Kari here. Last time, Millenniumon was revived. He destroyed the Destiny Stone of the Center, which in turn destroyed the Digital World. We were sent to the Sovereigns Castle in the Dark Ocean, and separated. I had to watch as each one of my friends were killed by the servants of Millenniumon, the VR soldiers. Millenniumon absorbed the energy from all of them and digivolved to ZeedMillenniumon!

APOCALYPSE: Journey's End

The crystal shell of Moonmillenniumon began to crack as energy swelled from within. The shell soon completely cracked, exploding apart. The new Millenniumon was a creature with two opposing heads, one red, one blue, surrounded by chains. "I am Zeed Millenniumon!"

"Z..zeed Millenniumon?" Kari gasped, "T…this…this can't be…"

"But it is!" he laughed, "And now, I don't need to take the Key Cards from you, I'll just annihilate this entire world, and then take the Cards from whatever's left of you!"

His eyes began to glow brightly, and he open his mouth releasing a soul-clenching roar that threw Kari and Salamon into a maelstrom of light that enveloped everything.

When Kari opened her eyes, she found herself floating in a black void, absolutely nothing remained of the Sovereigns Castle or the Dark Ocean. "It's gone," she said, "Everything's gone, but…but how am I still alive?"

"Hey, you're not the only one you know!"

She smiled slightly as she turned to face her partner, who was floating next to her. "Okay, how are we still alive?"

The small puppy-dog digimon shrugged. "Beats me. The Key Cards saved us before, maybe…"

The brown-haired girl reached into her pocket and removed the cards capable of bending dimensions. "It wouldn't surprise me."

Salamon glanced around at the void. "What about ZeedMillenniumon? Is he gone?"

Kari sighed. "I doubt it."

The two girls were silent for a while longer. "What are we going to tell everyone? I mean…their families…?"

Kari sighed. "I…I don't know. Tk…Yolei…" She started to cry, but took a few deep breaths, calming herself down. "Let's get ZeedMillenniumon, then we'll worry about how to tell everyone."

"Deal, but where is he? Wait…" She quickly sniffed the air. "Wait, he's already here."

A massive section of the black void began to shimmer and twist, revealing the shape of ZeedMillenniumon. The god of darkness stared down at them with his two dragon-shaped heads. "I see that while even masking my presence, my scent is still detectable."

"Especially when it smells like the garbage dump!" Salamon shouted.

"You insolent slug, I hope your witty humor helps you in the next life! Now, give me those Key Cards!"

"No way!" Kari shouted.

"Why do you still resist? You have lost, your friends are gone, dead! Just give in, it is over. You have fought in both of your lives, do you not deserve rest?"

Kari smiled. "Sorry, that's not going to work. Yeah, maybe I'm seconds away from breaking down, I just watched all of my friends get killed, who wouldn't? But I won't disgrace them by giving up! You, ZeedMillenniumon, are filled with pride, anger, and arrogance. I won't let the darkness you bring infect Earth. I'm stopping you, here and now!"

"Excellent speech, well said, but I'm afraid that words alone won't defeat me!" His eyes began to glow.

Kari quickly grabbed her digivice. "Salamon!"

Her partner nodded and jumped towards the towering mega. "Salamon warp digivolve to Ophanimon!"

ZeedMillenniumon opened the mouths on his two heads and fired blasts of black energy at the angel digimon. She dodged as best she could, but ZeedMillenniumon was easily more powerful, and faster. His energy blasts intensified and she was unable to escape. One of the blasts hit her in the stomach. Her body lurched forward, but another blast to her face sent her body twisting backwards. A wider blast to her entire body sent her flying past Kari.

"Ophanimon!" she shouted, watching her partner disappear into the darkness of the void. She turned back around and saw ZeedMillenniumon hovering before her.

"Now, give me those Key Cards!"

"Get away from her!"

Kari and the dark god watched as Ophanimon came flying back from within the void. Her palms were together as seven diamonds appeared within them. She tensed her muscles and the diamonds shot forward. "Sefirot Crystal!"

ZeedMillenniumon growled, his eyes glowing once again. Ophanimon's attack was flung backwards, smashing into her. The armor around her left shoulder was thorn off, but the angel digimon stopped her backward momentum. She panted heavily.

"Ophanimon," Kari said, "Are you…?"

