer wearing it. In fact, it felt like she was wearing a pair of shorts.

She quickly sat upright and examined herself. Instead of her drab, green colored uniform, she was now wearing a pair of tight-fitting yellow shorts, a sleeveless pink shirt with a large horizontal white stripe in the center, and two arm-length pink gloves that ended at the knuckles, leaving her fingers bare.

"Where did this outfit come from?" she gasped, standing up. Instead of dwelling on that question, she turned to a more imperative one. "Where am I?"

She gathered that she was in a house-a living room to be more precise. She was standing on a lush green carpet in between a large blue couch and a coffee table covered with various books in a language she did not understand. There was a gray armchair on the left end of this table and a black chair that looked like it came from an office waiting room. The walls were covered with book-filled shelves of all different colors. One wall was bare of shelves, and instead, a plain wooden door. There was a desk pressed against the right wall, with a computer resting on top. A large ceiling lamp illuminated the room.

She started to inspect the room for another exit, but could not find any. She decided that the door was the only way out, so she took a deep breath and stepped forward. She was about to grab the handle when the door swung open and an elderly man stepped inside.

Kari fell onto her rear and tried to scream, but her heart was beating so fast that she was not able to form any sort of sound. The elderly man chuckled slightly. "Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you."

Kari swallowed and found that her voice had returned. "W-who are you? W-where am I?"

"My name is Geni, and you are in my house in the Digital World."

"Digital World?" she gasped, her fear being replaced by wonder and intrigue. "The same place my brother went to?"

Geni nodded. "Yes, I can explain everything, but first, would you like some tea?"

She hesitated.

He smiled warmly. "I am not going to hurt you. Please, you are in my house, let me extend to you my hospitality."

Kari stared at the smiling old man. He sure did not seem like someone who wanted to hurt her. He sort of reminded her of her grandfather. She let her guard down slightly. "Yes, tea would be find, thank you."

He nodded, and then exited through the door. He returned a second later with a tray that contained the necessary requirements to have the liquid drink. Kari knelt next to the table as Geni poured her a cup. He joined her a second later.

"Now," he began,"You were called here because there is a threat that is once again arising in this world. He is a human, like yourself, and he calls himself, 'The Digimon Emperor." In order to fight this threat, a new group of Digidestined must be formed, or rather, returned."

"Pardon me?" she asked.

"The original Digidestined are alive."

Kari coughed on her tea. "Wait, my brother is alive? I thought he died fighting that monster in the sky fifteen years ago!"

"Apocalymon," Geni corrected,"And yes, your brother, along with, Yamato Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, Koushiro Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, and Jou Kido all died in that battle."

"How are they alive then?"

"They were all reborn."

She raised her eyebrow. "Reborn?"

"Yes, reborn, reincarnated, resurrected, however you wish to call it. They were all brought back to life, in different bodies and different lives, with no memories of who they use to be."

Kari sipped her tea, and then stared at him. "So, how do they get their memories back?"

"That is where you come in. You will have to find all six of them before you will be able to fight the Digimon Emperor. However, before you can do anything, you will need to find your own digimon partner."

"I get a partner?" she exclaimed,"Wow, my own digimon."

Geni nodded."Yes." He handed her an odd-shaped device. "This is a digivice. If you follow its signal, you should be able to find your partner. I will show you to the door. Good luck."


The Bakemon slowly floated down the long dark hallway, passing over the floor grates below him. Dark hands were emerging through, clawing at the sky in a desperate attempt to escape the terrible dungeons in which they were trapped. The Bakemon ignored the screams of pain and terror exploding from underneath as he continued on his trek.

He reached the stairwell and floated up the countless flights of stairs until reaching the very top. He hovered across another dark hall until he reached a giant black door. "Master!" he called.

"Come in."

The ghost pushed the door open and hovered into a room of intense nothingness. It was a black hole of darkness, not even the floors were visible. An array of monitors was positioned around the room at odd angles. In the center was a throne made of skulls, twisted in horror and terror. Even this horrendous sight of evil was nothing in comparison to the evil human seated on that throne.

"Sire," the ghost bowed.

"What is it?"

"Sire, our spies tell us that another human has appeared in the Digital World."

"What?" he asked, spinning towards him,"A human?"

"Yes sir."

He grinned. "Well, let us see why he dares invaded my realm!" He reached over to the array of buttons on his armrest and pressed a blue one in the center. All of the monitors suddenly flashed to the same image of Kari walking through a thick forest. "A girl?" he gasped,"This human is a...a girl?" He chuckled slightly,"Well, I suppose it makes no difference. She will soon know the mistake of crossing the Digimon Emperor!"


