150 Miles

By: Neko-chan

A/N: Yes~ there IS a reason for the title.  You just won't find out what that reason is until the very end of the fic.  Until then, feel free to speculate.  I ain't tellin'~  D

~Dedicated to Kitzaku

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WARNING:   Shounen-ai; SOME Yaoi.  (i.e. a little bit of lime)  ~  Kaiba/Otogi

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*   *   *

Did you know that if you wish upon a falling star, your wish will be granted? 

It's such a pretty lie, isn't it?

~   ~   ~

'Now I will tell you what I've done for you

50 thousand tears I've cried

Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you

And you still won't hear me'

The engine of the motorcycle thrummed, coming to life between my legs with a roar that rent the air and practically split it in two.  The sleek Yamaha purred and vibrated, silently begging to be let loose to fly across the shimmering black pavement. 

It was a Monday morning and the traffic on the freeway was just beginning to die down.  After all, rush hour was over and all the good boys and girls were tucked away in their offices, already falling into their monotonous routine—the routine that they did day after day after day and with absolutely no end in sight.

I was supposed to be counted among those workers, dictating from my 'mighty' title of CEO of my own company.  Responsible.  Confident.  On time and orderly.  That's how I was supposed to act.


And yet, I ask you: Where's the fun in that?

The motorcycle screamed its release and I gunned the engine, letting out the throttle and roaring down the street, heading towards the onramp to the freeway.  I could feel the motorcycle surge, rumbling ferociously as I increased the pressure on the gas.




I laughed when I make a sharp right turn, the Yamaha tilting so far to the side that I could just barely feel the brush of the pavement beneath me.  I knew that I was scrapped, probably bleeding—but I didn't care.

I was finally free.

I could breathe.

I let the throttle out even more, made another sharp right, and was finally flying down the onramp to the freeway, merging and weaving in and out of lanes, passing cars and catching glimpses of startled faces in the windows.

Catch me if you can.

I dare you.

'Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself

Maybe I'll wake up for once

Not tormented daily defeated by you

Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom

I'm dying again'

Seto Kaiba leaned back in his office chair, a slim eyebrow slowly rising up into his hairline as he scrutinized the person who sat across from him.  Ryuuji Otogi stared back, usual dancing green eyes serious and dark.

I wish…

"A merger?  You want to merge your company with my own?" Kaiba finally spoke, eyebrow still raised and voice filled with surprise.  "Why would you ever want to merge your company with my own?  There's no point to—both of our companies are relatively successful and have been receiving a higher than normal percentage of revenue for the past two and a half years.  So, then.  Why would you want to merge?"

Otogi seemed to think for a moment, watching Kaiba as the CEO of Kaiba Corp. had watched him.  The silence stretched between the two of them, strained and uncomfortable.  Tension hummed in the air, winding nerves even tighter into coiled springs, ready to release at a moment's notice.

He blinked and finally answered, jade-green eyes as serious as ever.  "I want to merge with your company to prove to myself that I'm ready, really and truly ready."

The brunette leaned back even further, cerulean eyes puzzled.  "What do you mean, you 'want to prove to yourself that you're ready'?  Ready for what, Otogi?"

He tilted his head to one side, studying Kaiba once again.  "I want to prove to myself that I'm ready to face my fears and go for the one thing that I've desired and wanted for a long time now.  This is the only way that I can think of to prove that to myself—to prove to myself that I am ready.  To test myself.  I think I'm ready.  Now comes the test."

The slim eyebrow rose once again.  "Oh, Otogi?  And what is this 'thing' that you've desired and wanted for such a long time?  Obviously, since you're here, it has something to do with my company."

Ryuuji Otogi suddenly smirked, green eyes dancing wickedly.  "You, Kaiba.  It's… you."

~   ~   ~

Moonlight shadows played across the bedroom, painting everything in shades of black and white.  Moonbeams just barely illuminated two bodies on the king-sized bed, detailing and highlighting their features in silver—a paintbrush as razor-sharp and finely sculpted as a diamond's edge, glowing with a cold inner fire.

Hands tanned a light gold slowly trailed their way up a slim stomach and slightly muscled chest, tracing outlines of hard muscles, touches that just barely whispered across flushed skin.

Otogi gasped and arched up into the touch, moaning softly when Kaiba lowered his head, lips delicately brushing against his damp neck.  His own hands traveled up Kaiba's forearms, touching biceps, collarbone, throat, and finally fisting in the brunette's fine and silky hair.

The CEO of Kaiba Corp. chuckled darkly and gently nipped along Otogi's bared throat, finally stopping at the apex where neck met collarbone.  He paused for a moment longer, warm breath teasing and tantalizing Otogi's skin.  The green-eyed boy growled in response and twined his legs with Kaiba's own, arching up into the other boy's embrace.

