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Chapter One

The Dream

Harry Potter was an unusual boy for many reasons. At first glance you wouldn't know he was a wizard, especially if you didn't believe in such things. Another was the fact he hated summer but you would not find this odd had you known him. He hated the summer because of his relatives who thought him as a freak and tried to ignore his existence altogether. To make matters worse he was stuck with them the whole summer or until he was rescued, although he didn't look forward to it as he usually did. His last year at the only place he truly considered home was his worst of all. Because of his stupidity and the need to be a hero his godfather, Sirius Black was dead. He should have listened to Hermione but he knew dwelling on what he should've or could've done was no good. There was nothing he could do now.

It was then, in the dead of night when Harry thought of something. Why had it taken Dumbledore so long to get there? What had he been doing? These were some of the questions that whizzed around in Harry's head. This puzzled him greatly. This also made his faith in the old man lower more than it had already. He did not seem to care Sirius was dead, nor did he seem saddened. This made him angry until he thought of all the man had done. He had aided in saving his life. He did not need anymore anger or hatred; Voldemort more than made up for the both of them.

Deciding all this thinking wasn't heading anywhere good, he turned on his side and returned to sleep, hoping it would be a restful one.

He felt as if he had just dropped into a body but he wasn't in control of it. A golden brown haired woman came into view, her chocolate brown eyes were warm and kind, as if she knew him. She was clad in a dark black cloak, which brushed the floor as she walked towards him. Underneath, a shimmering gold blouse could be seen. An odd word formed itself in his mind as he stared at her: Themis. She stood there until flames consumed her and there was no trace of her.

He stood there unable to move, when without warning, a man came into his line of vision. By now Harry was thoroughly confused. As if sensing his disposition, the man grinned. The man had white blonde hair and seemingly friendly silver eyes. He still sensed this man was dangerous even if it wasn't towards him. Like the woman, he wore a black cloak and a silver shirt was underneath. As with the woman, a word unbidden formed itself in his mind: Silvanus. He also disappeared only it seemed he had melted into silvery water.

Another person came into view; a woman with long dark, coppery hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were the most remarkable he'd ever seen; they were a dark purple, like the sky before the sun fully sets. Similar to the other two she wore a midnight black cloak and he could see she wore a seemingly black blouse which shimmered dark purple in the light. One word forced itself into his mind as he stared at her: Aurora. She grinned and disappeared, with a flourish of her cloak.

They all rematerialized the same way they had disappeared and they seemed to be talking, not to anyone in particular. That was when he notice he was mouthing it with them. He listen to what he and the others were reciting.

"In a time of evil we shall reunite,

Flight of Death is who we shall fight

Erebus of Darkness, Aurora of Twilight

Silvanus of the Forest, Themis of Knowledge Lost

Bonds are realized, while all other knowledge is torn away,

All that was black and white are now shades of grey

Destiny is a road hard come by,

But our path is clear

Do not fear the darkness in your heart,

For it will be your saviour,"

Two of the people looked familiar but he could not put a finger on it and the third he did not recognize at all.

Again they disappeared and the darkness consumed him. Harry was not frightened for he was often in the dark when the Dursleys would put him in the cupboard, when he was younger. A mirror emerged from the darkness and it took him a moment to realize it was him in the mirror.

He had control over his body once again and waved his hand to be certain. His raven hair still stuck up in places but it no longer appeared messy and his emerald green eyes had a slight glow to them that made him look kind but forbidding. He looked older but he no longer resembled his father to the extent it had before. Same as the others he wore a long black cloak, as well as a black shirt that shimmered when the light caught it at an angle. He looked down and notice he was also wearing black pants and dark leather boots. The look seemed to suit him.

" Hello Harry," said three consecutive voices; one he thought he'd never hear again, the other two he's only heard onceā€¦


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