Kari held the strange device out in front of her as she walked through the forest. She was not sure how the thing worked, but figured that if it beeped while being pointed in one direction and did not in another, and then it probably wanted her to follow the path when it beeped.

As she walked through the forest, she tried to determine exactly what she was doing there. Her parents had always told her stories about her older brother traveling through this exotic world known as the Digital World. It always excited her and even though she never told anyone, she secretly wished she could go on an adventure like that. This was her chance to have an adventure; this was her chance to be a hero like Tai was.

Her digivice stopped beeping, so she moved it to the right, but nothing happened. She moved it to the left and it began to beep again. She was about to start walking again, when she noticed thata figurewas standing in her way. She could not tell any facial feauters, as he was wearing a trench coat with a hood that covered his face in shadows.

"Ah!" she jumped back. "I wish everyone would stop doing that!"

"My apologies," the figure said,"I only wanted to see the great hero that is going to save this world."

Kari smiled slightly. "Well, I don't know about that..."

The figure chuckled. "You are not aware of your true destiny. You may be the hero this world desires, not, that this world requires! You could be the one to break the seal, and turn back the darkness!You may be the one to save us all!"

She was about to respond; when she notice the figure had vanished. "What is going on around here?"

Her digivice began to beep even louder and at such intensity, that she pushed the mysterious figure out of her mind and quickly ran down the path until she reached a large cavern. Even though the cave was emanating bright sunlight, she was hesitant about entering. Her device started to beep even louder, so she took a deep breath and walked inside, where she found a strange, white colored egg lying on the ground. "I'm suppose to find a digimon, not a chicken," she sighed,"Wait, digimon hatch from eggs."

Her face suddenly changed to a very shocked impression. "H..how did I know that? I..I never..."

She took a deep breath. "Geni probably told me that." Even though she knew that was not true, part of her believed it, and that was enough to move her towards the white egg of the floor. She gently placed her hand on the oval shaped item. Instantly, the egg exploded in a bright light, so bright that Kari fell onto her back. When she sat up again, the white egg was gone, and in its place was a strange dog creature.

"Kari!" it called, galloping over to her,"Kari!"

The teenage girl backed up slightly. "W..who are you?"

"My name's Salamon!" she called, jumping up and down,"And I'm your partner!"

She breathed in relief. "I thought you were going to attack me."

"I'd never do that," she said,"And I'll always protect you!"

Kari smiled. "Well, I guess we'd better go back to Geni's. Come on."

The two girls exited the cave, but when they entered the forest, they found themselves face-to-face with a large gray triceratops. "What is that!" Kari shouted.

"Monochromon!" Salamon said,"But I never saw one with a black ring on its leg before."

"Why is he staring at us like that?" Kari asked, stepping backwards slightly.

The Monochromon suddenly launched at them. They gave a small yelp, and then started to run in the other direction. Unfortunately, he was right behind them. "Why is he so mad at us?" Kari shouted.

"I don't know!" Salamon answered,"I was just born, remember?"

The duo continued to run through the forest until they reached the walls of a large black tower. There was no way to make it to the other side in time, so they twirled around and watched as the Monochromon charged even closer. Kari turned to her partner. "Can't you get bigger or something?"

"If you mean digivolve, I should be able to, but for some reason I can't."

"That would be because of me!"

The Monochromon instantly slid to a stop as a large green serpent with wings slowly descended between it and the Digidestined and her partner. On top of the winged serpent was a teenage boy around Kari's age, wearing a blue and white suit with a matching cape flowing behind him. Kari stared at him. "Are you...the Digimon Emperor?"

He nodded. "Ah, I see you've heard of me. Yes, I am the Digimon Emperor, and I am the ruler of this world."

Kari glanced at Salamon, then glared at the Digimon Emperor. "That can't be true! These digimon deserve to be their own rulers!"

The Emperor raised his eyebrow at her. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to join me then, huh?"

"Not a chance!" she glared at him.

He sighed. "Very well. Monochromon, destroy them."

The Airdramon floated back into the sky. Salamon jumped in front of Kari. "Why can't I digivolve?" she asked.

The Digimon Emperor chuckled as he mentioned to the large black tower. "That is my control spire. As long as it stands, digivolution will be locked."

Kari glanced to the top of the black obelisk behind her. "How do I get rid of it?"

"Kari!" Salamon called,"You might want to pay attention!"

The teenager spun back around and watched as the Monochromon began to charge at them. "Don't you have any attacks?"

Salamon took a deep breath, and then began to scream at a low pitch. "Puppy Howl!"