"No.  No teasing.  Not tonight," he commanded, frowning up at his soon-to-be-lover, his usual playful jade-green eyes serious.

Kaiba grinned into Otogi's skin, a muffled "Hn," his only response.  Otogi growled again, but before he could utter a reply to Kaiba's monosyllabic 'response,' the brunette struck, biting down on Otogi's throat before sucking on the skin harshly enough to bruise.  Otogi cried out and once again arched up into Kaiba, writhing beneath the brunette's touch.  Nails bit into the other's back, leaving small crescent moon-shaped wounds that slowly filled with blood.

The brunette's hands made their journey south, stopping when they reached the green-eyed boy's clasp to his pants.  Deft fingers worked quickly, unbuttoning Otogi's pants and then hooked into the slim belt loops.

"I want you.  No more waiting---no more holding back, Otogi," he whispered in his ear, lips oh-so softly brushing against the shell of Otogi's ear; a silken caress, a kiss from a butterfly's wings.

Otogi's hands slowly traced Kaiba's spine, hands finally resting on the brunette's sharply etched hipbone.  He smiled and said nothing, leaning up to brush a kiss against Kaiba's lips.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if you wish hard enough, if you want hard enough, if you desire hard enough—maybe sometimes the one thing that you desire above all else… is granted to you.  Kami, I want this time to be one of those times.  Please, please, please—let it be one of those times.  I want this so badly it hurts.

'No.  No more waiting, Kaiba.  I've gone past the point of caring anymore—I'm yours now.  Do whatever you want with me.  You won't hurt me.  I trust you.  …  I…  I love you.' 

Words unspoken—words undenied.

Words that passed between the two of them.

Words that were unacknowledged by a boy with cerulean-blue eyes.

'Blurring and Stirring the Truth and the Lies

So I don't know what's real and what's not

Always confusing the thoughts in my head

So I can't trust myself anymore

I'm dying again'  

I want you…




Words, words, words.


Words lie.

"I apologize for calling you so suddenly.  I sincerely hope that I wasn't interrupting anything important in your work, Otogi.  I know that you've been trying to design a new DDM game that is based on the old design but with some new features."  His lover's blue eyes were cool and calm—cold, as cold as ice.  Glacier-cold. 

"No, you didn't interrupt anything important, Kaiba," Otogi responded carefully, studying Kaiba and his body language with a practiced and experienced eye.  Something was wrong—something was very, very wrong.  What it was, he couldn't tell.  At least, not yet.  "There are still some glitches with the software program that I've been developing.  I've tried to fix them but it's being a pain in the ass right now.  They're like some of my fangirls—the glitches keep on returning, annoying as ever, and with no prospect in sight whatsoever of them leaving.  But, besides that,  I've already finished the overall design for the new DDM board—I just need to build it up using actual materials.  Then, once I've finished with the hardware, I'll return to the software again."

Kaiba made a noncommittal noise and leaned forward, resting his chin on his clasped hands as he, in turn, studied his green-eyed lover.  He paused for a moment longer and the sighed, as if finally coming to a decision.  "Did you know that before I made that call to you, Otogi, I had a conference with my public relations and finance directors?"

Otogi raised an eyebrow.  "I thought that you didn't like directors, Kaiba, especially after what had happened with the Big Five.  You told me and everyone else that you would manage Kaiba Corp., not anyone else.  What happened to change your mind?"

The other boy shrugged, absently tapping his lips thoughtfully, and paged through a file folder on his desktop.  "There was just too much information and mundane business for me to juggle.  I tried getting a secretary, but her skills were over exaggerated and relatively worthless to me and my company.  So I then hired another board of directors.  They usually leave me to my own devices, but the public relations and finance directors wanted to meet with me today to discuss something relatively important."

The feeling of wrongness deepened and Otogi began to play with the hair that escaped his ponytail, twirling it 'round and 'round and 'round his index finger.  It was something that he had done whenever he was nervous since he was a small child.  It was a habit he couldn't break and often came up in the worst of situations—like now, for instance.

"…what did the directors want to discuss with you?"

Kaiba looked up from this scrutiny of the file of papers on his office desk.  His lips pursed and his eyes cooled even further.  "It has come to their attention that sales for Kaiba Corp. merchandise has decreased in the past year or so.  My public relations director took a survey and it was discovered that one of the reasons behind the decline was because of my… relationship… with you, Otogi.  My finance director notified me that if this decline continues at the rate it has been doing so, Kaiba Corp. will become bankrupt within the next two years."

