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Sesshoumaru ended up helping both Kagome and Inuyasha to his car. He picked up Miroku, and then headed to the hospital while Inuyasha called the police, informing them of what had happened. The police were happy that Kagome had been found (even though they weren't pleased about Sesshoumaru going out to look for her himself), and they decided that the deaths of both Naraku and Goshinki had been in self defense.

At the hospital, the taiyoukai handed the miko over to the doctors, allowing them to check her for injuries. They found none, thanks to Kagome's healing ability; however, they kept her overnight, just in case.

Sesshoumaru stayed by her side the entire time, just as Inuyasha and Miroku camped out near the bodyguards.

Emotionally, Kagome recovered from the kidnapping incident almost as quickly as she had recovered from it physically. Her complete faith in Sesshoumaru had helped her greatly in that regard.

Of course, since his mansion was, once again, destroyed, they went back to the castle as soon as Kagome was released. They went back to their old routine, spending their afternoons and evenings together.

A few days later, once Varice and Sango were both out of the hospital and Kagome had fully recuperated from her ordeal, Sesshoumaru decided to propose to her.

"Kagome," he began as he set his plate to the side. They were having a picnic in his mother's gardens. "I have a question for you."

"Oh?" The miko looked at him curiously, suspecting nothing. "Ask away."

He pulled a small, blue velvet box out of his pocket. With an unsure smile on his face, he handed it to her. She opened it and gasped. "Will you marry me?" he asked. His answer was in the form of a tackle hug and a passionate kiss.

Kagome released the dog demon, laughing happily. "Yes, I will!" She slipped the ring on her finger as Sesshoumaru dragged her into his lap.

"There is one thing I have to tell you," he stated. "Shippou informed me on how to remove the bracelet."

"And?" she turned her head to look at him, excitement on her face.

"One of your old masters has to marry you out of love," Sesshoumaru said softly.

The raven-haired girl thought about that for a moment, her mind working a million miles an hour. "Does that mean that you... love me?" she asked. He nodded. "I love you too."

They held the wedding two months later. Sango served as the maid of honor, and her younger sister Rin was the flower girl. Sesshoumaru proclaimed Inuyasha as his best man, and Varice served as a bride's maid. Shippou received the title of head usher, and Kohaku, Sango's younger brother, served as the ring barer. They had been unable to reach Telonomaru in time, so he had been unable to make it. His daughter had said something about her parents taking a second honeymoon.

The wedding went off without any problems, and neither Kagome nor Sesshoumaru could think of a time when they'd been happier. Even Miroku got into the spirit and proposed to Sango. She accepted after finagling one promise out of him--he was no longer allowed to grope any girl other than her.

Varice and Inuyasha just enjoyed the wedding. Neither of them had marriage on their minds, although future dates were.

As Sesshoumaru and Kagome walked out of the church and to the car that would take them back to the castle for their honeymoon, the dog demon swept a laughing Kagome up in his arms. He carried her the rest of the way to the vehicle and set her in the passenger's seat.

With everyone cheering and blowing bubbles, he climbed into the driver's side of the car. While he pulled away from the church, Kagome turned to him.

"Sesshoumaru-chan?" she began in her sweet voice.

"Yes, Kagome?" His risked a glance at her as he drove down the road. 'Kami, is she ever beautiful.'

The miko smiled softly. "What is Telonomaru going to do with all his extra time now?"

Sesshoumaru laughed. "I don't know, Kagome. But I can tell you what we're going to do."

She just blushed in response. "Don't tell me. I'd rather you surprise me," she teased gently.

"Okay then. I'll do that."

And that's just what Sesshoumaru did.

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