The massive triceratops started to moan in pain as he started to wobble like he was intoxicated. Salamon momentarily and Monochromon gathered enough of his senses back to charge at the two girls. The digimon was about to attack again, when Kari grabbed her and leapt to the side. The large horn on the Monochromon's head smashed into the Control Spire. It shattered all across the four sides like a plate of glass.

"No!" the Emperor shouted,"You've destroyed it!"

Kari glanced at Salamon. "Can you..?"

She nodded. "Yes!"

The digivice on Kari's belt started to glow, and it fired a stream of light that crashed into Salamon. Her entire body glowed brightly and she began to spin around. "Salamon digivolve to Gatomon!"

The new cat digimon galloped at the Monochromon. She flipped up into the air and held her left paw out. "Lighting Paw!" She began to pound his face with her paw at an incredible rate. The Triceratops had to turn away, which brought his left front leg in line with Gatomon's attack. Her Lightning Paw smashed into the dark ring around the dinosaur's leg, breaking it off. The Monochromon instantly shook his head and glanced around, very confused.

"The ring!" Kari shouted,"That ring was controlling him!"

The Digimon Emperor growled. "Just because you've discovered my secret, doesn't mean you'll be able to beat me."

"Guess again!" Kari shouted, pointing her finger at him,"We're coming after you now!"

"I don't think so!" he laughed. Kari noticed that there was a strange pendant hanging around his neck, which now started to glow at dull black. "Fell my power!"

Kari fell to the ground, a feeling of deep depression over-taking her. "Kari!" Gatomon shouted, running over to her,"Talk to me! What's wrong?"

"I..I don't know," she said, almost crying,"I..I just feel so sad. I..I don't know..." Her eyes suddenly rolled back into her head, and she fell to the ground.


When she felt consciousness return to her, she found that she was lying on the couch in Geni's living room. When she sat up, she found Salamon was staring at her from the back of the piece of furniture. "You're awake!"

She sat up at her normal rate, but felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. She started rubbing her sore neck, and swung her legs around so she could rest against the back of the couch. "What happened? I..I just felt so sad all of a sudden, it was like I couldn't move. It was so strong, I..I just couldn't take it."

Geni walked into the room a second later with a cup in his hands. "Here, drink this. It should help."

She thanked him and sipped the liquid. It tasted sweet and her head felt better instantly. "Geni, what was that thing around the Digimon Emperor's neck? It looked like a medal or something."

"It was one of the crests."

"Well, whatever it was, it gave me such a feeling of..depression. I couldn't take it, that's why I passed out."

Geni nodded. "Yes," he sighed,"Abandonment, a truly terrible feeling."

"Wait a minute," Kari said,"I thought the Crests belonged to the Digidestined."

"They did," Geni said, sitting down in the gray armchair,"But when the Digidestined died, the crests were scattered. Three of the six were taken by the evil forces and corrupted. Abandonment is one of these 'evil' crests."

Kari stared at the floor for a few minutes before taking a deep breath. "Well, that's it then."

"What?" Salamon asked, watching her partner curiously.

"I need a crest," she said,"I need my own. Where can I get one?"

Geni smiled.


"Nothing, you just remined me of your brother."

"You knew Tai?" she gasped,"Am I really like him?"

He nodded. "Yes. As to your request for a crest, I'll have to do some research as to where one may be." He glanced at the clock on the wall,"But maybe it's time you return to earth."

Kari turned to look at the clock. "Oh shoot! Mom's gonna kill me! Come on, Salamon!"

Geni mentioned to the computer resting on the desk,"You can leave through here. Just hold your digivice to the screen."

She bowed. "Thank you." She held the digivice to the screen. She and Salamon were pulled through, leaving Geni alone.

The sage was about to clean up the dishes, when he felt someone staring at him. When he turned around, he saw a figure standing in his house, but, strangely, he breathed in relief. "You have to stop doing that," he said,"I'm an old man, I can't afford to have a heart attack."

"Sorry," the other being said,"When I heard that another human had appeared here, I wanted to check it out as soon as possible. Tell me is she the one? The one to gather the Digidestined, the one to break the seal, the long-awaited hero of this world?"

"I believe so," Geni answered.

"You have been wrong before," the figure answered simply.

"You gave the other one the crest, remember?" Geni responded,"You're just as guilty as me."

The other one sighed. "Hikari Kamiya wants a crest, does she? Well, maybe I can help her. After all, if she's the one we've been waiting for, it's worth the risk."

Geni nodded."I know she's the hero we need." He smiled,"She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to save us all."

Preview:A disturbance brings two teenage boys into the Digital World where they are attacked by the Digimon Emperor. Kari is sent to rescue them, but are they more then simply lost travellers? Next: "Digimon Emperor: Discovery." In the fight against evil, there will always be allies.

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