Eyelids slowly lowered over cat-green eyes and the black-haired boy slowly took a deep, shuddering breath.  The feeling of wrongness—of a pain so deep it was almost incomprehensible—began to rise in his chest, lodging somewhere a little below his heart.  It ached and chilled him to the bone.  It was suddenly harder to breathe.

Make a wish.  Hurry—make a wish on a falling star for the one thing that you want above everything else.  Desire it and cherish it and be willing to sacrifice everything for that one single wish.  Quick!

Oh, Kami—please, please, please don't do this to me.  Oh, Kami, NO.  No.  No!  NO!!! I…  I can't breathe!

A whisper: "And what does that mean, Kaiba?"

"I have a duty to Mokuba, Otogi," the cool voice continued, tone and inflection monotonous and calm.  "He is my little brother, my only family, and I must take care of him.  The only way that I'm able to do this is by being CEO of Kaiba Corp.  If Kaiba Corp. goes bankrupt, I won't be able to support Mokuba and I'll lose everything I've worked so hard to accomplish.  I won't let anything stand between me and my duty to Mokuba.  I won't let anything separate me from  the only family I have.  I won't let anything stand between  me and my company, Otogi."


The voice cooled even further, reaching sub-zero temperatures.  "My public relations director suggested that the reason behind the decline of sales is directly linked to my relationship with you, Otogi.  He suggested that I break up with you and become 'respectable' once again.  He told me that if I didn't do so, the board of directors will motion for a call of removing me from my office.  I won't let that happen, Otogi.  I won't."

Otogi's voice was quiet, the ache and chill in his chest growing larger by the second.  He had stopped fidgeting with his hair long ago—nothing could help distract him from what he knew was coming.

"You never answered my question, Kaiba.  What does that mean?  …what does that mean for us?"

Kaiba pushed a paper across the desk, voice as cool and as collected as ever.  "I am still more than willing to have Kaiba Corp. merge with DDM.  We can provide the technology you need and you can focus mainly upon the actual game itself as well as the software you need to develop.  This is the contract that you'll have to sign.  Yuugi has also agreed to allow you the access of some of the software at Industrial Illusions and his new company, Yami Inc."

Silence met Kaiba's proposal.

"I am sorry, Otogi, but this is the end.  We're through."


I rolled snake eyes.


Did you know that if you wish upon a falling star, your wish will be granted? 

It's such a pretty lie, isn't it?

"Yes, it is."


'So go and scream

Scream at me I'm so far away

I won't be broken again

I've got to breathe I can't keep going under'

I gunned the throttle again and the Yamaha motorcycle screamed, roaring along the pavement.  I raced down the freeway, the surroundings on either side of me blurred.  Whether my surroundings were blurred with tears or because I was pushing the motorcycle to its furthest extent, I don't know.

And, frankly, I don't give a damn.

I don't.

It doesn't matter—not anymore.

After all, why should it?

I've learned the hard way that there is no such thing as wishes.  Such a stupid, childish fairy tale.  Fairy tales are supposed to end up with the prince and the princess living happily-ever-after.  Fairy tales aren't supposed to end this way.  They… aren't.

I wish that real life ended with a fairy tale ending—one time, just one time, I want to live happily-ever-after.

But wishes never come true.



Snake eyes.



The road blurred beneath me, becoming one never-ending river of ebony.  I zipped by the cars in the other lanes, still weaving in and out of traffic as I made my way further and further away from Domino City.  I passed a sign that said 'Tokyo – 243 miles.'  I glanced at it and sped up.

I soon came upon Domino City's city limit announcement and drove past it.

I never looked back.

I was tired of rolling snake eyes.

I was tired of believing in wishes.

No more—not ever again.

No more.


And this is good-bye.

'I'm going under

Drowning in you

I'm falling forever

I've got to break through

I'm going under'

Seto Kaiba stared down at a plain white sheet of paper on his office desk.  Most of the paper was blank except for two short words that were scribbled in Otogi's messy handwriting.  His hands were trembling and shaking slightly.  The CEO of Kaiba Corp. continued to stare at the piece of paper for a very long time, blue eyes blank and emotionless.  Eyes that were both numb and glacier-cold. 

Finally, he lowered the paper to the desktop and slowly covered his face in his hands. 

Ja, Kaiba.

'So go and scream

Scream at me I'm so far away

I won't be broken again

I've got to breathe I can't keep going under'

I popped a wheelie on the Yamaha, the tires shrilling and the smell of burnt rubber drifting up towards my face, and continued to race down the freeway.  The sun was slowly setting on the horizon in front of me and I raced toward it, basking in the warm glow that it provided.  For the first time in weeks, I wasn't cold.  It still hurt, yes.  It would always hurt—but I could finally breathe.


'Tokyo – 150 miles.'

*   *   *