Winging another card at the broadcasters head, Richie sighed in frustration as he hit the man square between the eyes. Normally, he didn't mind hanging around the loft. Chillin' at home was relaxing. But between Duncan's hovering and Tessa's constant 'checking in' the relaxation was grating on his last nerve. Walking over to the phone, he listlessly dialed the first number that came to mind.

"Scott, hey man. What's going on tonight?" The teen questioned as his friend got on the line. "No, sounds good. No, they'll be cool. All right. Give me an hour? Right."

Hanging up the phone, Richie quickly headed back for a shower. He needed a chance to rejuvenate before taking on the monster task of convincing his over-protective employers to grant him a reprieve.

Pulling on a sock, Richie pretended not to notice the angry glare coming from the looming Immortal. Reaching over to grab a shoe, he was startled at how quickly it was snatched away.

"Tessa, come on. I'm gonna be late."

"Good." The woman replied defiantly.

Earning herself an annoyed look. "Tess."

"How can you be so foolish, Richie? You've barely had time to find the refrigerator since you were last kidnapped and you want to go traipsing about all over town?" The woman questioned angrily.

Grabbing at the shoe in her hand, the teen attempted to reason with her. "What am I supposed to do, Tess? Spend the rest of my life cowering in the loft? Hide behind Mac every time a car alarm goes off?"

"Not for the rest of your life. The rest of the week, though, at least!" The woman shot back, refusing to relent and release the shoe.

Rolling his eyes, the boy looked up at his unexpected ally. "Mac, help me out here."

"Give him his shoe, Tess." The Immortal said simply before heading back into the kitchen.

Throwing her lover a deadly look, the woman allowed Richie to snatch away his property and shove it on his foot.

Watching his totally unexpected ally leave the room silently, Richie continued to ignore the feeling the more than obvious fact that Duncan's acquiescence was a poorly disguised lie. At this point, he didn't care what the Immortal's ulterior motives were. All he cared about was that he was actually being permitted his freedom.

As the teen made his way towards the bathroom, Tessa turned her attention back to the Immortal. Giving him an unreadable look, the woman questioned in an equally unreadable tone. "So?"

"So what?" Duncan replied.

The woman wasn't buying the feigned ignorance, though. "So, why did you say yes? What are you thinking?"

The man sighed audibly. "What would be the point of saying no, Tess? That way he can sneak off without telling us?"

"So you give your blessing? This is better?" She shot back.

MacLeod was prepared for that argument, though. "Telling him I won't stop him isn't exactly the same as giving my blessing. Besides, at least this way I know when he's leaving."

Looking up at the man, Tessa blinked, realizing his meaning entirely.

"You're going to follow him, aren't you?" She questioned.

Giving her a slight grin, the man did his best impression of the teen in question. "Duh."