"I'll be fine," she said, glaring at ZeedMillenniumon. "He's not as strong as he thinks…"

The dark god laughed. "You're kidding, right?" His entire body began to crackle with energy, sending bolts flying in all directions. Many of these pierced into Ophanimon's body, The angel digimon began to spasm as electricity coursed through her. She held it in as long as she could, but soon she began to scream. The energy gathered and pulled together until there was an explosion, sending Salamon into Kari's arms.

ZeedMillenniumon laughed in glee. "As you can see, it is pointless. You have lost, accept it."

Kari was staring at Salamon. The small digimon looked away. "I'm sorry, I tried."

"It's okay," the brown haired girl said, hugging her tight, "It's okay. And I'm glad I'm with you, right now at the end."

Salamon returned her embrace, "It's okay, Kari, we tried our best."

"Yes, you did," ZeeMillenniumon responded, "But it was useless from the beginning, you understand. You mortals tried to face a god, it was simply impossible. Now, close your eyes and embrace your destruction!" His eyes glowed again and fired a blast of dark energy from his mouth that completely enveloped Kari and Salamon, sending waves of black energy coursing through them. Neither one would give the laughing demon god the satisfaction of screaming. Their bodies were torn apart from the center, scattering their data across the void. ZeedMillenniumon watched the particles start to dissolve, but his body glowed slightly. Some of the data were suddenly drawn back together, re-forming into ten cards, which floated over to him. "The Key Cards, at least!" he laughed, "I now have the keys to enter the human world! Ha ha ha!"

His blue head moved slightly, and nine of the Key Cards arranged themselves into three rows of three, while the tenth hovered behind them. The nine cards glowed a yellowish light, which shot into the lone card, spreading out into a massive projection. A translucent image of Tokyo appeared.

"Yes, the human world! It is mine! It's mine! Ha ha ha!"

Kari slowly opened her eyes and stared at bright white all around her. She rubbed the back of her head, confused that she still had hands and arms…or a head for that matter. She was able to twist her body around so she was sitting up. "S…Salamon?"

"I'm right here."

The brown-haired girl turned around and saw her digimon partner trying her best to swim over to her. Kari reached out and grabbed her. She smiled and hugged her tightly. The small digimon glanced around. "Where are we?"

"I don't know," she said, "Is this the afterlife?"

"You mean…we're dead?"

"I think so, remember, ZeedMillenniumon beat us." She shook her head, "We tried, we just couldn't stop him."

Salamon nodded. "I know."

Kari sighed deeply. "But, it's over now, let's just rest for a little while…"

"Is that what you really want?"

She blinked a few times, surprised to see the source of the voice, yet relieved as well. "Yolei…" She quickly turned around and saw all of her fallen friends assembled together. She smiled, but then frowned; feelings of shame filling her. She turned away. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Davis asked.

"We couldn't stop him, we tried, we just couldn't…" She sighed, "And now ZeedMillenniumon's going to destroy Earth."

"You can't give up," Davis said,"it's just not you."

"But what else can I do?" she asked, "We're just not strong enough to stop him. Me and Salamon…we can't beat him by ourselves…"

"Why do you think you're alone?" Tk asked.


"We are your friendz," Catherine said, "We are always here."

"Y..you are?"

"Yes!" Hiroshi gasped, "Did you really think we were going to leave you?"

Tatum smiled. "Even if you can't see us, we'll always be with you."

Kari stared at each one of her friends. She felt tears start to form in her eyes. She nodded, smiling. "Yes, you're right, I'm sorry I forget." She dried her eyes, "I won't give up, no matter what."

Each one of her friends approached her, handing her a crest.

"Here you are," Yolei smiled, handing her the Crest of Love.

"Please take it," Tk said, handing her the Crest of Hope.

"Use this," Ken, Ryo and Cody nodded, holding the Crest of Knowledge

"You'll need this," Catherine and Yuehon said in unison, holding the Crest of Sincerity.

"I hope this helps," Tatum and Derek added, handing her the Crest of Reliability.

"Kick his butt…" Davis grinned, giving her the Crest of Miracles.

"…and scatter his data to the wind!" Hiroshi shouted, holding the Crest of Destiny.


ZeedMillenniumon continued to stare at the image of Earth. "So beautiful, and now it's all mine!"

"Better enjoy the view, ZeedMillenniumon, because you're never going to see it again."

