Sorry I haven't posted the story to you, but I haven't had much time.

It isn't much of a chapter, no really romance but it starts of the story.

Forever in Eternity



     A tall tan figure dressed in white and gold linen walked along his enemies' camp site.  He pushed aside the few strands of black hair that fell on to his eyes.  Well built for his height, he walked proudly through the location.  They had won the battle against the barbarians.  Not an easy task.

     The vicious brutes had raided and plundering the villages all the shore line and were moving inward to the kingdom.   Homes gone, family either missing or dead, it seemed there was no end to this madness.  They were like a plague that was starting to sweep the land; it was up to them to stop it.

     Pharaoh Amun had finally defeated the invaders of his kingdom.  His soldiers were at the moment looking for any survivors of the raids that the vile people had done to the near by villages.  He prayed to the gods that they would find at least one of the maidens that had been taken.

     He felt sorry for the mothers and fathers that came running to him, asking him to save them, to bring their daughters home, but he had found none alive. 

     They must the slaughtered them, before they left running, those cowards.  At least, their families will know their fate, and have a proper burial place for them to morn for them.

     "Pharaoh," a voice called him.

     He turned to find his Captain of the Guards running to him.  He was a spirited young man, a blonde with brown eyes, so young to be in his rank, for a nineteen year old.        

     "Yes Jono?" he asked when the young man stopped in front of him.

     "We found someone," Jono answered.

     "You have.  Show me," he commended.

     Jono led him through the maze of tents to one that stood out above all of them.  It must have been their leader's tent.

     "At first, we didn't understand why the leader of the barbarians was so bent on protecting this one tent over the others, even the ones with weapons, and gold.  We thought it was because it was his tent, but we keep noticing that he kept trying to go inside.  We believed he wanted to retrieve something then leave, but after a while, he gave up and fled," Jono answered.

     "And what you found someone inside?" he asked.

     "Yes, sir," Jono answered.

     The Pharaoh looked inside.

     A slender figure sat in the center of a dark tent.  His features hidden under the hood of his cloak.  His hands bounded by chains to a wood pole that held up the tent.  He appeared to be unconscious.

     The Pharaoh walked in and towards him.  He kneeled down in front of him, and lifted up his head.  He was stunned at what he was.  The young man was beautiful.

     A lean face with full lips, truly one of the most beautiful being he had every seen. 

     Strands of chestnut colored hair fell from is hood, a shimmer caught his interest.  It was a sapphire at the center of a silver circlet.  A soft moan escaped his lips.  He slowly opened his eyes to reveal the cerulean gems he had as eyes.  His eyes widen and he back away in fear. 

     "It's alright.  I won't hurt you," he said.

     He held out his hand to touch him, but it only frightened him even more. 

     Pharaoh Amun back away and went to the Jono.

     "What could they have done to him?" he asked out loud.

     "I don't think he had enough time to sir," Jono stated.

     "Why do you say that?" he asked.

     "Because we found this in here," Jono said as he lifted a staff, it appeared similar to that of the Dark Magician, but instead of a purple staff with a spear on top, it was silver and giant bluish pearl on top.    "It's a different kind of staff, but I believe he is from the Dark Magician Clan of the Sea," Jono said.

     The Dark Magician Clan of the Sea had been completely destroyed the morning of their attack.  On their way to invade them, the troops saw the clan's village completely destroyed. 

     Buildings and houses had been burned to ashes; the stench of blood filled the air, as they saw bodies of the clan lying on the streets.  Man, woman and children, there had been a battle for their staffs were laying beside them, many broken in pieces.  The Pharaoh had thought no one survived.

     "It would explain why it was different," the Pharaoh said as he held the staff.

     "But did you not see all the males had purple staffs when he was the village.  And look at him, Jono, he is different from the rest," the Pharaoh said.

     "It would not be the first time, someone was different," Jono said.

     "True, look at our own people," the Pharaoh said.

     "What are we going to do with him? We can't take him back to the clan, there all destroyed, what about they other clans?" Jono said.

     "Would they accept him?  He has the sea in his blood. Do you think he would survive?  The next clan is the Clan of the Desert, at the center of the Sahara," he stated.

     "We can't leave him here," Jono said.

     "We take him with us," the Pharaoh said.

     "Take him with us, sir.  But what of the council?" Jono asked.

     "Yes, the council, they will not accept him, to live with us, unless he is a prison, or slave," the Pharaoh said.

     "Or a gift," Jono said.

     "Yes," the Pharaoh smiled.

     "Sometimes it is helpful to be the son of the Pharaoh's old advisor," Jono said.

     "Yes, especially when it comes to getting around the rules," the Pharaoh joked.

     The quiet figure on the floor looked at them strangely, humans, they were an odd race, he thought.

     "Well, my young friend, where taking you with us," the Pharaoh said as he walked to him.  The slender young man backed away.  The pharaoh freed him from his chains and helped him up.  The young man shook from the touch so Amun let go as soon as possible, when he balanced him.

     "Jono, ready the troops were are going home," Amun said to his captain of the guards.

     "Yes, sir," Jono said and disappeared from the tent, but not before handing Amun, the young man's staff.

     Amun walked over to the still Dark Magician.

     "Here," Amun said as he handed him his staff.

     The young man reached out carefully afraid that he might do something, and took the staff.  He held it close to him, and Amun swore he saw the bluish pearl glow for a bit.  It was then he noticed the attire of the young man.  His costume was similar to that of the Dark Magician but instead of it being purple color it was white with silver and blue. 

     Amun looked at him, he was truly beautiful, erotic thoughts entered his head and he silently cursed himself for such thought. 

     Look at him, thinking about the young boy when he could be my son.  My son?  Yes, I know he will threat him right; he did have a way with the Shadow People.

     "Sir, the troops are ready," Jono said as he entered.

     He also informed the Pharaoh that they found no survivors.

     The Pharaoh sighed as held out his hand to the young man.  He simply looked at it.  Amun gave another sigh and walked over to him.  Gentle placed his arms across the young man's shoulders and lead him outside.  It was going to be nice to be home.

I hope you like the chapter.  There's no real romance in this chapter it just starts of the story.  The next chapter is going to introduce the rest of the characters.

Let me explain some things first.

The Shadow People are the Duel Monsters living in the real world.

They can live freely or be part of the Shadow Games, where they serve as servants. 

Pharaoh Amun is the Pharaoh of Lower Egypt, the one next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Yami is his only son.