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Setting: After the fanfic but before the epilogue

            The fire sparked throughout the tiny little indent in the forest, casting it everlasting glow and leaving shadows where the light could not reach. Camping out in the chilly night, even with the warmth from the fire, the couple huddled against a tree, seeking body heat from each other. Black hair against black hair shined brightly in the night as two pairs of eyes looked straight ahead.

            Inuyasha sighed in contentment as he snuggled the woman in his arms closer towards him. He was trying to keep her as warm as possible since the night was chilly, causing goosebumps on your arms. He always liked it when they camped out. He was never one to like living in a house even when he knew Kagome did. But she had already told him that she didn't care where she was as long as she was with him. This had sent his heart soaring and his love for her grow even larger (if that were possible).

            Right now he wasn't too sure if it was such a fine idea. His mate was pregnant and he could tell his pup was coming soon. But she had said it was okay because she knew Inuyasha would get her to Miroku and Sango fast enough, as they both knew how to deliver children (having 2 of their own now and even helping other people in the village have children).

            He could feel Kagome snuggle closer and he breathed in her wonderful scent. "Inuyasha…?" Kagome's soft voice broke the silence of the night.

            "Mmm…?" Inuyasha tightened his grip on her.

            She never made a move to look at him but he figured it was because she was content to stay just as she was. Plus he had told her not to strain herself and any movement at all in his book meant straining. "I was always wondering something, only I never got to ask you."

            "What is it?" he called back softly, now curious.

            "Well, I was wondering what Kaede told you that made you say those things to me all those years ago."

            Inuyasha stiffened behind her, all his muscles now taut from the sudden question. He had hoped never to talk about this but he should have figured that eventually she would ask. He had only hoped he could have been better prepared. "Well…um…it's something stupid really…"

            "If it was so stupid then why did it take you 10 years to come get me?"

            "Because I was a fool." He sighed and tucked his head in the crook of her neck. "She told me things that I knew since the beginning were true. She told how you had to go back to your own time because now that your mission was over, you staying here would only cause the future to change. It would change in ways that could hurt you and the future of the world. She said that you were never really meant to come back into the past but because of Naraku and what happened to Kikyou, it became fate for you to come, but only to fix the past to the way it was originally meant to be." He took a pause in order to breath and relax a little bit more. He was glad he could speak of Kikyou without going completely rigid. "It hurt me to…hear that so I thought it was better if you went back home hating me. I knew if I just said what she had said to me then you wouldn't want to leave and I didn't want to risk your life in that way."

            She kept silent and Inuyasha knew she was silently contemplating what he had said. When she spoke again, it was whispered, strained, and came out in choked breaths. Inuyasha could already smell the saltiness of her tears. "Inuyasha no baka…You stayed away for 10 years just because she told you that…?"

            "I told you I was a fool. I was angry after you left and went on a journey by myself in order to clear my head and get it together. I wasn't really gone for 10 years, more like 3. For some reason 10 years passed in your time." He paused and realization hit him. "Did you ever try to go back?"

            Kagome moved a little towards him as if insecurely. She closed her eyes and sighed. "No. I didn't want to. Even if I had the jewel. I was sure you had hated me. You told me you did. I just…didn't want to face you. So instead I went on with my life, whatever was left with it. That's when I met Satoshi, the one who became my husband. He was sweet at first, took me out to places, gave me flowers, but after we were married he started…changing. He wouldn't let me go out without his permission. If I did he ended up hitting me." She tore herself away from his warm embrace in order to turn around and hug him herself. Tears were streaming down her face as she wrapped her arms around him (as best she could with her round stomach) and buried her face in his hard chest. "It was awful Inuyasha!"

            Inuyasha was torn between scolding her for straining herself and comforting her. He chose the latter and wrapped his arms around her. "Shhh…it's okay Kagome. He won't hurt you anymore. You're here with me now. We're mated and happy and about to have a pup. Just think about that koi. If nothing else that's all that matters. Nothing will tear us apart again."

            He kept having to whispers comforting words in her ear and run his hands softly up and down her back to calm her down. Before long her crying ceased into quiet sobs before stopping altogether. Her voice didn't change from coming out in choked breaths. "What—What does Kaede-baba think?"

            Inuyasha snorted and hugged her tighter. "Like I care what baba thinks now. I was stupid to let what she told me get to me before and I won't let it happen again."

            "But…what about what she said about changing the future? About the safety of the future?"

            "Don't worry Kagome. It was a part of my wish."

            Kagome looked up at him from his chest. His eyes were serious, yet loving. "Your…wish?"

            He nodded his head and used his hands to move her back into her original position of her back to his chest. Then he wrapped his powerful arms around her and shuffled against her before finding the comfortable position again. "When I wished on the Shikon no Tama, I not only wished for Shippou and me to age like a human, but I also wished that your being there with me wouldn't change the future. Midoriko, who had been in the jewel, was very happy to grant it."

            Kagome smiled. So there really wasn't anything to worry about. Everything was going to be okay. She was there with Inuyasha, and just like he had said, they were mated, happy, and about to have pup. Being there with him and all her friends was all that mattered.

            In her mind as he drifted off to sleep in Inuyasha's warm arms, she silently thanked the ancient and powerful priestess for all she had done for her.