The dark god frowned and twisted back around. Like shards of glass being propelled in reverse, the shattered data of Kari and Salamon were pulled back together, completely reforming. Both human and digimon stared at him with hate in their eyes.

"So, I see you still do not understand the futility of your efforts! I will enjoy cramming it into your skulls!"

Kari nodded at Salamon. The small digimon hovered in front of her and began to glow. "Salamon warp digivolve to Ophanimon!"

The brown-haired girl held out her Holy Lances, which began to glow a golden light. Human and digimon were fused together in an explosion of light. The fused Kari/Ophanimon mostly resembled the angel woman, except her face was that of Kari, and her hair was now brown. Around her, the Crests of Love, Hope, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Miracles and Destiny appeared, each one glowing it unique color. They turned into beams of light that flew into the Crest of Light that was hanging around her neck. This Crest changed to a metallic version of deep pink.

"Prepare to die!" ZeedMillenniumon shouted, firing a beam of black energy from his mouths.

Kari/Ophanimon placed her palms together, creating seven glowing diamonds, which, after tensing her muscles, sent the diamonds crashing into the beam. "Sefirot Crystal!" Her attack stopped ZeedMillenniumon's beam from moving any further. He only laughed and his beam intensified. Kari/Ophanimon pointed her Holy Lances forward, sending waves of light into the seven crystals, giving them added strength. They were now locked in a power struggled, both trying to tear through the other's attack so that they could destroy their foe.

They did not how long their power struggle continued, but Kari/Ophanimon soon began to show signs of fatigue. Her arms were beginning to feel heavy, and it took effort to keep her Holy Lances pointed at her Sefirot Crystal, keeping them pushing into ZeedMillenniumon's dark energy beam.

"Ha! Feeling a little tired are we? Well, I can keep this up for all eternity! How about you!"

He growled and his dark beam intensified once again. The Sefirot Crystals were pushed back, but fortunately, Kari/Ophanimon was able to gain control, stopping ZeedMillenniumon's beam once more. "Come on," she said to herself, "I can do this!"

Her grip was beginning to weaken and her Holy Lances began to slip. She struggled to gain control, but she knew that she could not keep up this intensity for much longer. She gave a silent call for aid, and to her surprise, it was answered. In her mind's eyes, she saw that, once again, her friends were by her side.

Tatum appeared first, her hands claps together in her lap and bowing slightly in the formal way she always appeared. She giggled. "Sure, I'm still by your side."

Tk was next, smiling and nodding politely. "My power is yours, all you need to do is ask."

He was followed by Davis, who punched his open palms. "Come on, we'll take him down together!"

Hiroshi was last, his arms crossed and a wicked smirk on his face. "Take my power now, I'm not offering again!"

Kari/Ophanimon nodded. "Yes, please, he's…he's still too strong, help, please."

Suddenly, she saw a strange sight, and needed to blink to make certain her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Transparent images of the Holy Whip, Holy Sword, Holy Gauntlets, and Holy Trident appeared from no where. The four weapons flowed into the Holy Lances, and the Holy Weapons were merged into one, creating a much darker and larger version of the Holy Lances. Kari/Ophanimon took a deep breath and screamed, the energy pouring from her Holy Weapon grew to a large size. This same energy poured into the Sefirot Crystals, sending them tearing through ZeedMillenniumon's dark beam.

"No! This is impossible!" he shouted, watching as Kari/Ophanimon's attack headed straight towards him. He quickly twisted out of the way and followed the seven diamonds as they passed him and shot into the darkness. He was about to laugh in triumph, but when he turned around he felt a sharp pain in his body. Glancing down he was shocked to see Kari/Ophanimon floating below him, her Holy Lances shoved deep into his body. He struggled to move, but found that all of his strength was leaving him. He would not be defeated like this, he would not!

"You think you've won? Is that it? Well, if I die, I'm taking you with me!"

He body began to expunge black energy that flowed through the Holy Lances and into Kari/Ophanimon, infecting every pore and orifice. "My dark energy will envelop you, destroying your light powers and killing you! Ha!" His body soon completely dissolved; vanishing forever.

Kari/Ophanimon did not say anything. Despite the darkness entering her body, she could only see her fallen Digidestined, each one waving goodbye. "No…I…I won't let this happen! I'll save you, I'll save you!" The darkness completely enveloped her, but the ten Key Cards, flowed into the dark cloud and glowed brightly.







