Hey minna. It's Gabbi, again. I know what you think. "God, Gabbi, why another Hiei/Kurama fic that leaves Hiei in Tears?" Well, I am the Queen of Kurama Torture to most people. But I don't want you guys to think that.

9/11 is my reason to write.

I live not too far from New York. I can go on the highway and see parts of the skyline.

And sometimes the whole thing.

I recall when I was a little tyke looking out the window and yelling, "Look, Daddy! It's the Twn Towers!"

Now I just stare at the skyline, forlorn.

It's so weird. I didn't lose anyone.

But there was people I knew who did. I really feel sorry for them. I really do.


I am dedicating this to all the people who lost their lives to keep me alive and watching anime.


Oh yeah!

~Gabbi, Kitsune Warrior 9/11/03


Note: You can sorta call it a sequel to the 'Alone and Unwanted' arc. Ya don't have to read it or anything.. but it WOULD fit at the end of the arc...


"It doesn't matter if you live to be 1 or 100. It matters how you live it."



Graves can tell you a lot.

They can tell you that the person laying in the bowels of the earth shouldn't have died yet. That they should be breathing like everyone.

But then you see people who lived for so long that all there friends were gone and you feel this soft feeling of 'They are happier now...'

Then you see some others...

Ones that are VERY strange.

The grave is marked with a beautiful frame of roses. Thorns and all.

And some have a name that stands out as well.

Like Minamino.

And when you go to a graveyard, it is not very hard to notice mourners at some.

But Minamino has one that stands out.

He is always coming once a week, staring at the grave.

And leaves a red rose.

You would probably only say, "It's probably his son..."

But then you realize that he was only 15.

So what do you do then?

"...probably a brother..."

But do brothers go by themselves? He does look young. And young boys don't go to graves themselves.

There has to be something wrong.

"Why is he here?"

He utters the words. "Kurama... aishiteru..."

And then it comes into place.

He loved him.

You feel really sad now. Because all your staring at is just a grandpa you barely knew.

And then it whacks you.

You care more towards that boy than your grandpa!

"He misses him dearly..." you think.

And he does. With all his heart. This Minamino was the only person he dared to love.

You try not to look like you're spying, but you can't help it.

He sees you, and leaves.

Unlike the memory that he leaves in your mind.



Never Forgotten are those who died.

Please give a few seconds of silence.

Thank you.