MS Gundam Wing: Revolution

Book Three, Part Six

Akio Ohtori no longer had a bruise where Lady Une had punched him. It had faded and was gone in hours, but the annoyance remained. 'How did she resist me?" the good looking man mused as he gazed out into space.

The massive Libra battlestation was drifting, as Akio waited to see what his enemies would do. Generally speaking it was on a Earth trajectory, and when he arrived he intended to use the main gun to rain death upon the world. All of humanity would pay for the glory that had been denied him. Yes, they would all pay...

"Lord Akio," Maya reported in calmly, the beautiful young woman waiting for him to notice her. You had to be patient with a great manlike this.

"Maya," Akio nodded. "The Mobile Dolls?" he asked.

"We've replaced the losses suffered in capturing Epyon," Maya calmly reported, "as well as made improvements based on the combat data we gained in the battle. The next set will be much more effective, my Lord."

"And Une?" Akio asked.

"Still refusing to eat or drink. Medical staff is considering sedating her and feeding her with a tube," Maya admitted.

Once again Akio was bemused by the dangerous Colonel Une. Not only had she resisted his control, she was determined to not give in to his forces at all. In the week since he had seized her, she had refused food and water, and had fought any nurses that entered her cell.

"Do it," Akio ordered, "I want her alive to see the forces she stood for destroyed."

"Yes, Lord Akio," Maya bowed and hurried off.

A few moments later Hikari, the head of his intelligence branch, was there to report. "The OZ forces and the colonies have allied, as we expected," Hikari said briskly.

Akio nodded, tho he WAS a little surprised it had happened so fast. He had expoected to be able to attack the colonies first, then after that battle have them plead for help from Earth. Again, things were not going as planned...

"Oz is having difficulties moving their forces into orbit. As we projected, they don't have enough lift capacity for their Mobile Suits," Hikari reported. She paused, "We could accellerate our timetable and hit them when they are organizing..."

"No, I want them organized and ready when we destroy them," Akio smiled.

"Sir," Hikari nodded and continued her briefing.

The truth, Akio admitted, was that the Libra simply wasn't fast enough to seize such a opportunity. The Libra was the best armored, most heavily armed battleship in Earth's history. Sadly it paid for it by being, relatively, fairly slow. Even firing the engines at full, it would be days before they were in position. And he didn't want to waste the fuel.

"... sadly we also have had no sightings of Anthy or Utena," Hikari finished.

That was annoying too. If there was anything he missed about being trapped in Ohtori Academy, it had been that he had seen and knew all, pretty much. Out here in the 'real world' he had to rely on spies and agents, who were much less effective.

Seeing the annoyed look on Akio's face Hikari quickly added, "I will instruct our people to step up their efforts, sir."

Akio nodded, "Thank you, Hikari." He looked thoughtful as he added, "Concentrate on the colonies, I think."

"The colonies, sir? But Anthy appeared on Earth," Hikari asked.

"True," Akio agreed, "but she appeared just to Treize, and dressed as the Rose Bride. I think it was merely a projection."

"You think they are with the Gundams?" Hikari wondered.

"Or at least the colony forces." Akio sighed softly, "They've been too effective against OZ... I think Anthy has been giving them some help."

"We will investigate, sir," Hikari vowed then quickly left.

Akio rose from his throne, leaving his office and walking out onto the Libra bridge. Much of the ship's functions were automated, but it still needed a skeleton crew. He nodded to the women and men manning the controls as he took the center seat.

The war was coming... and he was looking forward to it.


"Because there are already three factions in this war," Dorothy Catalonia said with a remarkable calm, "and I just found out you two are also a factor. What's your agenda?"

Utena was rather impressed, honestly. Not many people could put all the pieces together as quickly as she had. She was a despicable human being, of course, but she was clever. She exchanged a glance with Anthy, who shrugged slightly. Clearly she didn't care how they handled Dorothy.

"My agenda is putting a spike in Akio's wheels. Other than that..." Utena shrugged.

Dorothy snorted in amusement. "Personal grudge?" she asked.

"Something like that," Utena agreed.

Utena HAD considered telling Dorothy about the whole 'End of the World' thing and the duels in Ohtori and so on, but frankly... Catalonia would have decided she was cracked. This wasn't a world where people believed in that stuff. Better to keep it simple.

"Why the duelling rings though?" Dorothy pressed.

"Games have rules," Anthy shrugged, "if we don't obey them, opposing Akio might become more difficult."

Dorothy gave her a look, but had to concede that point. "How did you two get involved in all this?" she asked.

Utena cut a lot out as she explained about hearing how Akio had destroyed Ohtori Academy, freeing himself. They became aware of his scheming soon afterwards, and reluctantly began moving to oppose him.

"So you started providing rings to those opposing Akio, as well as...?" Dorothy asked.

"Shifting support to the colonies where we could, that sort of thing,' Utena shrugged. She smirked, "We managed to screw with your faction, too, somewhat. Stopping your Mobile Doll factories on Earth was a pleasure."

Catalonia grunted in annoyance. "You know Libra is coming, correct?" she asked.

"With Akio, yes," Anthy nodded. "We'll do whatever we can to help," she vowed.

Dorothy tried to push for a firmer commitment, but neither woman would promise more than that. Finally she left in a huff, leaving the two in peace.

Anthy sighed as she hugged Utena. Taking comfort in her presence. "Should we leave the colony?" she asked quietly.

"You think she'll reveal our identities?" Utena mused.

"Well, we're not exactly friends...," Anthy noted wryly.

"She has no reason to reveal us," Utena pointed out, "and with Akio coming... they don't need the added distraction."

"I hope you're right, Utena-sama."


The colony detention center was not terribly prison like. Juri had been down there before, but this was the first time she had been called down here to help a prisoner.

"Hilde," Juri nodded to the brown haired young woman, "can I just go in to see them?"

"Go ahead. Just don't let them out, I understand the colony government is debating what to do," Hilde said wryly.

"Understood," Juri nodded.

The cell was pretty much open, with a bullet proof, shatter proof wall separating the prisoners and visitors. The two women in the cell, sitting together on the mattress, looked decidedly annoyed.

"Arisugawa," Utena smiled sheepishly. Utena had died her hair black and cut it shorter, and both she and Antrhy were in coveralls. Other than that, they remained unchanged from the last time Juri had seen them.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Juri had to ask.

"Don't ask," Utena sighed. "Can you get us out of here?"

"I'll talk to Releena," Juri conceded, "but no promises. You did sneak on here under assumed names." She smiled wryly as she added, "Howard is vouching for you," she added, mentioning the head of Mobile Suit maintenance, "he says your an excellent tech."

"Thanks," Utena sighed.

"Who turned us in?" Anthy asked mildly.

"Dorothy Catalonia," Juri decided it was harmless to answer.

Anthy burst into laughter while Utena winced visibly.

"What?" Juri had to ask.

Anthy looked at Utena. "She has no reason to reveal us," she dryly quoted, "they don't need the distraction."

"Okay, okay, I was wrong..." Utena sighed.

Juri decided she wasn't even going to ask. "Is there anything I can send down to make this more comfortable?" she asked.

"Books?" Anthy answered hopefully.

"I'll see what I can do," Juri offered and headed out.

"Are they who you said they are?" Hilde asked as Juri left the jail.

"I think so. Keep them comfortable... I'm going to have to talk to various folks before we can release them," Juri sighed.

"Will do," Hilde agreed.

To be continued...