Yolei shot awake in her bed. Sweat was pouring down her face and she was breathing heavily. "Oh man, what a dream, it was so intense, but I can't remember any of it." She sighed deeply and fell back onto her pillow. She glanced at her alarm clock and groaned. "Better get up."

After dressing and eating, she ran to school. Once she entered the classroom, she saw Davis sitting in the rear, waving to her. "Hey, Yolei, what's up?"

"Another nightmare," she sighed, sitting down next to him, "I wish I knew what they meant."

Davis shrugged. "Ah, try not to worry about it. Hey, are you coming to the game tonight?"

She grinned. "Sure I am!" She turned around, "Are you going too…?" She blinked a few times, surprised to see an empty desk.

Davis stared at her. "Who are you talking to?"

"I…I don't know, for some reason, I was expecting someone to be there. Oh well, must be from not getting enough sleep."

After school was over, Yolei ran home to change for the basketball game. She was unaware that Kari and Salamon were watching her from a building roof. "So, they don't remember anything?" the digimon asked.

The human shook her head. "No, it was the only way to save them, they don't remember anything about the Digital World, or even each other."

Down below, Yolei was running so fast that she crashed into Ken, who was walking home from school as well.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the purple-haired girl exclaimed.

"No, I wasn't watching where I was going," Ken said.

Above them, Kari smiled. "Besides, they deserve their own lives, not constantly reliving old ones. They deserve peace."

Salamon nodded. "So, are things…completely back?"

She nodded. "I used all of Millenniumon's power to reset time. They'll live their lives, never knowing about the Digital World at all, but I made certain that Millenniumon isn't around this time, so the Digital World should be safe now."

"What about the digimon?"

"They don't remember anything either, they deserve this second chance too." She smiled, "They deserve peace too."

A few blocks away, Hiroshi was walking with his parents down the sidewalk. He was complaining about being grounded for staying out too late. As they approached a boarding school, he caught sight of Yuehon, who was leaving with her own parents. He stared at her for a moment, but then continued to follow his parents. In another section of the city, Cody was participating in a kendo match, unaware that Tatum was in the audience watching. In another section, Catherine was trying to read a street sign with the aid of a translation dictionary. She began to swear in French, when she was approached by Derek.

"Hey, you not from here either, are you?"

"No, I am visiting," she smiled, "But I am having trouble reading Japanese."

Derek smiled. "I'm visiting too, maybe we can help each other?"

The blond girl smiled. "Oui, zure."

At the school's basketball game, Yolei was cheering with excitement as Odabia won. After the game, she pushed through the crowd and gave Davis a hug. "You were great! That was amazing!"

He laughed. "Yeah, thanks." He looked over her shoulder, "Hang on a second." He walked over to a blond boy from the other team. "Hey, you did pretty well."

The other boy nodded. "Yeah, you too. It was an honor to play against you."

"You don't need to be so formal, jeeze." He shook his head, "Oh yeah, my name's Davis," He pointed to the purple-haired girl, "This is Yolei."

"I'm Tk," he bowed, "Nice to meet you." He stared at Yolei for another second, "Say, I've never seen anyone with purple hair before."

"It's dyed," she smiled, "My mother hates it, but I think it looks pretty cool."

The blond boy returned the smile. "Hey, I hope I don't sound too forward, but if you're not doing anything this weekend…."

In the midst of the crowd, Kari smiled as she watched Tk and Yolei introduce themselves. She slowly turned away and began to walk out of the school gymnasium, thinking about her long journey.

Outside of the school, she found Salamon hiding in the bushes surrounding the building. "So?" she asked.

Kari nodded. "Yeah, Tk and Yolei just meet each other."

"You don't have a problem with that?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm happy for them, I really am. They deserve happiness, because I know they wouldn't get it from me."

Salamon stared up at her. "Kari…"

"Kari, it's time."

The brown-haired girl smiled and looked up to the sky. "I know, Azulongmon."

"But before you come, you need to decide whether you want to be Kari or Tai."

"Oh…um…can I think about it for a little bit longer?"

"Sure, take all the time you need. After all, you have all eternity…."


Author's note: Well, this has been my final digimon fic, so I hoped you enjoyed it.