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Yugi blinked slowly, and a blonde head came into view. Warm brown eyes stared into his own. "Hello. Are you feeling better now?"

"A little."

"I have something you have to drink. It'll make you feel much better." The face disappeared and Yugi sat up slowly. A moment later, the young man returned, clutching a pitcher with a strange liquid inside. "It may taste a bit odd, but it'll sort you out."

He handed it to Yugi, who stared at the unappetising liquid. "All of it?"

"Yes. Faster is better, then you don't taste it as much."

Yugi took a deep breath, then gulped it down. Once he had finished it, Jou took the pitcher off him before he started choking. "Well done. I know it doesn't taste too good, but that's only the herbs. They're very good, very potent. I grow them myself."

"Oh." Yugi coughed, then looked up. "I hope it does make me feel better. It's awful."

"But if I'd told you that, you never would have drank it." An infectious grin made Yugi smile. "How are you feeling now?"

Yugi thought for a moment. "Better. Thank you." He slid off the cot and onto the floor, his knees shaking slightly, his hands tight on the edge of the bed.

"I wasn't told your name."

"It's Yugi."

"Well, Yugi, I'm Jounouchi. Jou, if you like. I'm the palace physician – I take care of people when they're hurt or sick. Which means that if you're not well, I'm the boss, ok?" The young boy nodded silently. "Ok. You fainted, which means that your body decided it wanted to sleep even if you didn't want it to. From what I was told, you used too much of your energy healing the Pharoah, and your body needed to rest. It's still not quite rested enough yet, even with that nasty stuff I had you drink, so you're not to do anything stressful for he next couple of days, alright?"

"Ok." Yugi looked around him, noticing the large open spaces in the walls, where he could see outside. Peering out, he didn't recognise the small courtyard outside. "What should I be doing?"

"Someone will be here in a while, and they'll take you to where you should be. Until then, you can sleep in there." He pointed to a small doorway, through which could be seen a pile of sheets. "The rest will be good for you."

"But I just slept! I should be working, or with the Pharoah, or–"

Yugi went cross eyed as a delicate hand shook a finger in front of his face. "What did I say? I'm the boss with this stuff, yes?" Another of those large grins took the sting from his words.

"Yes, Jou."

"Good. Now, go rest."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some time later, when the sun was sinking low in the sky, Yugi awoke to the sound of familiar voices. He peered through the doorway, and, seeing the pharaoh deep in conversation with Jounouchi, knelt down and lowered his head to the floor.

Unseen to him, Jou alerted Yami to Yugi's presence. The pharaoh sighed, irritated, and strode over to the prostrate boy. "Stand up, Yugi." He scrambled to his feet, still looking at the floor. "Didn't I say not to do that?"

"Sorry, pharaoh." Yugi looked up at him. "I thought…"

"When we are with Jou, you may act as though we are alone. He is… a friend." Warm glances were exchanged between the two young men.

That wasn't what Yugi had meant – he had merely believed that the order he had been given before had been forgotten, or rescinded. As it was, he slowly rose to his feet, and nodded. "What am I to be doing?"

"We will be returning to my chambers. There is a sleeping place for you there. You may remain there until Jounouchi decides that you are well enough to accompany me in my duties. While I am away, Jounouchi will visit you regularly, but you are to remain in my chambers. They are large, and you will not lack for activities."

Large violet eyes blinked up at him, and Yami felt a surge of brotherly affection for the younger boy. "You won't be lonely, Yugi. I have arranged for one of Bastet's kittens to be brought to our chambers. She will keep you company while Jounouchi is not present."

Yugi was speechless. One of Bastet's cats, leaving her temple just so he would not be lonely? And that the Pharaoh himself should be so concerned with his welfare… It defied belief. He finally managed to stutter out a thank you, as Jounouchi gave him a reassuring grin from behind Yami's back.

Yami turned, and inclined his head at Jounouchi, who gave a wry smile and nodded back. "Until later, then, Pharaoh?"

The young man smiled, all traces of royalty vanishing in the sparkle of his eyes and the slight pink in his cheeks. "Until later, Jou."

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