:this is another song by Will Young that I love, and it really fits this standalone that I've got in my head. Enjoy and please review!:

Lover Won't You Stay

Joey wouldn't be back until the early hours of the morning – he was doing night rehearsals for his latest play.

Across the hall, someone else was also alone.

Chandler checked his watch again. 11pm. The apartment empty, he knew this was a good a moment as any to pick up that phone to make that call once again. He knew it was crazy and that he shouldn't do it, but he just couldn't help himself. It was becoming more frequent, this call he made, as was the calls he received. That voice on the end of the line just couldn't resist it either.

It was like an automatic thing really, whenever they knew the other was alone, they had to be together. It was like having that night in London on constant replay.

He dialled those familiar numbers on the phone and waited for her to pick up.

"Hello?" that soft voice said.

"Can you come over?" Chandler asked, just as softly.

"You know I can," it was the usual answer, and Chandler smiled to hear it. He hung up, waiting for the door to open any minute. When it did, and they saw each other, neither of them said anything. They smiled at each other with that crazy kind of look, both knowing what was about to happen.

"Chandler," Monica whispered, shutting the door. Chandler walked up to her, pressed her against the door and kissed her passionately which she immediately returned.

I can't deny this strange desire in my heart

So close together we can never be apart

Heal my pain,

Let me feel your fire burn alight

They were addicted to each other; neither of them could deny it. Any thought of the consequences of their actions always swept away when they were alone together.

Chandler pulled away a second and looked into Monica's eyes and her expression matched his own. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him again, letting her hands run down his back and up again.

Mmm, the more you give the more I want

Crazy ain't it just

A man like me, a girl like you

Here drowning in this love

Chandler knew Monica was the one, and he was sure she felt the same way, but he didn't know how to tell her he was beginning to fall in love with her.

Hours later, they lay together in Chandler's bed. Monica kissed his shoulder and smiled at him. "You're so sweet," she said to him.

"I think you've already told me that thousands of times Monica Geller," Chandler told her, rolling on top of her to kiss her softly.

"I have to go now," Monica said softly, pulling away with a show of reluctance. "Rachel will be back from Ralph Lauren's."

"Stay," Chandler begged, meeting her eyes and pulling her back to him.

So won't you come here

And fill the empty space between us

The moment seems to steal us away

Girl, you're the one

And I get the strangest feeling

Something tells me summer's on its way

Lover won't you stay

"We'll get caught," Monica whispered, eyes wide but smiling.

"I don't care," Chandler said simply.

"Are you ready for that?" Monica asked, smiling softly.

"Well…" Chandler paused and smiled at her.

"We'll see what tomorrow brings," Monica told him, smiling knowingly. It was a conversation they had every time. Should they tell anyone about their secret meetings? The truth was of course, they both had a thrill that no-one knew about them yet.


Chandler smiled to himself as he walked home from work, wondering what Monica was doing right now. Was she waiting for him in her apartment, as she always did every evening after she got back from Allesandros?

The answer to that question was always 'yes'.

He opened the door with the no. 20 on it and saw Monica standing there, smiling at him in anticipation.

I swear that I'm addicted

You could say I can't let go

The more that you invite me girl,

The more I want you so

He didn't let her wait for long. She dimmed the lights, locked the door and let him sweep her off her feet.

Breathe in me,

Let your love come down like fire and burn, and burn

The mood is right, the time is tight

Let's get heavenly

So lock the door, kill the lights

Just give yourself to me

"I've been waiting for this all day," she whispered, as he walked over to her.

So won't you come here

And fill the empty space between us

The moment seems to steal us away

Girl, you're the one

And I get the strangest feeling

Something tells me summer's on its way

Lover won't you stay

I get this feeling

A summer feeling

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you stay, Oh yeah

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you.....................