Come Find Me
By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: This takes place during a story I did called Return from the
Shadows, but I think it can really stand alone. It's from Rishid's point of
view and is more angst and sibling cuteness! This poem (and the story it's
based on) are both mine, though the characters are not! XD

I stood at the window
Looking out at the
The city had been
Completely devastated
But at least
They had not lost
What I had

My brother was dead

I had watched him
Run to protect
Our sister
I had watched him
Stab the fiend
That was going after her
I had watched him
Be stabbed himself
And fall
Never to get up again
I had watched him

I hadn't even
Been able to
Do anything
To help him
I tried so hard
To get to him
But the foul beasts prevented it
Forcing me to
Fight them
Before I could get past

I was wounded in the battle
But I am still here
Why was Marik taken?
I screamed
In my mind
He was only in
His sixteenth year
Too young to die
Hardly having ever
In his short life

Ishizu was gone then as well
She had been killed
In a fiery explosion
Several days ago
Now I was
All alone

The two people I pledged to
Always protect
Had fallen
I was not able to
Keep my promise
Even though I
So hard

I could not see much point
In staying
In that dark life
There was
Nothing for me
And yet . . .
I knew that I must stay
Suicide is never
The answer
Marik would never want me
To do such a thing
As taking my own life
And I knew
I could not

I never want to
Do anything
That would hurt him

I fantasized
That he was still there
I saw him
Down the hall
Laying in his bed
Gazing out the window
I tried to run to him
Talk to him
But he always

He called to me
I tried to answer
But he never seemed
To hear me
And I knew
He was not really there
My heart was
Playing tricks on me

How will I
Go on without him
And Ishizu?
I wondered
It is so lonely here
So lonely in this large home
Why were they taken?
They shouldn't have been
I would have gladly died
In their place
If I could have
I have known them both
All of my life
They have always
Been there

But why aren't they here now?

The question
Haunted me


I heard a voice
Behind me
I feared I was going mad
With grief
As it was my brother's sweet voice
He called my name

I could not take this again
This was not reality
Coldly I demanded to know
Who was there
Never turning

The voice cried in anguish
Pleading for me
To remember
"Rishid, it's Marik!!
You can't have
Forgotten me!"
He sobbed.
"We are brothers!"

My heart was breaking
Why must these demons
Torture me this way?

I could not understand

Isn't it enough for them
That I have lost the two
I love more than
Anyone else?
Isn't it enough?
Why must they insist
On making me believe
That Marik is here?

"Do not speak to me
Of Marik,"
I ordered.
"He is dead."
Saying it aloud
Only made it more
And I felt tears
Spring to my eyes

The boy protested,
Grabbing my arm
Insisting he was
Not dead

This was too much
I pulled my arm away
And looked at him
I knew he was dead
I saw him die!
I screamed this at him
Knowing that soon
He would disappear
As he always had before

But he didn't disappear

He was crying now as well
Trying to explain
That he was alive
That his body was not
As those of the battle's
Other fatalities were
He said that he was abducted
But that he had healed and had returned
He begged for me to
Believe him

But how could I?
How could this
Be real?
How could the boy I love so much,
Dead for months,
Be standing before me
Alive and well?

I gazed into his eyes
The soft, lavender eyes
That bespoke much
I could not stand it
He looked at me
So heart-breakingly
Again pleading so desperately
For me to believe

"Rishid . . ." he whispered,
"Brother . . . please . . ."

This is not real!
I screamed inwardly
But no!
It must be real!
No illusion
Could be this vivid
I dared to
Utter his name

Is it truly you?"

He nodded,
Tears flowing
From his eyes
"It is I," he said,
Running into my arms,
"Rishid, I am home, brother!
I am home!"

At last I believed
At last I knew
He was here!
My brother was here!
He was alive,
As he had said!

I held him close
Not wanting to let go
Afraid this would turn out
To be a dream
I had never thought
I would see him
Again in this life
I whispered to him,
Pleading for his forgiveness
For my behavior

He told me
There was nothing to be forgiven
He knew I was hurting
He was just so happy
To be back home

Tears fell
From my eyes then
I had my precious brother
With me again
It was truly him
It was not an illusion
I can still barely believe it
But it is true

I only wish
That Ishizu could
Be here as well,
I said to myself sadly
How will I ever
Tell Marik
That she is


Abruptly I am
Startled out of
My reverie
As Ishizu lays her hand
On my shoulder

"Rishid?" she asks
"Rishid, are you alright?"

I turn away
From the window
The same one I
Stared out of
Those many months ago
When Marik and Ishizu
Were both lost to me

Now they are both
Here again
Ishizu has not died
In the explosion after all
As I had feared
She is alive as well
Standing before me

I smile at her
Reassuring her
That I am fine

She asks what I was
Reflecting on
I reply quietly
That I was recalling
When Marik came
Out from the shadows
And returned to
His home
To us
Those who love him
More than anything else

Marik overhears
And comes over to us
He smiles,
Gazing up at me
As he embraces me tightly

"Rishid," he whispers,
"I am so thankful
That you listened to me
That night.
That you believed at last
That I was truly there."

I smile tenderly
At my younger brother
So thankful for this
As well
And also
That he returned
I tell him so
As I continue to hold him
Close to my heart